5 Best Paint Markers for Glass

Painting on glass and other surfaces similar to glass can be very tricky. For one, the texture itself is delicate. Handling glass-type canvasses requires extra care and precision. Additionally, details need to be straightforward and perceptible as they are visible. Thus, having the best paint markers for glass will allow you to achieve precisely that. If you are new to glass art, or an artist looking to expand your options, this list is specially made for you.

Best Paint Markers for Glass

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers 9.3 View on Amazon
Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers for Glass 9.2 View on Amazon
Arteza Wine Glass Markers 9.3 View on Amazon
Acrylico Store Glass Paint Markers 9.2 View on Amazon
Kassa Liquid Chalk Paint Markers for Glass 9.2 View on Amazon

1. Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers

These items are specifically for writing on glass boards, but unlike other brands, you can expect them to write a lot clearer. For instance, I have used other black ink dry-erase markers and most of them look grayer. These markers write so clearly that you can see their writings easily from far away.

Another simple yet useful feature that I liked is the clear ink tank. You can tell how much ink remains in the pen just by peeking into the transparent body of the marker. Because it uses free-flowing ink, you can easily tell when you need to have another marker ready.

Now, even though it writes clearly, it is still quite easy to erase, especially if you use a magnetic whiteboard eraser. Unlike other dry-erase markers, which sometimes leave a faint mark after erasing, this marker does not leave any residue behind.

The reason why this marker can write is that it has a firm yet flexible bullet-point tip. There is also free-flowing ink in the marker. It allows a bit more ink to flow through the regulator and out of the tip, leading to clearer markings and uniform lines.

Now I do not have any complaints about the black and blue-colored markers, but I do have an issue with the green and red ones. Even though they write clearer than other markers, these two colors only do so by a marginal amount. The red and green colors look washed out and muted, a far cry from the black and blue markers.

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2. Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers

I highly recommend these markers for those who would like to try glass painting. The colors provided by these markers are so bright and vibrant. I even find it enjoyable to use them in creating whimsical designs on clear glass panes and tumblers. You can let your imagination run wild with this set of markers.

In case you make a mistake, you can just wipe off the offending mistake and try again. These markers are essentially dry-erase markers, so you just need a paper towel to erase the markings. I use a folded-up paper towel to clean up my outlines to make them look like my drawings are printed onto the glass.

These markers have a neat feature. You may think that these markers only come with bullet-point nibs, but pull it out and you will find that there is a hidden chisel-point nib on the other side. You can use the same marker for coloring in spaces and making crisp lines. I use the chisel-point for making calligraphy for signs and they work quite well.

I also use markers when I want to draw something more permanent, meaning drawing on porous surfaces. I used them on thick card stock (regular paper is too thin, and the ink will run through) and they look great on it, too.

Now the problem arises when you use chalk markers on chalkboards. The manufacturer said that these would be fine to use on blackboards and that they could be wet-erased. That isn’t the case as the markers still left a mark on the surface after scrubbing with water.

These items are the best pens for writing on glass for anyone interested in trying out glass painting. The markers write clearly on glass and they include a lot of bright colors.

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3. Arteza Wine Glass Markers

The nice thing about using metallic markers like these items from Arteza is that they contrast well against both dark and light backgrounds while also popping out against black backgrounds. They are also great for when you are drawing on glass and other non-porous surfaces. The ink lays on evenly and is thick enough so it does not run.

What I liked about these markers is that they are all-purpose. I used them to draw on all sorts of surfaces, like wood, paper, stones, plastics, mirrors, and plate glass windows. Regardless of where I use these markers, the lines and colors always come out clear and vibrant.

I often use these markers to write signs on storefront windows and dry-erase board menus, and I can wipe them off using a plain paper towel, and all traces of the writing all go away. If the markings have been left on the surface for a bit too long, you can still easily remove them using a bit of rubbing alcohol.

I also discovered that these markers are a hit with the kids. I have a couple of young kids, and they found that they like to draw on our sliding glass back door. The best part is that these markers had them preoccupied for a couple of hours. If they did miss the glass door, these markers were still easy to clean off the walls and from their hands.

The only issue that I had is that their metallic colors are not quite as apparent compared to other brands of markers. It is most noticeable in colors other than gold and silver. The red marker is barely metallic at all.

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4. Acrylico Store Glass Paint Markers

I have yet to find anything that I could not use these markers on. I have used them on almost everything that I can think of and they wrote great on all. Unless the surface is wet, you can expect these markers to leave a very clear mark on it.

Another thing that I liked a lot about these markers is the way they write. Every stroke is completely opaque, thanks to them using actual acrylic paint instead of ink. This makes every stroke very clear and the colors amazingly vibrant.

Even though these markers use acrylic paint, they dry quite fast, similar to dry-erase markers. This works well in my favor because I tend to place my wrist in the wrong places when I am drawing. Using quick-drying oil-based markers on the glass prevents me from smudging the lines I painstakingly laid down on the surface.

Speaking of line drawings, these markers come with fine 1-mm nibs, making them the best paint markers for glass for drawing semi-detailed images. The line weight is thick enough that you can differentiate each color easily, but still fine enough to create details in your drawings.

Moreover, even if you don’t put a lot of pressure on the nib, it still dispenses the right amount of paint.

I don’t have any real serious issues with these markers. However, if I must pick out one, it is that you need to clean the nibs properly before each use as paint tends to glob up on the tips. You just need to blot the pens on a separate piece of paper before using them on the surface of the project.

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5. Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers

One of the greatest things about this set of chalk markers is that you get 20 colors in the kit. In other words, you essentially have all the colors you will need. I have been using these markers for a while now and there are still a couple of pens that I have yet to use.

Aside from colors, I can also draw all sorts of lines using just these markers, thanks to their reversible tips. Pull out the bullet-point nib and you will find a chisel-point on the other end. The bullet point is great for general lines and the chisel point is perfect for fine lines and calligraphy.

This product is also a great gift for kids. Give your kids pens that write on glass and wipe off so they can let their imagination run wild and draw whatever their hearts desire without making a huge mess.

What is even better is that these markers wipe off easily. If they get colors in places that they should not, a bit of soapy water will get the marks right off. It even comes in a beautiful gift box so you do not need to worry about wrapping them.

I am also quite impressed at how these markers can write on virtually anything if the surface is dry of course. I have tried these markers on everything that I could think of – drinking glasses, jars, stones, concrete, and even fabric. When you are using these markers, your imagination is your only limitation.

Now, while I like these markers a lot, I still have a bit of an issue with a couple of the colors in the set. Some of the markers are not bright enough to contrast on a black background, but they do show when on a lighter surface.

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