What Happens if You Don’t Read Books?

We all know well the potential benefits of reading books. Through reading Great Books we can develop our thoughts, can keep our brain active to acquire endless knowledge and thinking skills. Reading books can also help us to learn, understand things clearly, and makes us smarter to a very great extent. There are many such kinds of more benefits to reading books. But what happens if you don’t read books actually?

Are there any negative consequences for not reading books?

For sure you will lag behind your fellow classmates, friends, colleges, and in real life if you don’t read necessary and even essential books. For Example, if you do a job in a corporate company, you most probably should know about Professionalism Skills. So you can read the book Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success by Lydia E. Anderson and Sandra B. Bolt in order to gain professional success. Or have to learn some professional skills in a practical way, otherwise, in some cases, you might get into hardship to gain desired career success.

Or a student who studies Physics and did not read Relativity by Albert Einstein definitely will be deprived of knowing some basic things.

So What Happens if You Don’t Read Books?

If you don’t read books, you will miss a lot of things at times. Most importantly, all the versatile benefits of reading books. It stimulates your brain and cognitive function. The sharpness of the mind will eventually increase when you focus on something important seriously. Regular reading not only helps critical thinking but also improves the functioning of your brain. Think about what happens when you do regular workouts for muscle building. Here are some great quotes for reading books:

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes

“Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

“Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The man who does not read good books is no better than the man who can’t.” – Mark Twain

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin  

Let’s read a real story.

A farmer was educating his five children with great difficulty. The school teacher asked the farmer why he makes this great effort to educate boys and girls with such hardship. What will happen after studying? The farmer said I don’t know what will happen exactly. What I know that they will be able to read books about cultivation and will learn how to grow more crops that I can’t.

If they can produce more crops, their future will be better than mine.

If this story seems not important to you, it’s just right. But what learned from this story is that you will definitely get some benefits from reading books. On the other hand, you will get nothing if you don’t read books.

Let’s go deeper into what happens may if you don’t read books. Here are 3 significant facts that matter if you don’t read books though facts might differ from individual to individual. In general, you will be deprived of the following things:

1. Acquiring Knowledge

By reading books, we can achieve the highest knowledge want. And that’s why all the wise people of the world read books. One of the most successful people at the moment is Bill Gates who loves to read a lot of books. Certainly, the book expands the scope of our knowledge.

In fact, books can quench our thirst for knowledge fully. Through reading books, we acquire knowledge about how different things work, can understand different cultures and people. You can also learn new languages too as well as how to improve yourself, and even how to survive in different situations. The right books are full of useful information that helps us become smarter, sharper, more skilled, and open to new ideas.

2. Increasing Imagination Power

Boosting our imagination power is not only one of the most common benefits of reading books, but it can also significantly increase your innovative thinking. Just think of the environment you are growing up in and the characters you come across as you go through a mystery novel. Because of this environment and characters, the part of the brain that holds your imagination is stimulated, allowing space and people to imagine what they see only with words.

Imagination is a powerful tool that can be effective in all aspects of our daily life. It is the imagination that allows us to be empathetic towards people. This empathy can also help at work or at home. So. reading is a great way to improve imagination power in fact.

3. Mental Peace and Stress Relief

We are so much busy with our daily activities and many of the tasks create stress and pressure for us in everyday life. Stress can affect many parts of your daily life and can also be detrimental to your overall mental health. If you read books and other literature help to solve problems that cause stress by allowing your mind and body to relax. Once you start reading a book, you will begin to focus on words and stories, not on your stress. Reading books over time will relieve stress, which will make you feel better mentally and physically. So, in the long run, you will get mental peace that is untouchable if you don’t read books.

Its very effective function and concentrating on the written word helps to relieve your mind from anxiety and lower your blood pressure. In addition, book reading is a great way of sound entertainment.

Final Words

In the end, what will happen if you don’t read books is that you having little knowledge about everything. You might not be able to correlate the relations between many things happening around you in the world. Your thought may not get the right direction.

What is the difference between you and an illiterate person if don’t read the books?

The world is ever-changing every single second and with that, the skills to survive. If you don’t read at one point in time your skills will be outdated, so with a view to keep updated your skills, you must read necessary books. Otherwise, you can not find where you are wrong and where you are right.

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