5 Best Drawing Pencils for Beginners

Pencils are the most useful supply for an artist or a drawing enthusiast. Nobody can hope for unleashing creativity on a medium without the support of a quality pencil. Depending on the types of art projects, an artist needs to take possession of varieties pencils. But the pencils must be efficient, durable, and blessed with vibrant color. No doubt the quality of artworks becomes higher whenever the pencils play a leading role in adding optimal value. In this case, an artist is essentially prone to grabbing the best drawing pencils for beginners.

However, if you’re dealing with artworks, you have to take several factors into account to sort out the right pencils. As a new member of creative art, it may take time to be excelled in pinpointing the perfect pencils that suit you. You will find an immense amount of products are popping up whenever you will search for them online. But all those won’t work for you. How to click on the right one? To get the most appropriate one, you need to stick to here for a while. We’ve come up with some of the top-rated pencil sets for your betterment.

Best Drawing Pencils for Beginners

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Castle Art Supplies 72 Premium Colored Coloring Pencils Set for Adults, Artists, Beginners | Ideal for Drawing, Sketching, Shading 9.5 View on Amazon
Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Graphite and Charcoal Pencils Set for Sketching, Shading with Drawing Pad, Kneaded Eraser, Blending Stump 9.6 View on Amazon
Cool Bank 72 Professional Colored Pencils, Artist Pencils Set with 2×50 Page Drawing Pad (A4) for Sketching, Shading, and Coloring 9.4 View on Amazon
MARKART Professional Drawing Sketching Pencil Set-14 Pieces Art Drawing Graphite Pencils(12B- 4H) Ideal for Drawing Art, Sketching, Shading 9.4 View on Amazon
ZZWOND Drawing Pencils For Artists | 72 Piece Kit Sketch Pencils and Colored Pencils Art Set | Ideal for Drawing Art, Sketching, Shading & Colouring 9.4 View on Amazon

1. Castle Art Supplies 72 Premium Colored Coloring Pencils Set for Beginner Artists

If you’re dreaming of expanding your drawing capability, you can secure the Castle Art colored pencil set. The set comes with up to 72 premium pencils to enhance your drawing skills on various mediums. You could create beautiful artwork with excellent blending and layering qualities. The pencils will also lay down vivid colors to turn your drawing projects masterpieces constantly. You will find unique shades and catchy lines through first-rate pencils with minimal effort. Even these will offer you a comfortable coloring experience through the grip.

The lead of each pencil is highly pigmented and the outer section of the pencil comes with a silky-smooth coating. As the centered cores are encased in strong wood, there is no chance of instant breakage. Every piece of the pencil is organized according to the color code so that you can recognize a specific color at ease. With the appropriate mix of wax and pigment, these pencils have been highly favorable for shading and drawing compared to other traditional pencils. These will allow you to create custom effects and colors without any limitations.

Moreover, all the pencils are easy to use and serve for a decent time. You will find a user manual to apply the pencils correctly to achieve the desired goal. The tin box will aid you to carry the pencils anywhere you prefer. You don’t need to be concerned with health issues as the material is completely non-toxic and odor-free. The three stages of the color family will influence you to stick to drawing for long hours. You don’t need to break your pocket to purchase such a quality pencil set. So it would be your first choice.

Key Features

  • The set comprises up to 72 premium colored pencils to give you extraordinary support in drawing.
  • You will have excellent shade, effect, line, blending, and layering through the pencils.
  • Each of the pencils is designed with a silky-soft touch barrel to ensure optimal comfort for you.
  • The smooth and strong leads of the pencils will reduce the chance of breakages during the drawing period.
  • You could easily recognize a certain pencil as all the pencils become numbered and named.

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2. Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Graphite and Charcoal Pencils Set for Sketching, Shading with Drawing Pad

As an aspiring artist, you can’t but choose the Norberg & Linden pencil set. The set is equipped with both graphite and charcoal pencils to aid you in creating stunning art projects. You will have exact drawing lines and shade through the provided pencils ranging in size from 8B to 5H. All the pencils feature grip not to slip away while you’re drawing. The pre-sharpened leads will make your drawing journey thoroughly productive by delivering you top-notch service.

The set includes a 100 sheet drawing pad and three paper blending stumps to develop your artistic skill. You will also get one sandpaper block, one pencil extender, one art knife, and one kneaded eraser to conduct every project with much satisfaction. The non-smudge professional sketching paper will allow you to be hands-on in artworks if you’re just a novice in this field. Most importantly, the ultra-soft all-graphite woodless pencil will leave a remarkable sign on the medium to make your artworks enlightened.

It features a zippered pencil case to let you keep track of all the supplies. You will be free to carry the set anywhere you desire. The set is suitable for teens, kids, and adults. None of the provided items contain toxic materials. The overall dimension of the package is 9.88 x 8.39 x 2.4 inches. You could purchase such a classical drawing set at an affordable price range. The set is promised to offer you long-term service without any hassle.

Key Features

  • The set comprises a total of 12 pencils in various sizes to offer you quality drawing and shading.
  • It incorporates a 100 sheet drawing pad, 3 paper blending stumps, and an art knife.
  • You will have a sandpaper block, 2 sharpeners, an eraser, and a pencil extender in the package.
  • The provided pencils are perfect for having an exact line, blend, and layer over the paper surface.
  • It comes with a convenient carrying case to allow you to carry it anywhere you want.

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3. Cool Bank 72 Professional Colored Pencils, Artist Pencils Set with 2×50 Page Drawing Pad

You can check out this quality pencil set to meet your needs in creating beautiful artwork. It incorporates the best drawing pencils for beginners to offer you unlimited creative freedom. You will have a total of 72 artist-quality and vibrant watercolor pencils in this first-rate pencil set. It will deliver you a wide selection of colors from traditional shading to unique hues. Every piece of pencil comes with lightfast pigment to resist fading. The dense wax core will eliminate the breakage during the coloring period to give you a stress-free assignment facility.

You will have an effortless blending and smooth layering facility through the pencils. As each pencil is made of basswood, you will find outstanding durability and stability. The rich and deep coverage will make you astonished in the course of drawing and shading. You will have an exact line and controlled glide across the paper through every piece of pencil. The pencils are pre-sharpened and feature thicker lead compared to other traditional pencils. As each one is labeled, you could easily pinpoint a definite one whenever you need it.

Apart from vibrant colors, you will have optimal comfort through the coating. The set also includes two drawing pads to win over your heart. All the items are neatly organized in a tin box to ensure superior support to you. You could transport the package anywhere you need. The overall dimension of the set is 11.57 x 8.39 x 2.13 inches and the weight range is 3.08 pounds. It will cost you a little money to purchase.

Key Features

  • The set consists of 72 premium quality pencils to make your artworks highly adorable.
  • You will have outstanding blending, shading, and layering performance through the pencils.
  • The pencils come with lightfast pigment to ensure optimal results and don’t fade over time.
  • You will have a broad range of color selections and each pencil is numbered.
  • The inclusion of a tin box makes it easy to carry anywhere and keep track of the items.

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4. MARKART Professional Drawing Sketching Pencil Set-14 Pieces Art Drawing Graphite Pencils (12B-4H)

The MARKART is a great pencil set for all professional artists or drawing enthusiasts. You will find 14 pieces of art drawing graphite pencils in ranging sizes from 12B to 4H in this package. All the provided pencils are ideal for drawing, shading, sketching, scrapbooking, and many more artistic purposes. You could create lines in any color saturation and thickness with these. These will offer you a top-quality blending and layering advantage without any hassle. The silky-smooth coating will manage the utmost comfort for you as well.

The pencils are fade-resistant and never slip away during the drawing period. You will have deep coverage and minimal breakage through the cores. Moreover, you will find broad strokes and unique hues over time. The pencils will allow you to experiment with different drawing techniques. All those have become pre-sharpened and labeled. In addition, the used materials of the pencils are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. You will have all the items organized.

Meanwhile, all the pencils feature thicker leads compared to other pencils. The lightfast pigment and the dense wax core will provide you with the optimal results all along. You will enjoy superior freedom of expression by purchasing such a great set at a lower price range. It will help you most to achieve high-level artistic skills in the course of drawing. For having textured shading, nothing can beat it in the world of drawing.

Key Features

  • The set is composed of 14 pieces of graphite pencils in various sizes to promote your drawing capability.
  • You will have textured shading, effortless blending, and superior laying facility through the pencils.
  • Each of the pencils features a strong lead and softcore to make your drawing journey easier.
  • The eco-friendly and non-toxic materials make it highly suitable for professional work.
  • You will have endless possibilities to expand your artistic skills through premium pencils.

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5. ZZWOND Drawing Pencils For Artists | 72 Piece Kit Sketch Pencils and Colored Pencils Art Set

Every pro artist loves to keep reliance on the ZZWOND drawing pencil set because of its professional-grade service. The set is suitable for sketching, drawing, shading, and coloring with optimal performance. You will have 12 coloring, 24 watercolor, 12 drawing, 3 charcoal, and 12 metallic coloring pencils in the package. Moreover, it incorporates a box cutter, 3 paper blending stumps, a hook line pen, a dual-head pencil extender, a frosted board, and an eraser to aid you most in creating masterpieces.

To ensure your art supplies are stored, it comes with a convenient carrying pencil case. Every piece of colored pencil contains rich and light colors to make your artwork stunning. You will have smooth blending and textured shading through the top-quality pencils. The pencils are resistant to fade and can efficiently reduce breakages to give you the optimal outcomes. With the strong lead and comfortable grip, these pencils have been ideal for artists of all skill levels. You will have an extraordinary effect and impressive writing feelings through the pencils.

As the pencils are made of environment-friendly materials, you will get rid of all the potential health issues. The set will let your artistic side shine through the high-pigmented cores. You will have deep coverage through the pencils to unleash your creativity. All the pencils are water-soluble and capable to glide across the paper smoothly. You don’t need to spend much on purchasing such a classical product. Most importantly, you will have stress-free service for a long time if you reach out for this pencil set.

Key Features

  • The set comes with a good number of pencils to allow you to create eye-catching artwork.
  • You will have fabulous blending, shading, layering, and outlining scope through the pencils.
  • All the pencils are made of wood and don’t contain any toxic materials to ensure optimal safety.
  • Each pencil features strong leads and smooth cores to deliver optimal drawing results.
  • You will have excellent coverage and reduced breakages through the classical pencils.

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The Final Thought

You will become satisfied with the quality of drawing or artwork only if you utilize some excellent pencils. The standard pencils will offer you effortless blending, impressive layering, smooth shading, and an illuminated effect on paper or other mediums. So you have to be keen to own the best pencils for drawing and shading. You will have flawless drawing and coloring convenience consistently with the top-rated pencils.

However, you’ve already been acquainted with some of the prominent pencil sets here. All the narrated products are from reputed brands and have optimal user demand. Moreover, those will suit you irrespective of your skill level and age. You can opt for any of those sets to make your art projects super stunning.

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