5 Best Colored Pencils for Blending

A colored pencil is one of the most essential art supplies. The best colored pencils for blending are operative to create beautiful, stunning, and great artworks. Professional artists prefer to choose professional-grade color pencils to have an excellent shadow, hue, blending, and layering. A quality pencil contributes a lot to bring out creativity and spur towards the coloring projects.

If you’re fond of artwork and want to bag some effective pencils, you may stay here for a while. Here are some of the top-rated pencils that will smoothly glide over the various surfaces. You will find superior blending and shading through the following pencils all along. In order to get your artwork to look gorgeous, you need to use the right textured mediums. However, it’s time to break down all the picked pencil sets to enable you to create eye-catching effects.

Best Colored Pencils for Blending

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Castle Art Supplies 120 Colored Coloring Pencils Set for Professional Blending, Shading, Drawing 9.5 View on Amazon
Mastermarkers Artist Quality 150 Colored Pencil Mega Set for Blending, Shading, Layering, Adult Coloring Books 9.5 View on Amazon
Color More 160 Color Artist Colored Pencils Set for Blending, Sketching, Shading, Coloring Books 9.4 View on Amazon
Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Soft Core Colored Pencils 9.4 View on Amazon
Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Artist 48 Colored Pencils Set for Blending, Shading, and Layering 8.8 View on Amazon

1. Castle Art Supplies 120 Colored Coloring Pencils Set

As you’re dreaming of creating beautiful artwork on paper, you might pick this colored pencil set. You will have 120 colors in this set to choose the particular options you prefer. Each pencil is labeled with its color name to give optimal relief. Thanks to the break-resistant tips as you will face no obstacles during the blending or drawing period. All the pencils feature strong lead for ensuring less breakage. To create gorgeous blending effects, the pencils will allow you to add sufficient depth through layering. You will achieve perfect shading and hue with minimal effort through the pencils.

As the centered cores are encased in strong and reliable wood, you will have fast and effortless coloring and blending opportunities through the pencils. The soft-touch coating of each pencil will offer superior pleasure to your artwork. One of the most significant features of this pencil set is the secured box as all the pencils become well-organized. All the pencils come full of vibrant pigments to ensure a consistent and pleasurable coloring advantage. Most notably, you could create endless custom colors and effects through the provided pencils.

You could sharpen the pencils at ease with less time. These artist-quality pencils are suitable for every level of expertise; therefore, you can go for them if you’re just a novice. The water-based varnish and vibrant color laydown will stimulate you to get absorbed in your artwork all day long. Compact and lightweight design makes them perfect for all applications. In a word, blending and layering will seem easier if you go for this set. The pencils will never slip away from your hand and don’t let your fingers get tired.

Key Features

  • The pencil set comes with up to 120 different beautiful colors to make your artwork illuminating.
  • Each pencil features smooth velvety lead to ensure optimal results on your art projects.
  • You will find reliable and stunning blending effects through the pencils on paper and other textured mediums.
  • The pencils never get broken, slip away from hands, and cause hassle during the blending or coloring period.
  • Each pencil is labeled with the color name and you could sharpen the pencils at ease.

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2. Mastermarkers Artist Quality 150 Colored Pencil Mega Set for Blending

You can pay heed to this pencil set to have ultra-smooth blending. The set comprises up to 150 color pencils to make your illustrations or artworks elegant. Each pencil is designed with core vibrant color to lead to ensure you comfortable blending or coloring facility. The pencils are rightly pigmented and perfect for creating stunning shadows, shades, and layers. They are break-resistant and never slip away from the finger. You could utilize those for illustrating, crafting, sketching, and drawing along with blending. Each of the pencils is labeled by the color name so that you can easily identify them.

You could showcase your creativity on paper and other textured mediums through pencils. The pencils are completely non-toxic and conform to ASTM D4236 certification. You could blend the provided colors with other brands of pencils at ease. Do you want to sharpen a particular pencil whenever you need it? Well, the pencils will allow you to do so. You will have a water-resistant and smudge-proof finish all along through these artist-quality pencils. The consistent and soft color laydown will become able to create magnificent artwork with much pleasure.

The pencils can produce the finest impression over the mediums than other brands. One of the great features of the pencils is the fine tips. These can be laid down with delicate strokes. In addition, you could unfold their vibrant colors and create your preferred blending effects. Every piece of the pencil will enable you to switch between silky blending and powerful lines. To keep all the pencils organized, the set comes with a tin storage box. You will hardly find such a qualitative and beginner-friendly pencil set. So if you’re just trying to get entrance the world of art, you may pick this set right away.

Key Features

  • This pencil set contains up to 150 premium soft-core color pencils to offer you reliable service.
  • The pencils are completely ultra-smooth, rounded, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Each pencil holds thick and robust lead to resist crack, chip, and breakage during the coloring period.
  • You will have elegant blending, laying, shadowing, and hue through the top-quality color pencils.
  • The pencils are ideal for drawing, sketching, coloring, crafting, scrapbooking, and many more purposes.

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3. Color More 160 Color Artist Colored Pencils Set

You might look for this pencil set to enjoy professional-grade blending, shading, sketching, and crafting. With up to 160 vibrant colors colored pencils, the set you will leverage your rhythm of artwork. The premium quality pencils will allow you to create stunning art projects with less hassle. Each pencil is made of durable brass wood with a solid core. They are soft, comfortable, and resistant to breakage. You will have the best value for your money as all the pencils are qualitative and non-toxic. The lightfast pigment will stay vibrant over the mediums for longer.

Apart from the color pencils, you will have three different size blending stumps through the set. In addition, it will take the best care of your artistic career by providing a wooden sharpener, two pencil extenders, an eraser, and a metal sharpener. In order to keep the stuff organized, you will have a durable nylon case and a stunning presentation tin box. All the pencils can be sharpened. The pencils will allow you to create your own blending effect as per your preference. You will have the freedom to unleash your creativity on all mediums through them.

For ensuring easy color identification, each pencil is numbered and labeled. Most noticeably, the pencils can be found in a wide variety of pack sizes. The compact and lightweight design will help you a lot to concentrate on coloring with no odds. You will have a quick and dense application through the fantastic pencils. These are highly comfortable to hold. You could purchase such an excellent pencil set at an affordable price. These all-around pencils are ideal for all irrespective of expertise level.

Key Features

  • The set offers up to 160 high-pigmented and vibrant color pencils to make your job easier.
  • All the pencils are ideal for blending, layering, designing, shadowing, and many more artistic purposes.
  • Each pencil is made of strong leads and never causes any breakage issues during the coloring period.
  • You could easily select the colors from the abundance collection as each pencil is labeled and numbered.
  • You will have some artistic accessories along with the color pencils through the set.

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4. Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Soft Core Colored Pencils

Crayola soft core colored pencils are regarded to be the best-colored pencils for blending and shading. You will have bright colors with smooth lay down on any mediums through the pencils. The highly pigmented and soft-core will help you to leave an elegant mark on your artwork. Up to 50 dynamic colored pencils are available in this package to choose from. A decorative tin keeps all the pencils organized. You could carry the pencils anywhere at ease with the help of the tin case. The pencils will ensure the right layering for any project.

As all the pencils are non-toxic and environment-friendly, you might use them without any fear. The vibrant color will bring an eye-catching effect to your art and craft project. Each pencil features elegant matt black barrels with color-dipped ends, and that’s an amazing advantage. These pencils are comprehensively used for the signature. You could easily add detail to your artwork along with blending through the pencils. These can add vivid shades on both dark and light paper. You could apply these to a wide range of drawing styles.

The pencils can make bold and strong hues. These will allow you to lay colors down fantastically. The thicker leads make them different from the other brands. No matter how long you will keep up coloring or blending, they are very comfortable to hold on to. All the pencils are suitable for all sorts of artworks such as sketching, drawing, crafting, scrapbooking, and so on. You could secure the pencils at a lower price range and will have the optimal outcomes. No matter what your experience level is; the pencils are fit for all the artists.

Key Features

  • The pencils are soft, highly pigmented, and comfortable for long-term professional work.
  • All the pencils are non-toxic, resistant to breakage, and ideal for blending.
  • You will find various color options to choose from and can create your own blending effect.
  • Each pencil can be sharpened, comfortable to hold on to, and ensures smooth laydown.
  • The pencils feature elegant matt black barrels with color-dipped ends and a tin case that keeps them organized.

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5. Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Artist 48 Colored Pencils Set

You will have a marvelous effect on your drawing or artworks through Winsor & Newton Studio Collection pencils. These are ideal for blending, layering, and shading on various mediums. Highly pigmented and vivid color assorted to the pencils to leave an elegant mark on the paper. Each pencil comes with a round wood barrel to ensure optimal reliability. With up to a 3.7mm core, all the pencils can resist breakage. They are rich in color and the color will never fade away. You could easily create your own effects as per your preference.

All the pencils offer excellent lightness. The pencils can be sharpened at ease. A metal tin box keeps them well-organized. You could carry the pencils anywhere you need to work. They are wax-based so you will have more opaque and perfect layering coverage. You could put extreme pressure on them during the coloring or blending period. They will never get dropped or slipped away.

The soft texture can make a smooth and responsive effect on mediums. From fine-detailed drawing to expressive sketches, you could create everything you love most. You will discover the utmost pleasure of drawing with the company of these superb pencils. They fit every style of artwork and blend well with a buttery application. Up to 48 different colors are available in this pencils set so that you can choose the required one at ease.

Key Features

  • The pencil set features 48 colored pencils to ensure optimal versatility and comfort for your artwork.
  • All the pencils are made of break-resistant and soft cores to offer you superior support in drawing, shading, or blending.
  • You will have excellent opaque, hue, and gradient through the wax-based pencils.
  • Every pencil comes with highly pigmented and rich color to allow you to create stunning effects.
  • You could keep them organized in a tin box and carry them away anywhere you want at ease.

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The Bottom Line

The best color pencils always deliver rich color, vibrant hues, and stunning shadows. They glide over the paper and other mediums fantastically. Another important feature of a quality pencil is the robust core. As you’re exploring the best colored pencils for blending, you might consider these factors before finalizing a specific set of pencils. You need to secure a pencil that moves effortlessly across the surface and ensures optimal comfort for you.

If you’re new to artwork, you can reach out for such pencils that are beginner-friendly and offer a broad range of positive possibilities for your artwork. A pencil with long-lasting and fade-resistant pigment is always adorable. However, as you’re searching for the pencils for blending, you may scrutinize all of the provided pencils here. You will find everything you need to unleash your creativity from them.

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