Research Report Writing Steps with Format

Research report writing in effect regardless of the nature of your research study not only organizes your thoughts and research work but also serves as the template for the entire research process. Actually, the research report writing steps & format acts as a visual reminder so that you can include every detail of your research work. If you are a beginner in research report writing, then it is essential in order to write rightly your invaluable research paper.

Research Report Writing

The purpose of the research report writing is to deliver the results of the research to the interested person as far as possible and publish it in a coherent way so that the reader understands the information. Thus, the reader can determine the rationale of the research study itself. So, while you write down your own research report keep in mind the following factors well. Though, there is no fixed structure or rule for writing a research report.

(A) The report will agree realistically. Its report would be real based on the data obtained in the study.

(B) It will be complete. The researcher should be aware that all the things are included as per the purpose of the research study.

(C) It will be as short as possible. This does not mean that it is necessary to summarize without discussing the necessary issues. In fact, it is big enough to discuss essential issues in detail but short for unnecessary subject matters.

(D) The language of the report would be so clear and understandable. The report should use words that take into account the reader’s interest in reading the report.

(E) The researcher would be intellectually honest.

(F) The report will be readable so that the reader feels interested in reading it.

Research Report Writing Steps

The researcher would write the research report is a step-by-step process. The essential steps in research report writing might be as follows:

Step-1: Organizing the Research Report

Thinking about how the data collected for the study will be structured. Research problems can have different sides. Information can be of different types. All this information should be arranged in a systematic and consistent manner in the light of research questions and assumptions.

Develop an outline for organizing your ideas using the information collected. on note cards. An outline shows your core ideas and what you are about to write about them. Write down all the key concepts. List the subordinate ideas below the core concepts. Avoid repeating any concepts

Step-2: Preparing an Outline

The other important thing about writing a report is to create an outline that gives you an overall outlook on the topic of the study. Adjust the order of the items to be included in the report. Then, understand the title, the most important issues, and its overview. Basically, your outline will form in three main categories: introduction, body, and conclusion. But to make sure your paper is complete, consult with your instructor for the specific outline you want to include in your research. A sample outline for the research paper you might follow. But first, let’s point out the main sections of your paper and what information each should cover.

Step-3: Writing a Draft Report

After creating the report outline, the researcher will start writing the report based on the information received according to that outline. But first, make a draft report. Then, examine the draft report, find out mistakes, edit and make changes. This not only clears things up from the get-go but also regulates the process of writing a research paper. This helps to establish the basic structure of your paper. Prepare a first draft where you examine your outline and expand on ideas to support your thesis.

Step-4: Report Writing as per Objectives

The researcher needs to be very aware of the purpose of the study from the beginning of the report preparation. Writing reports according to the purpose of research reduces the opportunity for discussion of irrelevant issues of course. The goal of the research is your purpose, which is why you are doing research and the signals where you expect the end to come. Objectives are precise steps that you will take to get there. So when you write a report, your purpose should be kept in mind.

Research Report Writing Format

A research report has three basic parts.

Firstly, primary things, for example-research title, introduction, acknowledgments, & table of contents, etc.

Secondly, the main part, the research discussion, or research findings. The main part will necessarily be divided into some chapters.

Then, relevant issues, for example-annexure, bibliography, etc.

An Ideal Research Report Sample

Title Population Trends in Bangladesh: Prospects & Challenges for Development




Table of Contents






Statement of the Problem


Basic Concepts & Definitions  


Objectives of the Research


Research Methodology




Literature Review


Research Findings  






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