March 9, 2021

5 Best Resin for Acrylic Pouring

Best Resin for Acrylic Pouring

Resin is definitely an essential element for your acrylic painting. Using resin accurately you can create amazing works of art that enchant with their clarity, luminosity, and brilliance. Resin casting is a fun way to accent painting that starts as a liquid and then hardens. Resin is a two-element system consisting of resin and hardener. When you mix the two elements, a chemical reaction takes place so that the liquid resin gradually hardens to a solid form. You can mount your artwork and pour the resin directly on the panel. You will find impressive results of a high-gloss, clear surface. So what is the Best Resin for Acrylic Pouring which will give uniqueness to your painting?

There is no question that epoxy resin is the best in the market for acrylic pour painting. Surprisingly, epoxy resin takes acrylic paintings to the next level giving them a master-looking finish with a glossy sheen that makes the color pop.

That is why we are here to present you with a selection of the best epoxy resins that will ensure the highest quality of your paintings and you will get a feeling of enjoyment.

Best Resin for Acrylic Pouring

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Art ‘N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin 4.6 See on Amazon
Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit 4.6 See on Amazon
Epoxy Resin Art Resin Crystal Clear Formula 4.6 See on Amazon
16OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts 4.6 See on Amazon
FanAut Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear for Art, Crafts 4.3 See on Amazon

1. Art ‘N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin

Right now in the market, the best resin for acrylic pouring is Art ‘N Glow as it is the best seller and people consume it in a great deal.

You can use this epoxy resin on canvas, wood, concrete, granite, ceramics, precious stones, rocks, paper, and more that gives you a durable, glass-like, and crystal clear finish.

Art ‘N Glow is a customized epoxy resin formula that you can also use for casting objects using any suitable mold available. Bring it to life and make it shine with specially formulated art resin whatever your creative idea, art project.

Why is it Best?

This epoxy resin ensures the highest quality suitable for your acrylic pouring and all of your casting and coating applications that hardens crystal clear and hard as a rock.

It has a perfect match for all of your glow in the dark and other craft pigments.

Art ‘N Glow epoxy resin is self-leveling, self degassing, and odor-free resistant to yellowing from sun exposure.

You can mix the resin with pearl powder, resin tint, and alcohol ink to create one-of-a-kind fluid pour creations.

It glows in the dark crafts in the dark pigment powder to create artwork that glows for up to 12 hours.

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2. Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit

Then another best resin for acrylic pouring for you we recommend is Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit by DR. Crafty because it offers everything you need. We suggest it as best for the following special features.

This art resin kit comes with bonus items so you can get started right away: 2 x 3.38-ounce measuring cups with spouts, 5x wooden sticks for mixing, and a plastic spreader to ensure an even finish.

The DR. Crafty epoxy resin kit is perfect for use in acrylic pour painting, jewelry making, crystal clear coating, casting even much more.

This resin is so easy to use and to mix with no confusion. You need just mix one part resin to one part hardener and then you will have 45 minutes of work time at room temperature to produce the best artwork.

This epoxy resin will remain crystal clear all the time and the resin is fully resistant to yellowing unlike others on the market as well as it is toxic-free.

DR. Crafty’s epoxy resin set gives you all the tools you need to start creating your great painting.

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3. Epoxy Resin Art Resin Crystal Clear Formula

The great thing for this Art Resin Epoxy Kit is specially formulated for artists. It is crystal clear and non-toxic, and odor-free for better air quality while you work and breathe easily while working with naked fusion.

The artist’s resin is amazing for creating vivid and luminescent colors when you mix with MICA pigments and pastes. Moreover, it works excellently with alcohol inks and creates beautiful cells. In fact, this resin makes stunning effects that you will fall in love with.

Art Resin Epoxy Kit is UV resistant, self-leveling, and cures rock solid with a high gloss mirror shine. You can add a beautiful glass-like coating to any surface. So enjoy more than 45 minutes of working time that gives more time for the creative process.

It is perfect for acrylic pour painting, geode paintings, molds, coasters, tabletops, bartops, countertops, and more.

The Artist’s Resin special formula for artists is magnificent for casting and resin art. Also perfect for use with silicone molds. It is crystal clear and mixes beautifully with a variety of pigments. It releases bubbles easily with a Heat Gun or torch to have a stunning finished product.

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4. 16OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts

Then the best resin for acrylic pouring is 16OZ Epoxy Resin that is easy to use and great for artwork Most importantly, it is very easy to cast resin epoxy with instructions that is perfect for a starter, beginner and professional artists.

It is the clear cast craft resin epoxy pour kit that is crystal clear casting and coating system. In order to make sure a better self-level effect, you just need stirring in 3-4 minutes and pour it into the molds as soon as possible.

The leisure art craft DIY resin epoxy kit is fast curing and hard as a rock if you ensure 1:1 ratio by volume, and stir completely. It creates no bubble if stir evenly and slowly.

It is non-toxic the art craft crystal clear epoxy resin and hardener kit is for artwork, drawing, canvas paintings, jewelry, and more.

16OZ Epoxy Resin is compatible with glow glitter colorant and craft pigment powder for high gloss epoxy resin. It is also compatible with plastic molds, silicone molds for quick drying curing epoxy resin.

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5. FanAut Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear for Art, Crafts

FanAut Epoxy resin comes with 250ml of resin and 250ml of hardener, 2 pieces of droppers, 2 pieces of usable sticks, and 1 pair rubber gloves with a total weight of 18.5oz.

The specifications why we select it as the best resin for acrylic pouring are as follows:

It is easy to mix with a 1:1 ratio easily and smoothly and easy to pour. It has a forgiving 40 minutes of work time.

It is a crystal clear epoxy resin highly suitable for all casting and coating applications. It cures crystal clear and hard as a rock.

This is safe to use resin, non-toxic, self-leveling, self degassing, and odor-free. Its anti-yellowing properties create beautiful artwork and color stability for heirloom quality.

The best artists’ choice is designed for crafts, acrylic pour paintings, geode paintings, cutting boards, resin art, jewelry and so much more.

It will create a beautiful, high-gloss, clear, durable finish. This self-leveling formula will make a perfect top coat that is 98% cured after 24 hours.

The resin is a perfect match for resin dye and other glow in the dark pigments.

It resists yellowing due to UV exposure but should not be left permanently outdoors as all crystal resins will eventually yellow from sun exposure.

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How to Pour Resin on Acrylic Painting?

Step-1: First, you make ready all the materials you need for resin pouring.

Step-2: You can choose to mount an acrylic painting on top of the panel using glue, or you can paint directly on the panel. However, it is important to make sure that your painting is completely dry before applying your resin coat.

Step-3: Mix the right amount of resin and hardener wearing hand gloves and stir in-depth for 3-4 minutes total to ensure you scrape the bottom and sides of your mixing container as you go.

Step-4: Then pour the resin onto the center of your painting piece and spread it out to the edges using a plastic spreader or a stick.

Step-5: Use a torch and hold the flame a couple of inches above the resin surface just long enough to pop the bubbles and keeping the torch moving from side to side at all times.

Step-6: Once the piece has been torched, look at the resin in the light for any missed bubbles, tiny hairs, or bits of dust.

Step-7:  Cover your art with a plastic tote or a cardboard box and rest for 24 hours until it’s dry to the touch.

Then take off the cover and see the stunning results of your great acrylic pour painting.

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