Career Solution for Jobless Graduate

Career Solution for Jobless Graduate
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A jobless University graduate (31) out of career solution avoids his close friends, family members, and relatives who were a highly sociable and friendly person. The graduate completed his bachelor and masters degree in 2011 and 2013 from Dhaka University faced 27 job interviews still jobless.

He has bitterly been experiencing an identity crisis, severe economic hardship, unspeakable reality. Even more, he is helpless for being not able to support his parents economically. They have no other recourse to depend on.

There is a large number of the jobless university graduate in the country at present who cannot find a career solution. The most serious problem in Bangladesh now Campus Career Club thinks unemployment.

As per the government survey, there are more than 27 lakh jobless people in Bangladesh at present. Among them, a big number of people are university graduate and postgraduate who are unemployed.

Graduate Job Reality in Bangladesh

The University graduate starts a new journey of job study which is totally different from their graduate study. This situation prevails largely due to the lack of proper employment opportunity and the mismatch between the country’s education system and job market requirements in Bangladesh that does produce only graduates not enough fit for the job. As a result, the graduates in Bangladesh face a tough reality.

Every year there nearly 10 lakhs youth complete their graduation and try to enter into the job market. Approximately half of this graduate finds a job while closely 5 out of every 10 university graduates in Bangladesh are unemployed as per the report of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) as well as according to BSS report 2017. The overall graduate unemployment figure is 11.2 per cent.

University graduates suffer from not only job struggle but also identity crisis and chronic economic hardship. The country has a limited scope of employment opportunity compared to the university graduates completing their graduation every year.

People out of Career Solution in Bangladesh

Sufferings derive from basically unemployment status for the jobless graduate in Bangladesh. Latest Labor Force Survey (2016-2017) of the Bangladesh Government has stated that 27 lakh or 2.7 million people in Bangladesh are without employment. Closely, 4.2 per cent of the total people are jobless over 15 years of age.

Almost 14 lakh or 1.4 million are male while 13 lakh or 1.3 million are female. Nearly, 9 lakh live in an urban area while 1.8 million in the rural area. This trend shows that more urban-based people at 4.9 per cent are jobless than rural-based at 4.00 per cent. The survey provides the unemployment situation in details and we are able to know how severe the unemployment problem is.

During the last few years, the economy of Bangladesh has been progressing well. GDP growth rate is over 6 per cent but presently the career solution and employment generation is the least in the past two decades. According to The Daily Star near 7 million people in Bangladesh are underutilized. In this situation, Bangladesh observes the World Population Day 2017 with the theme ”Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations.”

Sufferings of Jobless Graduate

Shahriar Hossain, the father of that jobless graduate a retired primary school headmaster. He cannot afford his treatment cost suffering from diabetes and pain in the spinal cord. The family is facing unspokenly hardship having no source of income. They never expect such a situation in their life.

Many other young people in the country are living a miserable life due to the curse of unemployment. During the last couple of years, we are experiencing suicide cases committed by young university graduates.

Career Solution for Jobless Graduate

What would be the career solution? Maybe the self-employment or entrepreneurship or technical skills, soft skills. The young jobless educated will lead this way. The jobless graduate may create employment opportunity not only for them but also for many other unemployed. They should throw away the prevailing notion that who is educated must do a job to create employment scope.

Technical SkillsSoft Skills, and Self-employment through Freelance Job & Outsourcing I think would be a better career solution.

Freelancing refers to working on a contractual basis for a different number of companies or individuals rather than doing a fix job in a single company. Freelancers enjoy a great deal of freedom in work. They are self-employed.

Outsourcing means the outside company who hire outside workers to manage their work. The company acts as a service provider or a third-party provider who allow others to arrange their own work.

The areas of freelancing & outsourcing in where someone can work to earn are Web Development & Design, Software Development, Writing, Graphics Design, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Data Entry.

Anyone can earn a smart amount of money from the Freelance JobOutsourcing. I think that freelance job would be a better career solution in Bangladesh.

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