November 29, 2020

How to Write a Good Statement of Purpose

How to Write a Good Statement of Purpose

In order to Prepare Yourself for Higher Study in Abroad as well as to apply for Best Scholarships in Different Countries of the world, you should write a good Statement of Purpose describing your goal. Statement of Purpose is also called a Letter of Intent or Research Statement or Personal Statement. So, you should know key things to write a statement of purpose for your success.

Why the Statement of Purpose is Essential?  

A good statement of purpose usually does provide the answers to some basic questions. For example- what is your intent? Why do you select that specific country to study? What is the motive of your research etc?

Moreover, authorities and teachers of the concerned university can learn about the student’s interest and experience through the statement. To achieve research programs such as Ph.D. and various Master’s Degrees, a statement has to describe past research and future plans.

In the case of profession-related graduation courses, the statement of purpose must mention the relationship of studies with past work and how to acquire skills through study in the future.

In a word, you have to write about why you are eligible for relevant departments of the concerned university. How will the university study work for your interest and research?

How to Write a Good Statement of Purpose

A great statement of purpose is quite useful to transform the dream of higher education into reality. The statement is not exactly an example to copy something. If someone does something like copy that will create a negative image before the university authorities.

In a great and effective statement of purpose, you need to write clearly and specifically about what you will read and what you expect from achieving this education. You should state as clearly as possible about the subject matter of your research study. Now, let us explore the key features in order to write a good statement of purpose.

Key Features

You must write as many things as you like, especially for your interest. Through different events or situations, you can bring your interests through writing. If the image of your interest is unclear then your position will become weak for admission.

There should be a clear idea about what you have done in the statement in the past. You can write about your university’s study, research, volunteer, or any other work experience and how to work in your future education and research.

The concept of thesis research, various projects, published articles, presentations should be clear and concise.

A very important aspect of the statement is to write clearly the university or university-related higher study. Keep in mind that it is necessary to write about how relevant your past work is.

If you have any interest in a particular professor or institute, then you must write it down. You must mention which side of the university is directly related to your work or is effective in your research.

The university authorities would like to know how much you are interested in the relevant course or research through the statement of purpose.

In addition, the feature of an effective statement would be a lively presentation of general information. Your statement of purpose is also the standard of your language and communication skills too.

Generally, the SOP is to be written in two pages. Make your writing as beautiful and effective as possible.

Key Things to Focus 

Firstly, those who have a weakness in English should be careful to write a statement. Be cool, learn basics, take a few weeks if necessary for writing.

Secondly, avoid ambiguous words and sentences as much as possible. A false statement you must avoid. Use functional and effective English words.

Thirdly, you can gather ideas on how to write a good statement of purpose from the vast internet portal. But must not copy.

Further, you should revise several times at the end of writing. You can create a framework by editing and modifying. You also can get instructions from the experienced or university sub-specialists.


● Write down your qualifications, interests, work experience, research, thesis paper, voluntary work on a page before creating a statement of purpose.

● Write down the main points on a paper about the eligibility and rules of admission of the desired university in that you are interested in studying. Write about the specialties and special points you want to study.

● Draw guidelines for how you can study in conjunction with what you have studied at the university. In this fact, you need to add pieces of your experience.

● Finally, try writing the entire story in two pages briefly. Not just pouring information. If necessary, let your teacher or seniors read the writing.

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