5 Best Paint Brushes for Acrylic Paint

Choosing the best acrylic paint brush set is not a big task at all. You just need to consider well few significant features before shopping, for example, how easy to use, functionality, durability, bristles as well as handles. In fact, paintbrushes must be smooth enough to touch and gentle to the hand so that the painting process would be more enjoyable. Best quality acrylic paint brushes come with these features in order to help beginner artists show off their creativity to the world. Here, I have selected some top-rated and best acrylic paint brushes covering all the essential items needed to start painting.

Best Paint Brushes for Acrylic Paint

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Artlicious All-Purpose Paint Brush Set Pack of 25 9.3 View on Amazon
Mudder 12 Pieces Artist Paint Brushes Fine Paint Brush for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Painting 9.4 View on Amazon
MyArtscape Miniature Paint Brush Set of 12 for Using with Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Gouache 9.2 View on Amazon
Artecho Detail Paint Brushes Set 9.2 View on Amazon
heartybay Professional Fine Tip Paint Brush Set | Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Artist Acrylic Paints Brush 9.3 View on Amazon

1. Artlicious All-Purpose Paint Brush Set Pack of 25

This paintbrush set comprises a bunch of premium brushes to allow you to carry out high-quality artwork. It includes up to 25 different brushes in various sizes and shapes. Almost all the brushes are ideal to retain shape and bristles for a long period. You could lay down paint seamlessly since these are made of first-grade materials. No matter whatever project you’re going to work on, the brushes will offer you accurate strokes all along. These are perfect to work with watercolor, acrylic, tempera, and oil paint.

You could control them properly at the time of painting regardless of the harshness of the surfaces. In order to have vivid and vibrant paintings, these will deliver you a wide variety of ways to paint. Even within a short amount of time, you could make a smooth finish over the canvas, craft, rocks, ceramics, models, paper, and many more mediums. This set assembles nylon, sponge, and camel hair painting brushes apart from the most common bristles to satisfy you with great detailing. All brushes can cover extensive areas and blend edges.

These artist-quality brushes are versatile and fit for all levels of artists. There is no risk of falling apart, breaking, or corroding, no matter how long you apply them. Every brush is ideal for fulfilling any of your needs to make your painting more stunning and delectable. You will have reliable and appreciable results in the art project for years. In both thick and thin paint, you will get consistent flow with the provided brushes. You could make an intimate and solid bond with this acrylic paint brush set to unleash your creativity with much pleasure.

Key Features

  • The set comes with up to 25 high-grade, durable, and elegant paintbrushes to help you.
  • Each brush has a distinctive shape, consistency, flow, and versatility to tackle mammoth art projects.
  • The brushes are suitable to work with acrylic, oil, watercolor, and many more paints with great detailing.
  • These can create a brilliant finish, cover larger areas, and offer different textures all along.
  • All the brushes are perfect for all levels of artists and can ensure excellent stroke.

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2. Mudder 12 Pieces Artist Paint Brushes Fine Paint Brush for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Painting

You may take a glimpse over this brush set to accomplish more exquisite, gorgeous, and polished painting projects. This set features 12 pieces of the brush to let you lay down over any sort of medium. The brushes are suitable for acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting. These will never let you down in having proper strokes and textures. Thanks to the secure aluminum ferrules since you will discover no more shedding hair on your painting. Each brush comes with an excellent holding capacity to allow you to paint effortlessly.

You will encounter no disruption or interruption to carry out colossal artistic works through this set as it assembles brushes in various sizes and shapes. Each brush is capable for maintain long haul shape retention of shape- that means you will never find any of the brushes got broken, distorted, or rust. With the splendid selection of round, filbert, and flat tips, the brushes will allow your hand to feel good in the course of painting. These will assure you a great finish and wonderful flow no matter which surface you’re working on.

In fact, this set will take you through the next artistic stage irrespective of your experience level. In terms of substantial performance, you will find only a few brush sets out there afford to compete with this magnificent one. On the present market, it’s definitely the best acrylic paint brush set for beginners considering all aspects. You will obviously find the aesthetic painting rhythm as long as you occupy this set. All the brushes will deliver you fantastic resilience and elasticity in any circumstances.

Key Features

  • This set includes up to 12 pieces of top-quality, durable, consistent, and reliable brushes.
  • All the brushes are ideal for subtle stroke, excellent elasticity, and great finish over the surfaces.
  • Each brush is suitable for acrylic, oil, watercolor, and many other painting natures with stunning texture.
  • The brushes feature secure aluminum ferrules and never cause shedding hair at the time of painting.
  • You will have good point tips and holding capacity through the brushes to get your job perfectly done.

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3. MyArtscape Miniature Paint Brush Set of 12 for Using with Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Gouache

It’s another professional-grade paint brush set for paint enthusiasts. You could lay down over a myriad of surfaces with the highest precision and accuracy through the assorted brushes of this set. It includes 12 unique and multi-point quality brushes to allow you to paint with much inspiration. You will always have the right detailing and a smooth finish with them to make your project more eye-catching and enchanting. Needless to say that all the brushes will offer you great stroke and texture to perform everything as per your likings.

Most astonishingly, these will take the best care of your hand with the finest tip and holding capacity. All the brushes are designed with ultimate sophistication in order that you have brilliant results overnight. The rush-free ferrules and balanced handles will allow you utmost ease in use. As these are made of premium Taklon fiber bristles, you could use them for a long time with no distraction. Each brush has great strength and flexibility; therefore, you could paint with maximum consistency and accuracy.

One of the notable features of the brushes is their excellent liquid holding ability. Similar to other conventional brushes, these will never lose their shape constantly. The anti-shedding characteristic as you will find hassle-free painting convenient. The included rival natural hair is very easy to clean. Aside from acrylic paint, you could apply them on gouache, watercolor, and oil painting. The superior quality control makes this brush set incredibly fit for professional painters.

Key Features

  • The set comes with 12 pieces of professional paintbrushes to allow you to create a masterpiece with high precision.
  • Each brush can maintain a super fine point for great detailing and smooth finishing over the surfaces.
  • All the brushes are paired with premium bristles and have anti-shedding properties.
  • You will have brilliant flow, superior control, and maximum comfort in use through the brushes.
  • The brushes have rust-free ferrules, can resist natural imperfections, and are ideal for long-haul use.

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4. Artecho Detail Paint Brushes Set

You will certainly fall in love with this brush set noticing all of the positive benefits. With 15 pieces of nylon brushes, you could tackle huge painting projects with minimal drawbacks. The brushes come in different sizes that you need to keep your painting skill flourishing. You could leverage any sort of surface through the brushes. Although the included brushes are widely used for acrylic painting, you could apply them for watercolor and oil painting as well. These are highly good for nail art, rock painting, action figures, scale, figurines, and face painting.

The special ergonomic triangular handle design of each brush will offer you a thoroughly fatigue-free and comfortable painting experience. Each brush is designed with a non-slip grip not to get off your hand at the time of laying out the paint. For having more detail and textured painting, you will hardly find such impeccable brushes with round tips. In order to ensure optimal stroke and sharp lines, each brush is manufactured with special care. All the brushes are great for smooth blending and covering a larger area.

These will last long and never get corroded. You will have excellent control and flow through the brushes. The set also comes with a portable paper pencil holder that is basically a new surprise for you. A dust bag is also included with the set to make you highly pleased. This brush set is easy to carry and truly secured. In fact, you will find maximum usability and consistency through the provided brushes of this set.

Key Features

  • This set features 15 pieces of controllable, durable, consistent, and premium quality brushes.
  • The brushes are designed with ergonomic handles to ensure slip-free and no-fatigue painting.
  • Every brush has a distinctive size and highly fits all the details of the painting’s needs.
  • You could apply the brushes for acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, and many more paintings.
  • All the brushes are good for scale, action figures, rock painting, face painting, models, and so on.

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5. heartybay Professional Fine Tip Paint Brush Set | Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Artist Acrylic Paints Brush

This brush set is manufactured for beginners who have a deep interest in painting. You will find tremendous results in your painting project utilizing these high-grade brushes. All the brushes are designed with round tips and nylon hair to provide everything you need to succeed in your proposed work. Your aspiration of becoming a legendary painter will definitely come true as long as you take help from these beginner-friendly brushes. Every piece of brush will offer you a smooth, vivid, and vibrant finish even over rigorous surfaces.

These are soft, flexible, and easy to clean. The short wooden handle of each brush will let you feel comfy. And the handles are as sturdy as the brushes. Since the brushes don’t shed hair, you will find no trouble and hassle during the painting period. The attachment of seamless nickel ferrules makes them free from rust and split. Moreover, the ferrules are double-crimped to last long and avoid getting loose after a few uses. There is no chance of falling a piece of brush apart, so you could use them peacefully.

Over small details, you will find greater control through the provided brushes. Most notably, you could reshape the hairs of brushes as per your needs. The synthetic bristles seem pretty ideal for different types of works. You will have superb acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting through them. In order to have a smooth, precise, and predictable stroke, you will find very few brushes set out there as efficient as it. The included brushes can make a premium finish with both thick and thin paint. This set is surprisingly versatile and reliable.

Key Features

  • This set comes with some nylon hair brushes to allow you to keep painting with much accuracy.
  • All the brushes are designed with seamless nickel ferrules to be resistant to rust, corrode, and split.
  • You will never feel discomfort and fatigue on your hand as the brushes are gripped.
  • Every brush has a short wooden handle to offer you a smooth finish and great control over a small detail.
  • The brushes never shed hairs, are easy to clean, last long, and very easy to control during the painting period.

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