5 Best Political Science Books for Beginners

Why does there exist a political conflict between the USA and Russia? You might broadly think of historical causes or attempts to influence the world politically or struggle for economic dominance. Whatever that you might know better because you study Political Science. But, how would you identify the internal & international political factors between the two countries that make conflicts? Great! You would read the best political science books for beginners in order to better understand exactly & to explore the facts of politics.

Best Political Science Books for Beginners

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The Politics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained by DK

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The Challenge of Politics; An Introduction to Political Science by Neal Riemer (Editor), Douglas W. Simon (Editor), Joseph Romance (Editor)   9.2 View on Amazon
Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues (MindTap Course List) by Thomas M. Magstadt   9.0 View on Amazon
Understanding the Political World by James N. Danziger, Charles Anthony Smith 8.6 View on Amazon

Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science by W. Phillips Shively

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1. The Politics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

In this comprehensive book, you will find a case study of the root of politics. The book is filled with materials to analyze politics and broaden political understanding. With ample political ideas and concepts, you will find profound insight into how political norms are associated with human life. The book highlights the ideologies of communism, capitalism, and fascism. Through step-by-step illustrations and diagrams, the author depicted how political ideas shape human lives and the development of long-running political themes.

You could explore the myth of human rights and democracy through this insightful book. The underlying reasons behind the political violence and persecution will become clear to you. As it’s written with some thought-provoking questions and quotes from great thinkers, you will become enriched with immense political sense. The book will introduce you to the ruling process and power of democratic government. You could observe how justice goes hand in hand with politics and the causes of political rebellion.

Copious footnotes and supplementary political theories will sharpen your political understanding to a significant extent. With clear explanation and a breeze writing manner, the book breaks down all the branches of this field. It includes extensive resources to allow you to realize the political spectrum. The book offers in-depth intuition of the political strategies that are considered to be the foundation of political evolution. Through this wonderful book, you could reinforce your expertise in political decision-making and many other core concepts.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers the ideas of communism, capitalism, feminism, and human rights.
  • It gives the clear concept of ancient political thought, revolutionary thoughts, and the rise of the masses.
  • This book defines the clash of ideologies, sovereignty, liberty, rationality, and enlightenment.
  • You could learn about the legislative and executive power and the actual reason for the mass strike.
  • The book highlights myriad questions and quotes related to democracy and political violence.
  • It provides the most obvious overview of all the major political concepts, ideas, and strategies.
  • The book is written with an engaging tone, clear explanation, step-by-step diagrams, and visual illustration.

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2. The Challenge of Politics; An Introduction to Political Science

The Challenge of Politics is an effective, insightful, and helpful book for individuals, in particular, who are keen to learn political science for the first time. It portrays the core concepts of politics in a constructive, narrative, and normative approach. The key themes of this book are the existent political obstacles, restrictions, disruption, and distraction. Besides, it interprets the major form of government and evaluates how political issues affect human lives. The book points out exhaustive political theories and catalysts based on intensive research.

In order to boost your political understanding, it breaks down the origin and development of democracy. With current and empirical study, the book measures the rise and fall of political perspectives. You will have an in-depth look at the formation of the constitution and a comparison of different democracies. In a simple and comprehensive manner, the book illustrates political behavior, institution, practice, and so on. It gives an overall view of political science to allow you to justify the political scenarios through critical analysis.

The evolution of political science is stated from the classical to the modern era. Various strategies given by the political scholars are assimilated throughout the book. The components, tasks, and controversies of political science are depicted in plain language to let you absorb everything at ease. Moreover, the book describes the philosophy of democratic socialism and communism to make you wise in a political sense. You will also get a deep insight into international politics, political judgment, public politics, comparative politics, and other ideologies in this book.

Inside the Book

  • The book talks about the rules of political science, liberal democracy, and comparative politics.
  • This book describes the political forms, culture, values, and many more underlying criteria.
  • It portrays the ideologies of left, democratic socialism, communism, and so on.
  • You will learn the physical, social, and cultural environment of politics through this book.
  • The book interprets the substantive political philosophy, controversies, tasks, and components.
  • You will have some excellent theories, concepts, and strategies of the modern political spectrum in this book.
  • It comes with an evident explanation, immense quotes, and ample political speeches to aid you.

4. Understanding the Political World

It’s an extraordinary book for grasping the ever-changing nature of politics, especially international politics. The book presents detailed explanations of all the standout concepts of politics with an eye to offer the reader deep intuition. Along with interpreting the usual political norms, the book describes relevant research findings. It demonstrates the entire political system and differences around the world. You could explore the continuous change of the political genre through this masterpiece.

The challenges and demerits of politics are covered through some comparative standpoints. Using real-world examples, the author highlighted the human interaction with politics. Moreover, the writer pointed out the processes and institutions of politics in this fantastic book. In order to strengthen your political comprehension, the book focuses on some global political perspectives. The standard writing approach and engaging tone will be highly favorable to you to get immersed in the field of politics. It might contribute a lot to enlighten your political career.

By bringing some abstract theories into account, the author put the book in high demand around the world. You could assume how politics is understood and practiced across the globe through it. It will show you the real sources of political knowledge and acquaint you with some individual political actions. Besides, you could dive into the concept of public policy, power, and decision. As it delves deeper into the constitution, constitutional regimes, democracy, legislative relations, and political party system, you hardly need to go anywhere else to study political science.

Inside the Book

  • The book comes with the concepts of politics and political economy to offer you good coverage.
  • This book discusses elaborately the political processes, political development, and constant change.
  • It talks about the types of political violence and mechanisms of political cooperation.
  • You will learn the approach of power politics across the border and key problems of political philosophy.
  • The book will allow you to understand the real distribution of power and forms of executives.
  • It will demonstrate to you five styles of administration and substantial change of political belief.
  • You could realize the necessity of political actions, culture, behavior, and many more through this book.

5. Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science

You will have a profound look into the nuances of politics through this introductory book. It’s composed based on the analysis of collective political theories; therefore, you could absorb the actual political concepts. With a clear and engaging writing style, it will provide you with great insight into political science and comparative politics. Both the use and misuse of political power have been depicted vividly using extended examples. Since it’s organized topically, you could read any topic at a certain time as per your desire.

This best political science textbook will show you how political issues are causing inequality and chaos in society. You could also grasp the challenges of illiberal democracy and nationalism throughout the world. The rising concerns of political imbalance and economic inconsistency are pointed out in the book thoroughly. In this excellent workbook, you will have a clear concept of political actions, values, behavior, and culture. You could perceive how malicious political leaders are harming the world and destroying human rights.

It also comes with the discussion of some major political movements. Each conceptual chapter of this book draws on essential literature of political science. By providing highly accessible political cases and examples, it unfolds the political world. All the key themes you probably looking for are integrated into this book to allow you to do well in this subject. Since it uses plain language and a persuasive tone, you will face no hindrance to empowering your political knowledge. This book can be your superior choice to learn political science completely from scratch.

Inside the Book

  • The book comes with the latest academic research principles of political science to offer you seamless study.
  • This book provides an in-depth discussion of politics, political party, actions, behavior, and so on.
  • It represents the procedure of democratic government, power of mass people, and legislative executions.
  • The book highlights the reasons for political violence and the difficulties of political systems.
  • You will learn the value, crises, issues, culture, and other aspects of modern democracy through this book.
  • It will allow you to achieve fluency in all the political core concepts, norms, and strategies.
  • You could observe the importance of fair politics in the overall development of a country in this book.

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