5 Best Silicone for Acrylic Pour Painting

In order to create dynamic cells in acrylic pour paintings, using silicone is one of the potential ways as experienced pour artists prefer it. Since you have decided to use silicone in your painting definitely you would use the best quality silicone available out there in the market which will ensure the uniqueness of your painting. To simplify the selection process regarding what is the best silicone for acrylic pour, here we pick up the most used and best-selling silicone you can collect just right now.

All of the silicones reviewed below are paintable and perfectly applicable in your acrylic pour painting used by the acrylic pour experts. So you can shop for anyone that you like most under an affordable budget that comes with the best quality.

Best Silicone for Acrylic Pour

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Impresa Products 100% Silicone Acrylic Pouring Oil: Ideal Silicone Lubricant for Art Applications 9.0 View on Amazon
Unicone Art 100% Pure Silicone Oil for Acrylic Pour Art 9.0 View on Amazon
Spot On Acrylic Pouring Oil – 100% Pure Silicone 9.0 View on Amazon
Nicpro Acrylic Pour 100% Silicone Liquid Oil for Art 9.2 View on Amazon
U.S. Art Supply 100% Silicone Pouring Oil for Dramatic Cell Creation in Acrylic Paint 9.2 View on Amazon

1. Impresa Products 100% Silicone Acrylic Pouring Oil: Ideal Silicone Lubricant for Art Applications

You can choose this acrylic silicone pouring oil to have smooth, fabulous, and reliable painting effects. It will create dynamic cells in almost all sorts of art applications to ensure a great finish. The acrylic oil is made of silicone and doesn’t contain any additional diluting agents. It will ensure you the proper weight and thickness for your art accessories. As it’s compatible with several mediums including Liquitex professional pouring medium, Food Floretrol, and so on; you will find extra support in mixing it with the required stuff.

You will discover beautiful paintings over the surfaces with only a few drops. It needs proper mixing to work well. The saturated pipette will allow you to have precision and effortless application in even a harsh environment. You could accomplish hundreds of projects with one 4-ounce bottle. Some liquid paint additives will come in handy to ensure the desired outcome over the surfaces, and this lubricant oil will let you add them whenever you feel the necessity. Most noticeably, it will resist the production of mold and mildew over the surfaces.

The oil is perfect for both interior and exterior projects. It’s quite odorless and hygienic. The waterproof facility will bring many advantages to your decorative paint projects. You will find a clear and non-staining film over time through this exceptional silicone oil. It dries out fast and leaves no mess. Due to the medium-strong bonding, you will get an easy disassembling scope. The ultra-violet resistance capability will offer you dependable performance. From all the aspects, it seems worthy for you.

Key Features

  • The acrylic pouring oil is saturated with silicone to ensure the best results over the surface.
  • It doesn’t include any extra additives but allows for mixing liquid paint additives to get the desired finish.
  • You will have ideal and prospective weight and thickness for any acrylic art application through it.
  • The oil will resist crack, stain, ultra-violet ray, yellowing, mold, mildew, and water to protect your projects.
  • It’s applicable in hundreds of applications and features comes with no harmful ingredients.

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2. Unicone Art 100% Pure Silicone Oil for Acrylic Pour Art

The Unicone art silicone oil can be your best companion to carry out a massive amount of oil and acrylic paint projects. It appears to be the best silicone for acrylic pour painting because of the craft-worthy quality and excellent cell creation capability. This professional-grade pouring oil is made of pure silicone. It doesn’t contain any propellant, solvents, or additives at all. The absence of non-toxic and harmful chemicals claims it to be safe and hygienic painting oil. It’s completely odorless and environment-friendly.

The premium-grade formulation will help you to create eye-catching designs over the surfaces with dynamic cells.  It will never cloud your pieces and cause a mess in the course of painting. You could use it will all brands of paints as it’s compatible with hundreds of mediums and fluids.  Most importantly, it features very low to mediums viscosity to ensure you the perfect flow over time. It will make your art applications glossy, vivid, and smooth.  There is no need for using a cumbersome pipette as it contains an easy-squeeze precision tip.

It can resist ultraviolet rays, water, yellowing, mold, and mildew strongly. Besides, it’s waterproof and applicable for both interior and exterior projects. The working ability in higher temperatures makes it exclusive from other normal pouring oils. One of the great features of this effective pouring oil is its fast-drying competence. Due to its clear nature, you will find color-stable sealing along with high performance. It’s easy to use and highly favorable for entry-level painters. You can keep faith in it to get your job successfully done.

Key Features

  • This pouring oil is manufactured of 100% pure silicone and doesn’t contain any harmful additives.
  • It’s compatible with various fluids and mediums and useful for versatile acrylic art applications.
  • It has the capability to create superior dynamic cells to make your art projects eye-catching.
  • The oil is completely odorless, clear, and resistant to water, mold, crack, and stain.
  • You could use this professional-grade pouring oil in any environment and at higher temperatures without any barriers.

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3. Spot On Acrylic Pouring Oil – 100% Pure Silicone

Pure silicone pouring oil is one of the must-have supplies for acrylic painting. If you’re dealing with versatile painting projects, you may opt for this product confidently. It will reinforce your painting precision and productivity to a great extent. You need to utilize it ideally to reap the results over your interior or exterior art projects. It will leave a glossy, smooth, high-finished, and protective surface over time. Besides, you will become astonished at its water and stain-resistant capability. It can tremendously change the outlook of all mediums used for acrylic paint.

The oil ensures the appropriate level of viscosity and adhesion. Its’ standard thickness and weight will bring optimal results to you. No additives or diluents are paired with it. It’s completely hygienic, odorless, clear, and non-toxic. You could keep working in any temperature and environment through this classical pouring oil. It will leave no stain, crack, or mildew over the surfaces if you can appropriately apply it. As it’s made of silicone; you will face no mess in terms of performance. It will enable you to tackle hundreds of applications with only a single bottle.

Thanks to the provided double caps as you could navigate it effortlessly. You will have ultimate control over it because of the easy-squeeze bottle. There is no need for an irritating pipette. Besides, it will offer you a moderate mixing opportunity without causing any odds. When it comes to creating dynamic cells, nothing can beat it. It’s impeccable and unstoppable. You will enjoy an acrylic quality of finished works all along by dint of this superb pouring oil.

Key Features

  • The silicone oil is highly effective for all sorts of paint applications and ensures reliable outcomes all along.
  • It’s made of pure, authentic, and high-quality silicone and doesn’t contain any additives.
  • This pouring oil is compatible with all sorts of fluid and mediums and ensures ideal viscosity.
  • You will get a decent amount of dynamic cells over the surface within less time through this professional-grade oil.
  • The oil is completely non-toxic, odorless, clear, and resistant to water, mold, and stain.

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4. Nicpro Acrylic Pour 100% Silicone Liquid Oil for Art

The Nicpro Acrylic pour paint oil will assist you greatly to create impressive paints. It will produce optimal cells and give your paints an eye-catching look. You won’t find any stain fabric, mildew, or crack over the surface. It’s perfectly colorless; therefore, it will never change the color of your paint. With the absence of any extra additives or diluting agents, it seems to be the most efficient pouring oil for acrylic painting. It’s compatible with various liquid mediums and watercolor paints. As a result, you could include the required paint additive to ensure satisfactory cell creation.

Meanwhile, you could use it as a treadmill lubricant if necessary. The reduced noise and fast-drying scope make it highly favorable for professional painters. It can resist stain, water, ultra-violet ray, and mold significantly. You will have optimal acrylic latex adhesion through this outstanding paint supply. It’s highly productive, versatile, and dependable. As it can withstand any temperature, you could easily apply it for both interior and exterior projects. You will find decent weight, viscosity, and thickness through this multi-purpose pouring oil.

In order to give you ease in use, it comes with a large size and EZ cap squeeze bottle. You will have a high precision tip to have an absolute paint mixture opportunity. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, so you could get in touch with it with no confusion. No pipette needed to handle it. The overall volume is up to 10 milliliters. You will have fabulous art effects over the surfaces through this highest-grade silicone pouring oil. The overall dimension of this product is 7.7 x 2 x 2 inches.

Key Features

  • This pouring oil is compatible with professional pouring mediums, flood floetrol liquid, and other liquid mediums.
  • It never changes the colors of your paint and doesn’t include any extra diluting agents or additives.
  • It ensures low to medium viscosity and creates a substantial amount of dynamic cells to offer excellent effects to your paints.
  • The pouring oil is absolutely mess-free and resistant to stain, ultra-violet rays, and other imperfections.
  • You could use it as treadmill lubricants and apply it with much precision through the provided tip.

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5. U.S. Art Supply 100% Silicone Pouring Oil for Dramatic Cell Creation in Acrylic Paint

Are you looking for such a silicone pouring oil that can ensure dramatic cell creation? If so, you may reach out for this best-quality acrylic pouring oil. It creates larger cells with a few drops and offers excellent color mixing. You will have the most ideal viscosity for manifold art applications through it. Besides, it will let you create stunning effects on all sorts of paints at ease. As it’s compatible with other necessary fluids and mediums, you could add anything as per your preference. It will allow you to prevent unexpected watering flows.

The professional-grade silicone oil doesn’t include any toxic chemicals. It’s safe, clean, and odorless. It offers the fast-drying advantage as you will get the prospective results overnight. One of the great features of this oil is the non-staining film. The ability to work in increased temperature makes it ideal for consistent use. It seems ideal for protecting metal and non-metal surfaces. You will have the most durable and flexible seal through it over hundreds of art applications.

You will find optimal ease in use as it comes with a self-application precision tip and squeeze bottle. It will allow you to keep working at a stretch irrespective of environmental or other natural imperfections as it can strongly resist them. The high-class formulation claims it to be the must-have tool for the professional artist. It’s affordable, flexible, and versatile. You will find performance as you always wanted. The overall item volume is 10 milliliters and the dimension is 7.7 x 2 x 2 inches.

Key Features

  • This acrylic pouring oil is ideal for creating larger and abundant cells to make the painting glossy.
  • It’s applicable for acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting and compatible with necessary products.
  • The pouring oil is made of pure silicone to ensure optimal performance and doesn’t contain any additives.
  • It’s safe, clean, odorless, and hygienic and can resist almost all the potential impurities.
  • You could use it at ease in high temperatures and harsh environments without facing any serious problems.

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The Final Thought

The use of silicone as an adhesive in acrylic pour painting is controversial in some acrylic pour painters. Some artists would not like to use silicone as an additive to create cells in their fluid acrylic paintings as it may in some cases reduce the archival quality of the finished work of art.

One of the downsides reported is that it can sometimes have a yellowing effect on the paint and this media can significantly degrade your artwork over time. Whatever, this greatly depends on the specific type of brand and silicone product that you use to the mix. But silicone is a great option for the entry-level for those who are just starting out to experiment with creating cells.

5 Great Silicone Substitute for Acrylic Pouring

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