April 17, 2021

Job Security Secrets to Overcome Job Insecurity

Job Security, unfortunately, creates a bit of uncertainty in our minds in recent times. Concerns whether jobs are at risk or we lose our jobs. Or questions how do we secure jobs? But why this happens? This is mostly due to increasing job insecurity. You would like to think that your job is entirely in your hands. That would be. In fact, there are some other factors over which we have no control at all. To keep up the current job might be one of them. Of course, some things can secure our jobs in the long run. That’s you should have a plan & preparation in order to increase job security.

In this post, we will make clear out what is job security. What is job insecurity too? We will also explore the secrets of how do you overcome job insecurity concerns. Secrets will ensure that your job remains lifelong.

Job Security

Job Security refers to the certainty that an individual will remain in his job without the fear of losing it. High-level job security ensures that people never lose their job. Governments, employers provide the guarantee of job security. For example, the (U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964). This law makes it illegal to discharge employees for a certain reason.

Why Job Security is a Concern?

This is mostly due to increasing job insecurity. Job holders in various types of the profession now do experience job insecurity. A sense of apprehension. They are worried about the future safety of their job as well as their position & role in the workplace. Some specific reasons have produced security concerns. For example;

  1. A profound & rapid change in the labor market.
  2. The widespread orientation of information technology.
  3. The shift of the economy from manufacturing to service-oriented.

As a result, during the last 30 or more years, job insecurity has now reached sky-high. People in the industrialized world can no longer expect a secure career. This is in most cases, the growth of the globalizing economy leads to corporate mergers to corporate Downsizings. Consequently, employees are laid off. Above all, the quest for efficiency and profit requires new skills. This fact creates job insecurity. In addition, marginal jobs are vulnerable to the global market. There exists little flexibility at the workplace indeed. In the long run, as described by Anthony Giddens in Sociology, now we live in a ‘Hire-and-Fire’ culture where the idea of a ‘Job for Life’ does not work.

How to Ensure Job Security?

Basically, this is really a hard nut to crack. Because companies merge & downsize. Skills become useless as new skills grow every day. Even more, Technical Skills change so quickly. So, you need to learn non-technical Soft Skills for Greater Career Prospects. You have to learn and develop new skills to cope up with the rapidly changing era. A positive approach will definitely place you one step forward. Learning new skills & exploring different career options will increase the scope of job security. Most significantly, you must be able to switch to a new job. That is to say, whenever one door closes, another one will open for you.

You can read this book to control your whole career written by Pam Lassiter who is a consultant in career management for more than thirty years and the Principal of Lassiter Consulting that provides career management services to companies and individuals worldwide.

Secrets How to Ensure Job Security

Our highest concentration is how to secure your job. Therefore, we will now explore the secrets of how do you ensure your job security. In other words, the most effective ways of assuring & increasing job security eventually. We are pretty sure that secrets and ways will fill up your expectations greatly. Because they will promote your position in the current job stronger and higher. Otherwise, you would be able to find a new job. So, follow them exactly.

1. Prove Your Worth

The most vital thing is to prove your worth. Work in such a way that your works, skills, and dedication to work will increase the company’s profit. Or will bring more reputation for your company. Moreover, work for extra hours if necessary. Suppose, you are a boss in a company. You have to knock out one employee. Who would you eliminate? The person who departures at 05:01 PM each day and complains very often or the person who is dedicated to working and willing to take on extra work?

2. Professionalism Ensure Job Security

Professionalism has no universal definition. But, there are some common characteristics of it. The first of them is honesty. Pay due respect to your boss & colleagues. Smart communication is a good sign of professionalism. Courtesy also essential in professionalism. Dress up formally in an official manner. Fulfill your commitments. Be an expert in your own working area. Moral & kind behavior, etiquette positive approach, as well as the constructive role in your job, are needed to develop professionalism. So, learn them and practice them practically in your workplace to secure a job.

3. Sound Relationships with Boss & Colleagues

Relationships with your boss and colleges play a significant role in job security. But, how do you establish a sound relationship with them? Well. We explored some effective ways. Firstly, perform your duties and responsibilities best. Then, provide a regular update to your boss. This makes regular communication with your boss. Thus, the best performance & good communication will create a positive impression for you. Moreover, cooperate with your colleagues in their needs. However, your professionalism takes a lot to establish sound relationships.

4. Good Communication Skills

Communication is the key in many respects. Smart and good communication will help you the most. So, develop Public Speaking Skills for effective communication. Make eye contact while talking to others. Smart communication requires smart body language. The conversation style should be polite. To develop your communication skills best go through Learn Public Speaking Skills for Better Communication.

5. Be Cooperative

Cooperation is a must in any kind of office or working environment. Cooperation means teamwork. That is urgent for the betterment of all companies or institutions. You must cooperate with your colleagues. Because you just need others to help with your work. You can hardly accomplish your work beyond the help of others. Cooperation occurs mutually. In cooperation with your colleges, you can make regular progress for both you and your company.

6. Nurture your Network

Nurturing networks and relationships are very important with respect to job security. Relationships & networks regard as social capital. Which worth much value at present networked society. People in touch with your network can provide with you a job offer. So, set up a professional network. If you do not network or ignoring them, be careful. Extend your network. Join a professional association.

7. Keep Good Reputation

Reputation is the safeguard. Keep up your earned good reputation high. When you do so, people would like your presence. If you already achieved a good reputation, then great! If not, set a plan to achieve it. Your passion for work will earn some reputation. Hard work also increases their reputation. You can also achieve a reputation through professionalism, smart communications, cooperation in your current workplace as well as networking. So, try them your best.

8. Learn Necessary New Skills

Learning new skills is essential. As current skill is going to be obsolete in the near future. So, keep a sharp eye on learning emerging new skills as the job market demands. This will make you enough qualified to get a new job. Otherwise, you will be worthless. In fact, Not You But Your Skills Deserve Job.

9. Keep Update Yourself

Make an update yourself. Because this is another key to job security. Things are ever-changing. Every day there are arising enormous issues to focus on. If you enter into a job 5 years ago in a company, I am quite sure that situations are not the same as before at all. You should know all the changes that happened. Otherwise, you would not be able to prove your worth. Consequently, there is a chance to be laid off.

10. Be Able to Switch New Job

Jobs come & go. As the job reality is in most cases such that, you must be able to manage a new job if the situation demands. In this context, keep a mindset that you might be going to change your current job. Or suddenly you might discharge. Therefore, you need to learn new job skills and requirements. In doing so, discover the job market what skills & requirements they expect from candidates.

In the end, keep in mind that no others but your skills, knowledge, qualifications, efficiencies, hard works & dedication to your job will ensure job security. So, in order to secure a long-term desire job, achieve them. Further, learn new skills & techniques to cope up with the rapidly changing time with a view to having a meaningful and effective career.

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