6 Best Automotive Repair Books

The well-designed automotive repair books can help both beginners and experienced mechanics with the right things how to perfectly repair any car. Whether you want to work on hybrid and electric vehicles, or simply learn more about the automotive industry, the following best automotive repair books would be a great help for you indeed. Books can be an asset, particularly for those who don’t have more time and money to invest. They can help you learn how to service vehicles and fix complex problems with accuracy.

Best Automotive Repair Books

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Auto Repair For Dummies by Deanna Sclar 9.4 View on Amazon
Auto Repair and Maintenance: Easy Lessons for Maintaining Your Car So It Lasts Longer by Dave Stribling 9.2 View on Amazon
The Ultimate Automotive Mechanics: The complete guide to Automotive system and repair, Car Repair Manual by Patrick S.Peterson 9.5 View on Amazon
The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair by Dennis W. Parks 9.0 View on Amazon
How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems by Tracy Martin 9.2 View on Amazon
Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems by Tony Candela 9.0 View on Amazon

1. Auto Repair For Dummies

This illustrated how-to guide has long been a must and now it’s even better. A complete reorganization now puts relevant repair and maintenance information directly after each automotive system overview, making it much easier to find hands-on fix-it instructions. The author Deanna Sclar has updated systems and repair information throughout, eliminating discussions of carburetors and adding coverage of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

The author also revised schedules for tune-ups and oil changes including driving tips that can save on maintenance and repair costs, and added new advice on troubleshooting problems and determining when to call in a professional mechanic. For anyone who wants to save money on car repairs and maintenance, this book is the place to start.

This easy-to-follow guide gives you the nuts and bolts of diagnosing trouble and performing maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. You’ll explore each system and keep everything running in tip-top shape, including how to change coolant and oil, repair leaks, and check breaks. Along with learning about rollover protection, you will also discover how to utilize stability control. Plus, you’ll see how to go green on the road from recycling oil to choosing alternatively fueled vehicles.

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2. The Ultimate Automotive Mechanics: The complete guide to Automotive system and repair, Car Repair Manual

If you have ever felt that you don’t understand how the automobile works, this book is essential for you. Did you ever desire to understand the mechanism that makes a car function? Have you ever been left behind when your pals chat about cars? Well, we found the solution you are seeking for.

The longer you read you realize how easy it is. You will grasp in no time all the automotive repair mechanics that take place within your engine, gearbox, or clutch. You will study how each of the components operates, bringing you to an ultimate understanding of vehicle mechanics, Automotive history, Automotive engineering, and modern Automotive Technology

The author also altered timetables for tune-ups and oil changes and highlighted driving guidelines that help save on maintenance and repair expenses. It will provide you with fresh guidance on diagnosing issues and choosing when to bring in a professional mechanic. For everyone who wants to save money on automobile repairs, Automotive engines, car management, and vehicle maintenance, this book is the place to start.

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3. The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair

Everybody needs to know how to repair automotive bodywork at some point during their car-owning years whether from hailstorms, parking lots, or plain bad judgment. The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair provides all the information you’ll need to deal with any bumps, bangs, and bruises your car encounters.

From tools to materials to techniques, this book takes the reader all the way through the process. Beginning with creating a strategy, then moving through disassembly, repair, reassembly, and preparing the surface for paint, author Dennis W. Parks shows how to repair damage from collisions, neglect, and rust.

Educational book covering the art of body repairs. It gives a lot of insight as to how to maneuver metal to go back to its original shape after a ding it many cases a lot of manual labor and body hammers/anvils are involved. But the techniques are proven and could be very useful if you must make repairs yourself vice insurance paid body shop. The book is very comprehensive in all aspects of the body repair art with good photos and referencing of tools and products necessary to do the job.

This book is the perfect book for anyone who has no background knowledge in autobody repair. It can work as a two-part series for the other book “How to Paint your Car”. This focuses on body repair and helps the reader to develop a proper concept and prevent pitfalls that can be very frustrating.

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4. How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems

Tracy Martin explains the principles behind automotive electrical systems. He describes how they work, with a focus on cars of collectible and classic eras. Now, readers no longer need to fear that jumble of wires beneath the dash or hood of their vehicle.

Automotive electrical systems can seem a mystery, if not a black art, to the weekend mechanic and even to a number of experienced pros. From Ohm’s Law and an explanation of 12-volt systems to specific electrical scenarios and more, Martin thoroughly dissects the automotive electrical system and explains the various tools needed for diagnoses and repairs, such as multimeters, voltmeters, timing lights, coil testers, lab scopes, and more.

When it comes to automotive electrics, readers need never fear being lost in the dark again. Whether you have bad ground, an amp draw, or some other gremlin, How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems is the best tool available for understanding and diagnosing electrical problems.

The Motorbooks Workshop series covers topics that engage and interest car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Written by subject-matter experts and illustrated with step-by-step and how-it’s-done reference images, Motorbooks Workshop is the ultimate resource for how-to know-how.

This first section is intended to provide a bare-bones explanation of the general electrical theory and how basic direct current (DC) electricity operates in an automobile. It’s not important to understand electricity inside and out a subject many books cover in excruciating detail but it is important to have a basic understanding of how to apply a practical working knowledge of electricity in order to diagnose and repair electrical malfunctions that show up in your car or truck.

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5. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems

Wiring and electrical work intimidate automotive do-it-yourselfers more than anything else. It’s not mechanical, and therefore, it’s unfamiliar territory. Electrons are invisible, and to an untrained enthusiast, they can do unpredictable things. Finally, here is an enthusiast’s guide that takes the mysteries and misunderstandings out of automotive electrical design, modification, diagnostics, and repair.

Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book to unshroud the mysteries of automotive electrics and electronic systems. The basics of electrical principles, including voltage, amperage, resistance, and Ohm’s law, are revealed in clear and concise detail so the enthusiast understands what these mean in the construction and repair of automotive electrical circuits.

All the tools and the proper equipment required for automotive electrical tasks are covered. In addition, this in-depth guide explains how to perform more complex tasks, such as adding new circuits, installing aftermarket electronics, repairing existing circuits, and troubleshooting. It also explains how to complete popular wiring projects, such as adding late-model electronic accessories and convenience items to earlier-model cars, installing relay systems, designing and assembling multi-function circuits and harnesses, and much more.

With this book in hand, you will be able to assemble, design, and build single and multi-function circuits and harnesses, troubleshoot and repair existing circuits, and install aftermarket systems and electronics. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book for wiring a hot rod from scratch, modifying muscle car electrical circuits for cooling fans and power windows, or adding a big stereo and other conveniences to modern performance cars.

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