Basic Concept of Research Methodology and Method

To search for truth in a scientific way research methodology provides principles to refine our common beliefs through research activity that establishes rules of logical and appropriate reasoning. In order to apply the scientific research methodology properly in research work, the researcher must have a clear basic concept of research methodology & methods that will ensure to find potential research results.

Basic Concept of Research Methodology

The Research Methodology refers to the systematic and theoretical analysis of the research methods applied to a field of study that combine the techniques and approaches of the used tools for conducting a scientific research study.

Therefore, the Basic Concept of Research Methodology is defined as a highly intellectual human activity used in the investigation of social phenomena, nature, and matter that deals especially with the manner in which data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted for a scientific research project.

With a view to applying the scientific research methods the researcher aware of what is the logic of science? What are the characteristics of science? To perform completely a scientific Research Process, the researcher has to go through some definite steps. For example, Formulating a Research Problem, Research Hypothesis, and Choosing a Research Design. Then, collecting data, data analysis, and description, and finally Research Report Writing.

Most importantly, the researcher works on the research methodology during the entire research process. More conspicuously, research methodology defines what data collection approach will adopt in his research. Two kinds of research approaches are there in scientific research. For example Qualitative approach and the Quantitative approach that regarded as research methods.

Research Methods

Research methods mean techniques, strategies, processes utilized in data collection, or finding evidence for analysis in order to explore new information or create a better understanding of a particular research topic. Actually, there are two basic research methods. For example Qualitative Research Methods & Quantitative Research Methods. Quantitative methods intend to measure facts in mathematical and statistical models.

Qualitative Methods, on the other hand, try to gather detailed, rich data allowing for an in-depth understanding of research phenomena. For example, this method includes Ethnography, Focus Group Discussion, Case Study, and so on.

In fact, many research works, at present days, make use of mixed methods. Both Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding & explanation of the research problem being studied. The combination of both research methods produces more effective results indeed.

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