April 17, 2021

7 Surefire Ways on How to Find Job Satisfaction

John Lenin (not real name) has switched jobs three times to different companies during his six years of career. Recently he has decided to quit his job permanently and established a small boutique business. He feels extremely disgusted to carry on the job. Why he quits the job? Is it the fact of job satisfaction?

He explains some significant factors behind his decision. But, he does emphasize a key factor as the main reason for the decision. He rarely finds satisfaction with his job. As a result, he finally has decided to quit the job eventually.

Not only John Lenin but also nowadays studies show that a large number of employees can hardly find satisfaction with their job. For example- according to a recent survey conducted by The Conference Board, 48.3 percent of workers in the United States are satisfied with their jobs. The rest 51.7 is not satisfied with their job.

This scenario is terrible across the world, especially in developing countries. Few employees like their job and enjoy it. The majority performing the job against their will. Many of us just carry on our job because of having no other recourse.

So, we who have to do a job for our living should find job satisfaction in order to live with peace. Moreover, to make our life meaningful. So, what is job satisfaction?

Job Satisfaction

Edwin A. Locke  (1976) defines job satisfaction as-

“A pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences” (p. 1304).

Job Satisfaction is a measure of employee complacency with their job whether they like or enjoy their job or not. Simply, job satisfaction means how content an individual is with his or her job.

Paul E. Spector in 1997 identified 14 common facets of job satisfaction. For example- (1) Appreciation, (2) Communication, (3) Coworkers, (4) Fringe Benefits, (5) Job Conditions, (6) Nature of the Work, (7) Organization, (8) Personal Growth, (9) Policies, (10) Procedures, (11) Promotion Opportunities, (12) Recognition, (13) Security, and (14) Supervision.

But, in fact, we can not ensure all the 14 aspects of satisfaction in our job. In this context, what can we do to find job satisfaction in life and career? Well. Here we recommend 7 surefire ways to find job satisfaction with a view to live peacefully.

Surefire Ways to Find Job Satisfaction

Fortunately, satisfaction factors depend on a variety of things, some of which are within your control. With the best effort, you can either find the job that best suited to meet your individual desire or demands or learn to find fulfillment in the one you already have.

1. Engage Yourself in Work

You probably may not engage in work for the feeling that you are not utilizing your skills and abilities to your best potentials. Absolutely, people are naturally more engaged in work that they love and can use their talents to good use. But, as you are in service in a company or a government job, you should involve yourself in work. Otherwise, you are doing dishonesty. Your engagement in work definitely will create a feeling of satisfaction whether you like the job or not.

2. A Heart of Gratitude

Having a grateful mind can find job satisfaction. This is no matter how bad you have with your present job. A grateful attitude can produce new opportunities for you. In fact, a grateful heart will keep you committed to your present position. It will give you clarity and make sure career development opportunities. So, cultivate the habit of staying grateful.

3. Make Healthy Relationship

In order to find satisfaction, you should make a network and search for meaningful relationships within and outside your organization. Studies found that building relationships make people live happily. Moreover, your networks and relationships can create new job opportunities that you desire for. You should build a relationship with your boss and colleagues. Never isolate yourself from your job or works.

4. Maintain Good Health for Job Satisfaction

We all know that health is wealth. This is a very popular saying and it applies to satisfaction level. Maintain a lifestyle that puts you in better mental and physical health to perform on your job. Your diet is also crucial. Be careful to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, drink loads of water, and don’t indulge in self-medication.

5. Fair Compensation

Poor compensation will slow your work inspiration down. So, ensure fair compensation for your work. Fain salary is a contributing factor to feel employees’ satisfaction. Negotiate with your company in case you get an under-payment. Keep in mind that you run your family with your job compensation. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure fair compensation.

6. Keep Record Job Achievements

Your job achievements are so important in order to get job satisfaction. So, keep a record of your memorable achievements during your career journey. Your conscious effort and constant commitment will keep you at an appreciable level. People’s achievement makes them happy. Of course, job achievements give you satisfaction with your job.

7. Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is the stairway to go beyond your dream job in which you long for. Make sense of your motivation behind the job you either already have or the job you want may help increase job satisfaction as well. Ask yourself the following questions:

What motivated me to join this job?

What inspires me to do the job I do?

The right answers to these questions can help determine where you are lacking in satisfaction so that you can then do something about it. Either you do switching jobs or changing your approach to your current one.

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