Importance of Skill Development in Students for Career

Importance of Skill Development in Students for Career

Skills are as important as your educational degree. Because, as you cannot apply for a job without required educational qualification, you also would not be able to manage a job or profession or a career with a lack of necessary skills. You must develop some sorts of skills whether you will do a job or business or anything else. Most significantly, you should do it in the student life of course. Therefore, it signifies the great importance of skill development in students in a constantly changing world for a career search.

Only skills differentiate between you and a general candidate in the job search. That’s why skilled people are special in terms of qualifications regardless of educational qualifications.

Importance of Skill Development in Students

Experts show concerns to develop skills in students from a young age. Because students are preparing themselves to enter into the career after completion of the study. In fact, a career is almost impossible without some specific skills whether it is technical skills or hard skills or soft skills or life skills, etc.

Skills development in students is essential in order to face the challenges of everyday life. There is a dramatic change in the world due to the unprecedented use of technology during the past few decades. These transformations impact all spheres of our life including education, economy, career, etc. To cope up with the increasing pace and changes, students should learn the necessary skills to make sure of their desired career.

They must be able to deal with competition in the job market. Only those who have Technical Skills and soft skills will be stand out from the crowd. Technical Skills in Career will Generate High-Income while Soft Skills Provide Greater Career Prospects.

Certainly, you will do some kind of work in the future for your survival. It does not matter what kind of work or profession or job you will choose as a career. But, in fact, skills are a fact for your work or career. Without skills, you are just like a newborn human baby in a career search. Who knows nothing and can do nothing.

Suppose, you desire to become a software engineer, so, you must have practical skills in software operation.

Or thank that you would like teaching as your profession. To become a teacher, you must be skillful in teaching methods.

Or I do think that you would be an entrepreneur or businessman. In both cases, whether an entrepreneur or doing business, you must need pragmatic skills in that area. Otherwise, you will be a failure.

Skillful People are on High Demand

Skillful people across the world are not only in high demand in the job market but also earn more. India needs more than 700 million skilled workers by 2022. In Bangladesh, many companies hire skilled people from abroad. This is because they cannot find skillful people from their own country. The companies need their works done. Not educated people. In this regard, Jack Ma does not regard university degrees or certificates. But he considers smartness, personality, and commitment, etc. Here, we do mean these as your soft skills.

Benefits of Skill Development

Skill Development in students will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Critical thinking & problem solving
  2. Ability to take responsibility
  3. Grow confidence
  4. Improve decision making power
  5. Enhance a greater sense of self-awareness

10 Most Important Skills That Student Should Develop

So, now the concern is what kind of skills you require to develop for a smart career? Well. You should develop the skills which are in high demand in the job market. The on-demand skills will benefit you to get your desired job as easily as possible. Therefore, here we present before you the 10 most important skills that are highly valued at present. Let’s look at them.

1. Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are a prerequisite for career development. Because communication is a must everywhere. Better Communication Skills will definitely place you some steps forward in a career search. Moreover, you can also Learn Public Speaking Skills for Better Communication. Keep in mind that without good communication skills you can hardly get a better career scope.

2. Technical Skills

Technical skills will not only boost up your career opportunities but also Generate High Income in your Career. So, first of all, identify your field of interest in technical skills. Then, start to learn and develop them gradually. Be efficient in some specific technical skills that you like most. For example, if you like writing, be a skilled writer. You can sell at a high rate writing skills.

If you like doing web design, learn web design skills. Both writing and design skills are in high demand in the job market it bears importance to skill development in students in fact.

3. Soft Skills

Soft Skills also have great importance for skill development in students for a career. Because soft skills provide a huge career opportunity of course. Soft skills, for example, leadership, problem-solving, self-motivation, time, and pressure management are significantly important for a better career.

4. Hard Skills

People who are experts in hard skills like marketing, project management can easily find a job presently in spite of hard competition in the job market. Moreover, they earn more. Therefore, learning hard skills for a better career seems essential. Because it ensures what you deserve for your skills.

5. Life Skills

Life skills mean skills that you require to make the most out of life. A skill that is useful in life can be considered a life skill. When you are able to deal well and effectively with the problems and challenges of life, definitely you have better life skills. Decision making, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, self-awareness are the best examples of life skills.

6. Management Skills

Effective management skills will certainly increase your career prospects. Management is actually a tough and challenging task. Managers are in the top position in any company or business organization. Therefore, necessarily, managers are well paid. So, we put the high importance of skill development in students in the managerial area.

7. Technological Skills

Skills in technology are a must in the present era. We believe that it is a precondition like your educational qualification for a career. In fact, technology skills are worth more than educational requirements. Because you can get a good job with good practical skills. That is not possible with only educational qualifications.

8. Creative & Innovative Skills

Ever, people with creative and innovative skills are the pioneer. They are not only in high demand but also are respected too. Who are creative and innovative can lead the company, organization, and eventually the era. So, try to increase your creativity in student life with innovative works like a science fair, project presentation, etc.

9. Cooperation

Cooperation refers to the process of groups of people working together for a common and mutual interest. Basically, cooperation and teamwork make success real. If you do a job for a company in the future, you are just cooperating with that company. Therefore, you should develop these skills to achieve your desired career.

10. Conflict Resolution

Conflicts and tensions arise at any moment in the corporate area. Conflict can arise based on interest, position, rank, or any other issue that you might not think before. Someone might be ill-wishers of you. There also may be personality conflicts with your colleague. So, you have to resolute these to carry on your job. You might also face Office Politics.

Who is Responsible for Skill Development in Student?

Basically, the government and education system and education policy would make sure of the skill development in students. Educational institutions would implement government policy. In doing so, they must ensure the skills development environments in their institutions.

But, in fact, students must be serious to learn the essential skills for their career. Where the educational institutions do not provide enough opportunity to develop skills in students essential for a career, where the students must be pro-active to build up their careers.

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