January 20, 2020

Technical Skills Definition and Examples

Importance of Technical Skills in Career

Technical skills are prerequisites for job applications, resumes, cover letters, etc. It seems to us that without some sort of practical technical skills you hardly find a job in the present world. In this information and high technology age, you are simply worthless without good technical skills knowledge. Most significantly, you must be able to work effectively with a diverse range of software programs, applications,  hardware, and tools in order to carry on your job. Therefore, Campus Career Club would clarify to you the Technical Skills Definition and Examples 

Technical Skills Definition and Examples  

Technical Skill refers to practical knowledge & abilities to carry out specific roles and duties. In fact, Technical skills very often relate to mechanical, information technology, scientific or mathematical tasks. For example, programming language, the operation of certain tools, laboratory experiments, etc.  Moreover, to perform these functions, a variety of specific skills, abilities, and knowledge required are necessarily referred to as Technical Skills.

Specific Technical Skills Definition and Examples

A software engineer needs to use tools and technologies to develop software. A laboratory demonstrator requires knowledge and abilities to operate technical equipment. A writer has to have the ability to write and knowledge on the writing subject. A car technician uses a number of technical tools to solve vehicular problems. A business analyst would use some specific software, for example, business process management software, UML diagrams, etc. So, the technical skills definition means the ability to work with a specific task. 

More Technical Skills Definitions and Example

Some people basically mean computer skills as technical skills. Actually, there is a sharp difference between technical skills and computer skills. Simply, computer skills mean one kind of technical skills. For example-Coding & Programming, Data Analysis, Project Management, Business Intelligence, Networking are examples of technical skills. To operate in each of the above technical skills someone must have computer literacy to perform practically. Otherwise, he or she would be unable to function with Coding & Programming or Business Intelligence. So, computer skill is one kind of technical skills indeed.

Functional Technical Skills Definition and Example 

A networking expert has practical knowledge of wired and wireless hardware as well as software. Because networking is the construction and operation of different types of networks. For example-cable connection, switch, router, hub, bridge, etc. Moreover, networking includes specific software operations. For instance- WhatUp Gold is a network monitoring system software. In order to operate this software, a networking engineer must have functional techniques and knowledge. That is to say, if you do networking, you must be capable to operate WhatUp Gold network monitoring system. So, the technical skills in this regard are your knowledge and ability to work with hardware and software well.

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