7 Writing Skills Activities for High School Students

Developing a creative writing skill is always a game-changing point for high school students. It helps them to unfold their creativity and expresses themselves through words. But it would be a matter of regret if a student who goes to high school did not know how to express creative thoughts. Some students find themselves in a challenging situation and can’t jot down a couple of words correctly. They struggle to make sentences with consistency.

In other cases, some can write down but it seems their writing is not persuasive, engaging, and descriptive. In fact, writing is not easy. It needs regular practice and intense dedication to reveal a phenomenon through words. The students need to be trained or guided precisely to acquire such artistic creative writing skills. It’s very important for the teachers to help the students to improve their writing skills. Arranging some writing activities in the classroom can be the best approach to teaching the students how to write well. In this article, I am going to cover some effective creative writing skills activities for high school students.

Writing Skills Activities for High School Students

The writing activities can boost up the writing skill significantly. By participating in the various classroom activities, the students can capture the skills of writing at ease. They could grasp how to choose precise words, make engaging sentences, and describe anything by catching the reader’s attention. Below are the most effective activities.

1. Play with Words

It’s a primary approach to acquiring writing skills. Students can apply this method to learn how to write well. In the classroom, the teachers can ask the students to hit upon a word respectively. Then the students should be asked to create a meaningful sentence placing the words they thought. The students need to read the sentence aloud and exchange their sentences for further activities.

The teachers can encourage the students to keep making sentences with the words they have inserted into the previously written sentence. This session needs to be performed until the students find it boring or overwhelmed. It’s the best practice of being well-versed in sentence creation. This practice also helps the students to apply the right words in the sentences.

2. Write for School Magazine

This is a great writing skill activity. The student can develop their writing skill to a great extent by contributing to the school magazine. In this writing activity, teachers need to manage magazine paper and colored pens. The students should be asked to portray an object from their own points of view. Besides, the teachers can tell the students to write about their favorite movies, person, hobbies, daily routine, and so on.

The students will find much fun and excitement to do so. They will feel happy to write about the topics they usually deal with. Writing for the school magazine can also grow the creative thinking of the students. After writing for a certain period, the students need to be asked to exchange their views about the writing in order that they can seize the analyzing skills.

3. Writing Favorite Stories

The student needs to gain a good command over writing with much fun. It’s unfair to enforce them to writing about a complex topic. The teachers should read their mind; they need to treat the students like a friend whenever it comes to teach writing. So allowing the students to write their favorite stories can be the best way to spark their writing skills. Teachers can ask the students to write a coherent story that they like most.

In this case, group work can come in handy. Teachers can divide the class into several groups and ask them to write a descriptive story in a group. The students will be prompt to share their personal views and consent to jot down something interesting and appealing. Since a group consists of a couple of students, there will emerge some unique, exclusive, and narrative ideas in every group. And ultimately this activity will develop the overall thinking and writing skills of the students.

4. Communicative Dialogues

Communicative dialogue exists in the high school syllabus. It’s a practical form of improving writing skills. The student can start writing conversational dialogues on a specific topic. Every student should write the draft as per the teacher’s advice. It will help the students to hone crucial writing skills like word choice, organization, expression, and so on.

Before jumping into writing a piece of dialogue, the student can discuss the given topics with one another. Subsequently, they can outline the writing style as per their preference. It’s undoubtedly a brainstorming method of boosting up writing skills. In this process, the students will earn a good command over how to write a description of a character, monster, or item.

5. Correspondence

Correspondence is the traditional form of writing. It’s a great option to learn how to put down words to express something with much integrity, accuracy, and engagement. Writing letters can be the best way for the students to sharpen their writing skills. Teachers need to familiarize the students with the most common letter-writing method. This form of writing will aid the students to use the actual phrases to express themselves.

This writing lesson plan will encourage the students to express their attitude, emotion, and grief in an accurate tone. Writing electronic mail is the updated form of a letter. Teachers should arrange the email-writing lesson in the classroom to help the students to evolve their writing skills. Correspondence writing comprises rules and regulations. So this writing genre will influence the students to comply with specific rules.

6. Story Completion

Story completion can give much incentive to the students to grow up their writing skills. It will impact their overall writing, thinking, and analyzing skills. This brainstorming learning method will also develop the imagination and creativity of the students. To arrange story completion activities, you can design the templates of some stories. The templates can be formed with pictures and a few words. The words should be scattered throughout the story systematically in order that the students can assume the essence properly.

The students need to be asked to depict the story using the given words and pictures. It’s a funny and excellent way to be engaged in creative writing. This process will bring the students to unleash their inner writing talent. Among all the writing skill activities, story completion seems the most effective and persuasive method of helping the students how to write flawlessly.

7. Writing Sweet Memories

Writing sweet memories is an ideal approach to learn creative writing. The high school students will find much excitement and interest to express their respective sweet memories. You can ask yourself to put down memories in your own language and tone. It will allow the students to choose the right words, make impressive sentences, and illustrate the matter with their best efforts.

It’s a funny but emotional approach to writing. In this method, the students will become immersed in their past. It will shake their nerve and develop the activity of their brain. Students will learn the descriptive objectives to describe their sweet memories with narrative style. It will inspire them to stay in touch with writing and raise their confidence level as well. They will learn new words and expressions to bring out the story that happened to them.

The Bottom Line

Several writing activities need to implement to improve the writing skills. The high school stage is the best time to develop creative writing, thinking, and analyzing skills. All the students need to pass through some incentive writing activities in the classroom. These will contribute to the advanced level of their educational life. Teachers can play a crucial role to make the students proficient in writing by arranging the most impactful creative writing activities.

The teacher can keep students writing by offering them a variety of assignments as well. But the topic should be interesting and preferred to the students. Otherwise, they will find writing disgusting instead of enjoyable. The provided writing skills activities for high school students here can ensure optimal productivity to the students.

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