Job Dream: Inside Factors why do we Dream a Job?

Job Dream: Inside Factors why do we Dream a Job?
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Mostly, the educated people in Bangladesh have a job dream and they choose a job as a means of livelihood. From an economic perspective, the job ensures economic security & solvency. A job also provides social position, status and security for the job holder.

Job Dream Overview

Since the independence of Bangladesh, the government has nationalized a great number of organizations and institution that ushered in a great scope of the job opportunity. In 1972, Bangladeshi educated citizen got the opportunity to become a Bangladesh Civil Servant Officer as BPSC was formed.

The first batch of Bangladesh Civil Service Cadre joined in 1973. Another window of large-scale job opportunity had opened up after the 1990s. While the country facilitated the private sector for the economic development of Bangladesh. We do dream of a job to secure our whole life.

Historical Background of Job Dream

The people of Bangladesh during the long historical period experienced an acute lack of basic human needs. The people of this land suffer from a scarcity of food, lack of money, insecure life intensely. In this context, some historical events led people to have a job dream to secure their human life. The Great Bengal Famine occurred between 1769 to 1773. That affected the lower Gangetic plain of India from Bihar to the Bengal region. The famine caused the deaths of more than 10 million people.

The Bengal famine in 1943 was a major famine in the Bengal province in British India during World War Two. More than 2 million people out of a population of 60.3 million died of starvation, malaria and other diseases. Consequently aggravated by malnutrition, malaria and population displacement, unsanitary conditions and lack of health care.

Millions of people impoverished as the crisis reached to large segments of the economy and social fabric. In 1974, Bangladesh went through a disastrous famine that caused the death of nearly 1.5 million people. The post-famine mortality was over 450,000 were attributable to cholera, malaria and diarrheal diseases.

During these historical calamities, people felt their life was insecure and death was very close to them. They tremendously realized how crucial the stability of the life needed.

British colonial government first offered the Job in Bangladesh to serve their business and administration. And then the Civil Service of Pakistan polls the people’s attractions. The independence of Bangladesh, the formation of Bangladesh Public Service Commission made the ground of security in social and economic life through a job offer. Private sector development in Bangladesh also provides huge job opportunities.

Economic Perspective

Life is impossible without money. Hence, Money is the ‘Second God’ in the world because of its inevitable significance. We strongly hold the view that a job ensures the necessary money & economic security. The standard job provides almost all major requirements of standard life. For example, smart salary, housing facilities, medical and educational allowance, festival bonus, provident fund, pension & gratuity etc.

As you are a permanent job holder, your monthly salary is confirmed whether the situation is. You pay labour, the organization or institution certainly will pay your monthly payment, no risk no investment for you. These facts drive us to have a job dream. What is your Dream Jobs?  

Social Security

A job holder enjoys at least a normal level of social security. Job holders in our society are important individuals who lead to society. They also acquire social respect, honour and holds a position, prestige as well as social status. In many respects, they are a very important person in society and in the country encourage us to have a job dream.

Psychological Factor behind Job Dream 

Social values and leading ideas in Bangladesh social structure heavily motivate a citizen to dream a job. The historical record of our scarcity of basic human needs, economic security social status predominantly shape our psychology holding a job, social values show respect to a job holder. We inherently do believe that job will secure our human life well & we grow to become a desirable job holder which is a dream of our life.

History & heritage, economic context, social values, psychological construction spontaneously and in a subconscious way inspire us which are the inside factors for what we do have a job dream.