5 Best Books on Acrylic Painting

A painting guidebook plays a crucial role in the bloom of creativity. A beginner artist can easily hit the peak of expertise by taking regular consultancy with an informative book. If you’re pursuing a mentor to expand your acrylic painting skill, you can opt for one of the best books on acrylic painting. You will find condense expert advice and an exact track to establish yourself as a full-fledged painter through a good book.

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques by Gill Barron 9.2 View on Amazon
Acrylics for the Absolute Beginner by Charles Evans 9.0 View on Amazon
Acrylic Painting Step-by-Step: 22 Easy Modern Designs (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts) by Wendy Jelbert, Carol Massey, and David Hyde 8.4 View on Amazon
Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 More Small Paintings: Pick Up the Skills, Put on the Paint, Hang Up Your Art by Mark Daniel Nelson 9.2 View on Amazon
DK Art School: An Introduction to Acrylics by Ray Smith 8.8 View on Amazon

1. Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques

If you’re a complete beginner in acrylic painting, you can bag this excellent book. It covers up to 300 tips and strategies to be an expert in acrylic painting. You could know what to do, how to mix colors, how to make the right color combination, and how to deal with paints through this masterpiece. All the chapters will teach you about types of acrylic paints and the approach to creating a multitude of effects.

Aimed at all painters, from beginners to the more experienced, this book is packed with expert advice on all aspects of acrylic painting: what to do, and what not to do. Learn how to choose and mix colors, and create a multitude of effects using only one set of tubes.

You can discover how to make your own equipment, set up a “studio” space, and use household materials to save money. Beginners can follow processes stage-by-stage, while more experienced artists can dip in and out for help with specific problems. A unique section on how to develop your art and take it to a wider public is full of professional secrets which can bring you success much more quickly. Try it and Fix it panels placed throughout the book suggest ways of practicing and developing new skills, and avoiding or correcting common painting errors.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers up to 300 acrylic painting tips and tricks to make you adept in painting.
  • It provides the ultimate guide for mixing color, creating an array of effects, and setting up your own studio.
  • You could learn color theory, composition, and the secrets of successful framing through this book.
  • The book describes some practical ideas on painting with an in-depth explanation.
  • You could expand your creativity and achieve a milestone overnight through this book.

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2. Acrylics for the Absolute Beginner

This book will help you to spark your creativity and attain the proper designation as a painter. It comes with some practical advice for the absolute beginner to expand their painting skill. You will be well-versed in producing fantastic artworks with the assistance of this great book. To influence you to get into painting in full rhythm, it narrates 12 versatile and reusable outline drawings.

You will have 6 stunning project ideas with detailed explanations through this masterpiece. It covers a variety of subjects including color mixing, effect, painting tools, texturing, and so on to make you eligible to dive into painting works full-time. Moreover, it will provide you with the ultimate guideline on how to create purposeful brush strokes. You will have a clear understanding of how acrylic works in this guidebook.

Most notably, it will instruct you on how to progress your skill to fulfill your vision. It particularly focuses on the foundation of acrylic painting to grow up basic knowledge. Every lesson is presented in a natural writing flow so that you can perceive all the directions at ease. You will come round from all the common errors and leaking in painting if you keep practicing with it. So it can be your best companion to establish yourself as a self-taught painter.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers huge tactics and practical advice to engage you in painting overnight.
  • You could learn about various subjects in acrylic painting to develop your skill.
  • You could grab 12 reusable outline drawing techniques through this great book.
  • It explains up to 6 six practical projects to make you excel in acrylic painting.
  • This easy-to-follow guidebook will make you a veteran of creative arts in less time.

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3. Acrylic Painting Step-by-Step: 22 Easy Modern Designs

You will find 10 step-by-step demonstrations with clear photographs in this book. The book will help to explore some advanced creative techniques to create something vibrant. It covers helpful instructions about how to utilize all the painting tools and how to compose landscapes. You will be an expert in composing murals, and flower paints and using tone overnight through creative techniques.

This is a practical and inspiring guide for all acrylic enthusiasts, from the beginner to the experienced artist. There is helpful general advice on which materials to choose, and then three high-profile artists share their expertise, tips, and techniques. Wendy Jelbert explains the basics of painting with acrylics and gives advice on useful techniques and the effects they can create. David Hyde writes about painting landscapes with acrylics, from composing landscapes and choosing colors to create depth and painting different seasons.

Finally, Wendy Jelbert explores further creative techniques for painting with acrylics and shows how these can be applied in paintings. There are ten easy-to-follow step-by-step demonstrations with clear photographs and helpful instructions, and many inspirational paintings for readers to admire.

Inside the Book

  • The book is composed for beginner artists and covers everything from basic to advance.
  • It will teach you color mixing, composition, effect, framing, and many more painting techniques.
  • You find up to 22 easy-to-understand design ideas in this excellent book.
  • It covers 10 step-by-step demonstrations to make you fluent in acrylic painting.
  • You could develop your painting skill soon and grab the regular workflow through this book.

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4. Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 More Small Paintings

This book explains a range of painting techniques, including creating complex scenesvarying brush strokesnegative spacerendering multiple planesreflections on metal, and color and how to use it. Each fun project teaches a different technique and adds another piece of art to your own mini-art collection.

Projects vary from abstracts and simple color-mixing exercises to figurative subjects such a flower, a sunset, a busy street scene, and many more. These can be mounted, exhibited, collected in a portfolio, or given away as gifts for friends to cherish. Each project adds skills to your repertoire, leaving you primed to dive into more complex theory and practice.

If you are coming to acrylics for the first timeor are keen to improve your skills and sometimes daunted by the thought of filling a large empty canvas or blank piece of board, this is your ideal guide. These small paintings will free you from creative hang-ups and replace them with an addictive desire to create that next 5-inch square.

It focuses on the light, shadow, and form with much precision to improve your knowledge level. You will have a clear understanding of fabric, textured layering, color contrasts, and various surfaces through this great book. It will also teach you how to simplify complex artwork and how to enhance working excellence. Each of the provided exercises in this book will play a critical role to expand your experience and skill in painting.

Inside the Book

  • The book teaches the overall acrylic painting procedure with 50 impactful exercises.
  • It will acquaint you with the color palette, texture, fabric, light, and shadow of the painting.
  • You could grab the expertise of performing complex artworks easily and increasing the workflow.
  • The book will help you to overcome all the mistakes and dominate the effect creation.
  • It will be your best teacher to acquire overall strategies and procedures for creating fine art projects.

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5. DK Art School: An Introduction to Acrylics

Whether you’ve taken art classes or never held a brush before, this comprehensive, clear, and concise guide will show you everything you need to know about working in this challenging but rewarding medium. Written by accomplished artist Ray Smith, it paints a clear picture of everything an acrylic artist needs to know, from selecting your colors and working with washes to the alla prima layering technique and exploring new ideas and presenting your art, in only 72 concise pages.

The book features hundreds of vivid, crystal-clear full-color photographs, essential for understanding the fine points of such a visual medium. And it offers easy-to-follow projects, shown as they were created, which teach the essentials while inspiring the student to tackle increasingly complex techniques.

An Introduction to Acrylics is part of the DK Art School series. Each volume of the series focuses on a specific medium and subject, so you can choose precisely what you want to learn from acrylic figures to oil portraits, and from pastel still life to watercolor landscape.

Inside the Book

  • The book features all the techniques and tips to perform artworks with much enthusiasm.
  • You will be well-versed in creating the effect, mixing color, and working with washes through this book.
  • The book will aid you to tackle complex projects and inspire you to take on challenges.
  • It will boost your skill level and provide you with an easy understanding of the basis of art.
  • You could perform numerous art projects and explore new project ideas through this book.

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