April 17, 2021

7 Best High School Chemistry Textbook

If you are here to find out just the best high school chemistry textbook, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the best chemistry textbooks for you which are suggested as essential by chemistry teachers for academic study.

You need the chemistry book in which the basic concepts of chemistry are simply explained with practical examples. Because it is the first formal orientation to the world of chemistry for you. Chemistry is an amazing subject if you can grasp the basic chemistry concepts at the beginning with the help of your teacher.

Moreover building a solid foundation of a successful future career in chemistry, your starting needs to be in a perfect way, and it is best possible only through the right book.

Best High School Chemistry Textbook Review

We think the following textbooks are the best and most needed for you since you started studying chemistry in high school and even in college. Let’s look at what books are on our top list.

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
High School Chemistry Unlocked: Your Key to Understanding and Mastering Complex Chemistry Concepts by The Princeton Review 4.4 See on Amazon
Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide by Clifford C. Houk and Richard Post 4.3 See on Amazon
Must-Know High School Chemistry by John Moore and Richard Langley 4.8 See on Amazon
Chemistry For Dummies Lifestyle by John T. Moore 4.5 See on Amazon
Chemistry Essentials For Dummies by John T. Moore 4.4 See on Amazon
Organic Chemistry I For Dummies (Lifestyle) by Arthur Winter 4.6 See on Amazon
Chemistry Workbook For Dummies with Online Practice by Chris Hren and Peter J. Mikulecky 4.5 See on Amazon

1. High School Chemistry Unlocked: Your Key to Understanding and Mastering Complex Chemistry Concepts

This essential chemistry book for high school students focuses on providing you a wide range of keys concepts in order to help increase your understanding of chemistry. You can proceed with basic concepts to more complex chemistry ideas into real-world applications that will build confidence as you improve your skills. The drills at the end of the chapter help test your perception of every chemistry from atoms to alpha radiation.

Why High School Chemistry Unlocked is our first choice? This is because it covers everything you need to know about chemistry. For instance-

  1. Complex chemistry concepts explained in a simple way.
  2. Walk-throughs of sample problems for all topics.
  3. Clear goals and self-assessments to help you pinpoint areas for further review.
  4. Guided examples of how to solve problems for common subjects.

What you will learn by reading this book are as follows:

  1. Building blocks of matter.
  2. The physical behavior of matter.
  3. Chemical bonding.
  4. Chemical reactions.
  5. Stoichiometry.
  6. Solutions.
  7. Acids and bases.
  8. Equilibrium.
  9. Organic chemistry and Radioactivity.

In addition, the book will enrich your chemistry knowledge as it comes with over 165 hands-on practice questions, seeded throughout the chapters and online, complete answer explanations to boost understanding, online questions similar to those you’ll find on the AP Chemistry Exam and the SAT Chemistry Subject Test.

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2. Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide

If you are searching for a quick and easy way to master the basics of chemistry, then Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide by Clifford C. Houk and Richard Post will quench your thirst for knowledge in chemistry.

Moreover, if you ever wonder about the difference between liquids, gases, and solids? Or what actually happens when something burns? What is the solution? Acid? A base? This is the chemistry- the combination and structure of substances made up of all substances and how they can be transformed.

Whether you’re studying chemistry for the first time on your own, want to refresh your memory for an exam, or need a little help with a course, this short, interactive guide gives you a whole new perspective on this fascinating subject.

Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide is the fully up-to-date edition of chemistry that has been tested, rewritten, and retested to ensure that you can teach yourself all about chemistry. It requires no prerequisites that let you work at your own pace with a helpful question and answer format. Most significantly the book reinforces what you learn with chapter self-tests.

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3. Must Know High School Chemistry

Do you know the moment when you feel like you have finally been hit by a lightning bolt? This book will give you feedback. Each chapter ensures that everything you need to know is clear straight from the bat and that it ensures the knowledge you have built up.

You don’t need to memorize stuff rather this book will provide with you the must-know ideas that will guide you toward success in chemistry. You will start each chapter learning what the must-know ideas behind a chemistry subject are. The concepts will help you solve the chemistry problems that you find in your classwork and on exams.

We consider this book as the best high school chemistry textbook because-

  1. It comes with more than 250 practice questions that mirror what you will find in your classwork and on exams.
  2. An app with over 100 flashcards that will reinforce what you’ve learned.
  3. Extensive examples that drive home essential concepts.
  4. An easy-access setup that allows you to jump in and out of subjects.
  5. Chemistry topics aligned with national and state education standards.
  6. Special help for more challenging chemistry subjects, including the mole concept, stoichiometry, and solutions.

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4. Chemistry For Dummies Lifestyle

In fact, we are all naturally born chemists. Every time we cook, clean, take a shower, drive a car, use a solvent, for instance, a nail polish remover, or perform an unlimited of daily activities that involve complex chemical reactions that we are chemistry.

Chemistry For Dummies is designed in a way that is a fun and easy way to learn basic chemistry. If you are studying chemistry in school and you are looking for a little help to understand what is being taught in class or you are just learning new things, Chemistry For Dummies revolves around all the basics of matter and energy, atoms and molecules, acids, and bases and much more.

Why this book is Special?

  1. It tracks a general chemistry course that provides step-by-step tutorials that you can easily grasp.
  2. Includes basic chemistry principles and time-saving tips from chemistry professors.
  3. Real-world examples provide everyday context for complex topics.

Chemistry For Dummies is full of modern, relevant examples and updated to mirror current teaching methods and classroom protocols that put you on the fast-track to mastering the basics of chemistry.

So you can collect this best high school chemistry textbook if you want to make more clear of your understanding of chemistry.

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5. Chemistry Essentials For Dummies

In case you are studying chemistry as part of a degree requirement or as part of a core curriculum, students will discover Chemistry Essentials for Dummies is an invaluable quick reference guide to the basics of the subject.

This important book contains content focused on key topics only with discrete explanations of critical concepts taught in a typical two-semester high school chemistry class or a college-level Chemistry I course from bonds and reactions to acids, bases, and the mole.

Chemistry Essentials for Dummies is also a perfect reference for parents who are critical of high school students with homework responsibilities as well as adult students who need a refresher of key ideas to return to the classroom.

Students can also collect The Essentials For Dummies Series who are prepping for exams, preparing to study new material, or who just need a refresher can have a concise, easy-to-understand review guide that covers an entire course by concentrating solely on the most important concepts from algebra and chemistry to grammar and Spanish.

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6. Organic Chemistry I For Dummies (Lifestyle)

Organic Chemistry I For Dummies made simple Organic Chemistry for students as it takes a simple approach to the topic allowing you to grasp concepts at your own pace.

The fun and easy-to-understand guide explain the basic principles of organic chemistry in simple terms. It provides insight into the language of organic chemists, the major classes of compounds, and top trouble spots. You’ll also get the nuts and bolts of tackling organic chemistry problems from knowing where to start to spotting sneaky tricks that professors like to incorporate.

This textbook provides refreshed example equations, new explanations, and practical examples that reflect today’s teaching methods as well as a fully worked out organic chemistry problem.

In addition, Organic Chemistry I For Dummies makes clear explanations of organic chemistry principles and logical approaches to solving organic chemistry problems. You will find inside the book- techniques on deciphering “organic speak”, the ways how to determine a molecule’s structure, explanations of hydrocarbons, and an overview of chemical reactions.

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7. Chemistry Workbook For Dummies with Online Practice

Finally, we think Chemistry Workbook For Dummies is your ultimate companion for introductory chemistry at the high school or college level.

This workbook is packed with hundreds of practice problems that give you the practice you need to internalize the essential concepts that form the foundations of chemistry. These problems cover the full spectrum of topics you’ll see in class from matter and molecules to moles and measurements.

Each section includes a key concept review and full explanations for every problem to quickly get you on the right track. This textbook provides access to an online test bank where you’ll find quizzes to help you test your understanding and pinpoint areas in need of review.

Chemistry is a whole new language with different rules, new symbols, and complex concepts. The good news is that practice makes you perfect and this book provides plenty of it with easy-to-understand coaching every step of the way.

Chemistry Workbook For Dummies gives you the practice you need to succeed in chemistry and that’s why we regard it as the best high school chemistry textbook for you.

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The Importance of Chemistry Study in High School

Chemistry is a purely natural science that studies matter and energy and their interaction. In both cases, if you pursue a great career in chemistry and if don’t pursue a career in chemistry, there are many reasons to study chemistry. The best reasons why you do study chemistry as follows:

  1. Chemistry helps you understand the world around you. Why do the leaves change color in autumn? Why are the plants green? These kinds of questions you can solve by applying chemistry.
  2. Basic knowledge of chemistry helps you read and understand the product labels we consume.
  3. Chemistry can help you make informed decisions. If you understand how chemistry works, you will be able to distinguish reasonable expectations from pure fiction.
  4. Chemistry is the lifeblood of cooking. If you understand the chemical reactions involved in increasing baked goods or neutralizing acidity you will cook better.
  5. An order of chemistry can help keep you safe! You will find out which household chemicals are dangerous to keep or mix together and which can be used safely.
  6. Learning chemistry means learning how to be objective and how to solve problems.
  7. Chemistry opens chemistry potential carrier options. There are a lot of careers in chemistry. Chemistry applies to the food industry, retail, transportation, industry, homemaking, etc.

5 Best Chemistry Books Review for Beginners

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