April 17, 2021

Best Wet on Wet Oil Painting Supplies

A total list of Wet on Wet Oil Painting Supplies include paints, brushes, painting surface like canvas, palette, easel, value pack, base coat, liquid white, cleaning materials, and more. You can get all these items in a complete wet on wet oil painting set or can collect them individually as per your requirements.

If you buy a complete set it would be better for you considering the price and for the reason that all things you are getting together. If you are a beginner just going to getting started we recommend a wet on wet oil painting set and if you are already experienced you can pick supplies separately. Moreover, if the set does not offer all the items you can shop individually.

Best Wet on Wet Oil Painting Supplies

Brand Name Image Type Rating Price
Bob Ross Basic Paint Set Set 4.6 See on Amazon
Martin/F. Weber Bob Ross Master Paint Set Set 4.6 See on Amazon
Bob Ross 16 Piece Master Paint Set Set 4.6 See on Amazon
Bob Ross Landscape Oil Full Set of 14 Paints Paint 4.5 See on Amazon
Martin/ F. Weber Bob Ross 1-Inch Landscape Brush Brush 4.6 See on Amazon
Canson XL Series Oil and Acrylic Paper Pad Canvas Canvas 4.8 See on Amazon
STKYGOOD Non-Stick Paint Palette Palette 4.7 See on Amazon
Artist Quality French Easel Easel 4.5 See on Amazon
Bob Ross R6240 Base Coat Value Pack Base Coat 4.7 See on Amazon
Bob Ross Liquid White 500ml Liquid White 4.8 See on Amazon
Bob Ross R6545 Cleaning Bucket Cleaning 4.6 See on Amazon

1. Bob Ross Basic Paint Set

For a beginner’s this Bob Ross Basic Paint Set would be an ideal wet on wet oil painting supplies that will bring out the inner artist in everyone. The 8×9 inch package contains (5) 37ml Bob Ross oil colors, (1) 100ml Bob Ross liquid white, Bob Ross no. 5 painting knife, Bob Ross one inch landscape brush, an instructional leaflet on how to make the painting, and a plastic carrying case.

The set comes with everything listed that will allow you to create the picture on the box. You will need only to buy an additional canvas to paint on. It has great value for money and you will have plenty of paint to create something of your own.

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2. Martin/F. Weber Bob Ross Master Paint Set

Then this Master Paint Set would be your best choice for beginner to professional wet on wet oil painting artist that offers with 8 Bob Ross oil colors each of 37 milliliters incredibly dry fast which is essential in the wet on wet technique, one tube of Bob Ross Liquid White of 118 milliliters, one Bob Ross number 10 landscape knife, one 1-inch Bob Ross landscape brush, one 2-inch Bob Ross background brush, one number 6 Bob Ross fan brush, one number 2 Bob Ross script liner brush, one 1-hour DVD, complete full-color instructions to complete the Mountain Summit painting.

You might need additionally some liquid white, titanium white, the second set of each brush, and paint thinner.

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3. Bob Ross 16 Piece Master Paint Set

Another best set of supplies for wet on wet oil painting like Bob Ross for you The Bob Ross 16 Piece Master Paint Set has everything you need to start painting. It comes with complete and clearly written instructions, a 60 minute “Getting Started” DVD, full-color photos of each finished painting, and all of the painting supplies necessary you will have for early success.

The brushes work well. The palette knife is a little difficult to use but may just have been a technique. Titanium white is somewhat hard to break might need to use a different brand of titanium white. The set would be perfect for beginners though it can satisfy an experienced artist.

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4. Bob Ross Landscape Oil Full Set of 14 Paints

This oil paints set includes 1 (1.25 Ounce) tube of each: Alizarin Crimson, Bright Red, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Sienna, Indian Yellow, Midnight Black, Mountain Mixture, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Titanium White, Van Dyke Brown and Yellow Ochre.

These 14 Bob Ross landscape Oil Paint colors are specially formulated to have a stiff, but smooth consistency that is necessary when using Bob Ross wet-on-wet oil painting technique. These pigment-rich oil colors yield an endless number of natural color combinations and are easy to work with.

If you’re trying to paint along with Bob Ross these paints are a must and definitely would be the best oil paints for the Wet on Wet oil painting technique.

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5. Martin/ F. Weber Bob Ross 1-Inch Landscape Brush

If you need to buy an individual brush for wet on wet oil painting, then you for sure can decide on this Bob Ross 1 inch landscape brush. Because Bob ross products ensure the best quality manufactured with care from the finest materials. They are individually evaluated for quality and performance so that beginners and expert painters can achieve optimum results in the wet-on-wet oil painting technique. This package offers one best quality landscape brush under your budget.

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6. Canson XL Series Oil and Acrylic Paper Pad Canvas

One of the most essential wet on wet oil painting supplies you need is the painting surface or a canvas. Canson XL Series Oil & Acrylic Pads feature a bleed-proof canvas-like textured paper that is ready for oil or acrylic painting without priming or preparation. Each pad contains 24 sheets of 136 lb/290 gsm paper.

Canson offers an 11″x14″ pad with a fold-over cover which is available in three convenient sizes.

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7. STKYGOOD Non-Stick Paint Palette

This paint tray palette is made of sturdy plastic but light material is enough to hold in hands.

The painting palette is easy to clean whether the paint is dry or wet that avoids the difficult problem of pigment cleaning.

It comes with a unique design of 17 holes, 11 small wells, 1 big well, 5 big central reservoir is suitable to separate or mix the pigment. This paint palette is suitable for right-handed and left-handed use.

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8. Artist Quality French Easel

This is a fully adjustable field, table, and studio easel with a storage unit all in one that is made of hand-sanded European beechwood and brass hardware.

The easel includes a sliding drawer with divided compartments, a removable wooden palette, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a durable leather handle.

The most advanced design is a pull-out drawer with a latch for storage of supplies, paints, and brushes, and adjustable telescoping legs to adjust to numerous configurations.

Handcrafted hard beechwood easel is finely crafted using real ‘Dove-Tail’ joints.

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9. Bob Ross R6240 Base Coat Value Pack

This base coat value pack package contains one each 118 ml liquid clear, liquid white, liquid black, and a free brush cleaner and conditioner. These colored base coats aid in the painting’s foundation and keep the canvas wet in the most fundamental step in Bob’s wet-on-wet oil painting technique.

This is made according to precise specifications for Bob Ross’s wet-on-wet technique with a view to achieving the perfect predictable results.

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10. Bob Ross Liquid White 500ml

The Bob Ross Liquid White quality ingredients ensure permanence, color intensity, and professional results for beginners as well as experienced painters. This liquid white is formulated for the wet-on-wet technique that Bob Ross is famous for. This package contains one 500 ml container of oil paint that is available in various colors.

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11. Bob Ross R6545 Cleaning Bucket

A handy addition to the cleaning system is this ample size bucket with a convenient handle and a tight lid to prevent spilling between painting sessions.

It offers a perfect transportation and storage unit for the brush bath. The cleaning screen is included. The bucket measures 6.25″ x 5.75″.

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The Wet on Wet Oil Painting Technique

The wet-on-wet oil painting technique refers to painting instantly on top of wet paint without letting time the first layer dry out. Therefore, the wet-on-wet technique also means ‘Direct Painting’.

The technique is also known as ‘Wet-in-Wet’, ‘Wet-into-Wet’, or ‘Alla Prima’.

The Wet-on-Wet oil painting requires you to perform a complete painting in one sitting. The traditional technique of painting that you can call ‘Indirect Painting’ can take a lot of time to perform a painting unless you’re using a quick-drying paint. This is because each layer is allowed to dry before going on to the next layer.

Artists would like wet-on-wet oil painting great as it takes a shorter period of time that delivers you stunning artwork. As a result, the wet-on-wet oil painting method is ideal for many oil painters. You can use this technique during the oil layer stage in your painting. It looks great because you can complete your oil painting in a shorter time also it makes blending the paints much easier.

There is two ideal technique when you apply wet on wet oil painting technique.

Firstly, the upper layers of paint must be thinner than the lower layers. You can make thin paints with white spirit so that when you apply the paint it does not mix up the lower layers and the paint will lay on top.

In order to thin your paint, simply dip your brush into the white spirit or anything else that is used to thin oil paint before mixing the color. When painting the wet-on-wet technique, the paint will need to have an ink-like consistency.

So add white spirit slowly and apply your expertise to determine when the paint has reached this stage.

Secondly, it’s indeed essential to touch the painting very softly when you add the next layers using the wet-on-wet technique.

If you create much pressure on your brush can either push the new color into the existing and create a muddy color or lift the paint instead of laying it down. You should touch the surface of the painting with the paint itself and not the entire paintbrush.

5 Best Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting

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