November 29, 2020

Best International Scholarships to Study Abroad


Scholarships to study abroad are available for genius, motivated, and innovative students across the world. If you do have a thirst for knowledge, you would love to explore your talent, and a strong desire to be a scholar in that discipline that you love most. Great news for you! Search for the best international scholarships to study abroad. Certainly, a full international scholarship will meet up your thirst as well as boost up a bright career.

You are in the right place here now. Because I do provide you with some sources to make your dream true in this article. Surely, you can manage a large number of scholarship opportunities to study overseas as an international student. Basically, international scholarships to study abroad are for genius students.

Best International Scholarships to Study Abroad

Identically, the scholarship means an amount of money offered for education by a government or university or an institute. International scholarships to study abroad include tuition fees, housing, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, health insurance, and so on.

Types of Scholarships to Study Abroad

Generally, there are three types of international scholarships to study abroad.

1. Government-funded Scholarships, for example, Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA)

2. University-funded International Scholarships, for instance, Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK).

3. Institute-funded International Scholarships, such as Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants (several countries).

In addition to general types of scholarships, there are specific types of scholarships as well such as:

Merit-based Scholarships

Firstly, these scholarships are based on students’ academic records and abilities. In some cases, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities determine merit-based scholarships. At the same time, qualifications may differ based on a particular scholarship offer. For Example, Presidential Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship at The University Of Scranton.

Student-specific Scholarships

Secondly, Student-specific scholarships are based on factors like gender, race, religion, family, and medical history. The most common scholarships in this category are minority scholarships. But qualifications may vary regarding the particular scholarship. You can find student-specific scholarships at College Scholarships in the USA.

Country-specific Scholarships to Study Abroad

Thirdly, a country that offers this type of scholarships to study in that country. This scholarship program is designed as an incentive to poll genius students from all over the world. The United States of America, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc run these types of Scholarships programs.

Program-oriented Scholarships

Fourthly, world-famous universities, colleges or educational institutions offer program-specific scholarships. However, individuals with excellent academic results and personal achievements are eligible for these scholarships. Such as Computer Programming Scholarships.

Discipline-specific Scholarships

Further, discipline or subject-specific scholarships are awarded by institutions to students based on the field of study. As a result, specific subject-based courses or research get priority in this category. For example, The University of Manchester offers Subject Specific Scholarships in Humanities, Science & Engineering.

International Scholarships to Study Abroad

The world’s top countries, universities, and institutions offer scholarships in multi-disciplinary fields of study for international students. Here, I do provide a short description of the top 10 international scholarships and a list of 10 world-famous international scholarships to study abroad. Explore your convenient one.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA)

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program awards about 8000 scholarships yearly. Approximately 4000 for foreign students. At present, the Fulbright Student Program operates in over 155 countries all over the world. Universities and academic institutions in the United States of America host the Fulbright Program. International graduate students, young professionals as well as artists to study abroad and conduct research in the USA are eligible for the Fulbright Program. Most significantly, the eligibility and selection process may differ widely from country to country. Please visit country-specific websites to get more detailed information in your home country.

Official Website Link:

Chevening Scholarships (UK)

With a view to developing global leadership, Chevening is the British Governments’ international awards scheme. Chevening awards are funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth office as well as other affiliated organizations. Mainly, Chevening offers two types of awards. For example, (A) Chevening Scholarships, and (B) Chevening Fellowships. British embassies and high commissions around the world select scholarships and fellowship recipients.

Chevening award is a great opportunity to be the future leader in the world. Surprisingly, the Chevening recipients will experience British culture. Above all, they will get the opportunity to develop professional and academic skills to establish long-term positive relationships with the UK.

Official website link:

Endeavour Leadership Program (Australis)

Australian Government operates the Endeavour Leadership Program for its priority countries. The program aims at two-way mobility for short and long-term study, research, and professional development. Actually, Australia wants to be the global leader in education, training, and research through this program. Most significantly, the ELP provides the facilities for emerging leaders to receive global mobility experience in their study, research, and professional fields.

Eventually, Endeavour leaders will enjoy the opportunities to set up a lasting global network. Moreover, they will strengthen education and research involvement between Australia and priority countries to enhance economic prosperity.

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

The French Ministry for Europe & Foreign Affairs operates the Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence to enable the French Higher Education institutions so that they can attract the top international students to get admission into postgraduate and Ph.D. programs.

Most importantly, ESPE provides opportunities for foreign students to lead in the private and public sectors. ESPE puts emphasis on the areas of study. In fact, top foreign students from the developing countries up to 30 years of age are encouraged to apply for master’s programs.

On the other hand, top foreign students from the developed and industrialized countries up to 35 years of age are eligible to apply for the Ph.D. programs.

Website link:

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students award scholarships to promote global exchange and research cooperation in over 180 countries with Switzerland. On the whole, the research scholarships are available for foreign students in post-graduate research in any discipline. As a result, Switzerland encourages international and foreign students who dream to come to Switzerland to conducting research or doctoral and post-doctoral study.

One Swiss Cantonal university, two Swiss federal institutes of technology, and research institutes host the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships to Study Abroad (UK)

The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom awards about 95 Gates Cambridge Scholarships each year for the students outside the UK. Mainly, Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded to the outstanding foreign students who desire to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subjects available at the University of Cambridge.

Citizens from any country outside the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships to conduct one of the full-time residential courses of study:

(A) Ph.D. (three-year research program)

(B) MSc or MLitt (two-year research program)

(C) MPhil, MML, MASt, MBA, Diploma, etc (one-year post-graduate course)

Official Website Page:

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)

University of Oxford funds for Clarendon Scholarships basically for graduate students. Every year, nearly 140 scholarships are awarded among the international students on the basis of outstanding academic results. Clarendon Scholarships cover full tuition fees and a generous grant for living costs.

Most noteworthy, Clarendon Scholarship is only for graduate students. Post-graduate or Diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Website Link: Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford

Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University in Beijing offers the Schwarzman Scholars program that intends to prepare future leaders to face the challenges of the 21st century. Particularly, this program is designed to develop leadership skills and professional networks via a one-year Master’s Degree. Therefore, the major concentration of the programs in Public Policy, Economics and Business, and International Studies.

Up to 200 extraordinary men and women, 45% from the USA, 20% from China, and 35% from the rest of the world will be accepted each year under the Schwarzman Scholars Program.

To know specific details, please visit the Scholarship Website Page:

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

Rotary Foundation funds scholarship grants for the development at graduation level course or research work from one to four academic years. Mostly, the Rotary Foundation highly focuses on the six areas of research and study in (1) Peace and Conflict Resolution, (2) Disease Prevention and Treatment (3) Water and Sanitation (4) Maternal and Child Health (5) Basic Education and Literacy (6) Economic and Community Development.

Official Scholarship Link:

Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships (Canada)

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships awards up to 15 doctoral scholarships to Canadian and foreign doctoral candidates who want to pursue research works related to Humanities and Social Sciences. The areas of research studies are, for example, Human Rights & Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada in the world, People and their Natural Environment, etc.

Scholarship Website:

More 10 International Scholarships to Study Abroad

Here are a list and link of 10 other prominent international scholarships to study abroad.

  1. World Bank Scholarships Program
  2. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships
  3. OFID Scholarship Award
  4. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program
  5. ADB Japan Scholarship Program
  6. Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries
  7. Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships
  8. Commonwealth Distance Learning  Scholarships
  9. University of the People Tuition Free Degrees
  10. EdX Free Online Courses at Premier Universities

Indeed, scholarships to study abroad are the most prestigious awards in educational life. A scholarship does not only make sure financial support but also ascertain the scope of Better Career Prospects. Moreover, you can go to your dream country with a fully-funded scholarship offer. As a result, scholarship offers around the world play a vital role in the complete betterment of students’ life.


This is NOT the official scholarship website page. This page on the Campus Career Club is just a collection of some scholarship information. Most Noteworthy, information on this page may differ from the respective scholarships official websites. Please visit the official website to get the right information.

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