Graduate Job Sector in Bangladesh

Graduate Job Sector in Bangladesh
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Graduate Job in Bangladesh is available. There is a large job market categorize into government, semi-government, non-government, private and international organizations job sector in Bangladesh. A crucial part of university graduates dreams for a government job, especially for a BCS Cadre. At the same time, the private sector has been emerging rapidly with great prospects.

Graduate Job Sector in Bangladesh

A significant number of graduate job areas someone can find in Bangladesh, for instance, economic & commercial, service, education & research, ICT, engineering, garments or textile, agriculture, evolving online jobs etc. In fact, the job sector in Bangladesh is divided under formal and informal sector and is subdivided into government, semi-government, non-government and private sector.

But most of the University graduate’s job dream in Bangladesh is in the government job sector particularly BCS cadre job. During the fiscal year 2016-2017, the country has created 13 lakh jobs in total according to the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey 2016-2017 of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Government Jobs in Bangladesh

Government job in Bangladesh is highly popular because of its flexibility, security, facilities, home and transport facilities as well as the retirement package. Most significantly, elite social status tremendously attracts job seekers. Almost every job seeker looks for or desire of a government job. Many types of government jobs in Bangladesh are available.

Mostly someone can find the first class to third class jobs in different ministries as per his/her qualification. Most of them are permanent and a few of them are temporary jobs. However, there is a graduate job in the banking sector, agricultural sector, health, security, social work, economy and what not. A short list of sectors as follows:

A) Service

B) Accounting/ Finance

C) Bank and non-bank finance institutions

D) Healthcare

E) Agriculture

F) Education & research

G) Driving

H) Law/legal

I) Media

J) Garments/textiles

K) Administration

L) Computer & ICT

Many of the government jobs are popular but Bangladesh Civil Service Cadre jobs are most desirable. Moreover, Bangladesh Bank Assistant Director Job is also very popular. University graduates who are Bangladeshi citizen are eligible to apply for the above jobs.

Private Job Sector in Bangladesh

Jobs in private sector in Bangladesh are termed as corporate, company, enterprises; business house jobs which attract many talent & fresh university graduates because of its attractive amenities, compensations, smart salary, convenient working environment. Actually, graduate job sector in Bangladesh in the private area ensure a quality working environment that motivates the young to work with great energy.

Nowadays some university graduate fixes their career in the private sector. Though the private sector has been developing in Bangladesh since independence in 1971, the privatization process has evolved from 1993.

The private sector now is engaging themselves in social works such as banking, health care, education, lending loan, ICT, E-commerce, freelancing, humanitarian organization and so on. Career on corporate banking, engineering, doctor, architecture, a mobile company, and media is most popular among young university graduates.

International Graduate Job in Bangladesh

A large number of international organizations have been working in Bangladesh, for example, United Nations Organizations-UNICEF Bangladesh, UNESCO, UNDP, ILO, USAID, Oxfam, Save the Children etc.

They offer an international standard of salary and compensation package, excellent working environment, medical and international visit program, well standard of living as well as many other facilities which dream a well-educated individual.

But, in fact, in Bangladesh, both prospects & problems simultaneously prevail in the graduate job sectors. Because a prominent number of university graduates do not get the desired job whose sheer 10 per cent is unemployed.

In Bangladesh, someone gets the highly lucrative & expected job but the major part of the university level educated young do not find a desirable job at all.