Campus Career Club: Go after what your Heart says

Campus Career Club: Go after what your Heart says
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Campus Career Club works devotedly on the career counselling and career development. The ultimate goal of the Campus Career Club is to provide exclusive & extensive career guidelines so that you can reach easily to your desired Career Goal. In this context, our counselling and guidelines will put you a few steps forward. You must follow your ‘heart’s will’ (passion) to choose the career or profession. Therefore, our motto is Go after what your heart says.

Why Campus Career Club

Campus Career Club found that a large number of university graduates & post-graduates are jobless around the world. Particularly, this fact is more real in developing countries like Bangladesh, India, South Africa etc. Not only developing countries but also in some developed nations, for example, in the United States, the unemployment rate is 3.9 per cent in 2018. We think this is a panic situation for people. The fact does not necessarily reflect that the graduates are not qualified. In most cases, they are enough qualified. So, why they can not find a job? The root cause is unemployment.

On the other hand, a significant number of graduates can not find a job for the lack of required skills. For example, Soft SkillsTechnical Skills etc.

Also, a big number of graduates are out of career counselling, guidelines & career plan that sometimes mislead them to find the right future career choice.

Here, our concern is how easily a career seeker can find the desired destination. We do strongly believe that career counselling and skills development can help greatly.

Certainly, the activities of the Campus Career Club will lead in the right direction. Because we think that the career begins on the campus.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling in general, refers to the experts’ advice and techniques for career exploration, selecting, change as well as the personal career development process.

We are concerned about exploring the exact match of job search for each individual respectively. In doing so, Career Counselling seems crucial. Everyone must meet up the mind’s call. Then, would think about other factors. Most significantly, making life meaningful & satisfactory carry the utmost importance to us.

Overview: The Campus Career Club

The Campus Career Club consists of some major archives and categories. Necessarily, each archive and category contains enough contents and articles. And the contents will provide appropriate guidelines and suggestions. Eventually, the step by step follows up of contents and articles would help to place a person to the final destination. The archives and categories are for example as follows:

  1. Education Archives
  2. Campus Counselling
  3. Sports
  4. Clubs
  5. Career Skills
  6. Research Guideline
  7. Career Counselling
  8. Book Review

Why these Archives

Education as the parent category gives the foundation of a career. As a whole, we get a formal education from school, college, and university campus.

Even more, educational institutions offer scholarships for brilliant students. Scholarship opportunities, as a result, usher in great prospects for a shining life.

Soft Skills like Communication Skills, adaptability, Leadership Skills, problem-solving ability etc, at present are job requirements. Not only soft skills but also technical skills, for example, computer literacy, ICT knowledge, data analysis, web designing, programming, project management, engineering and so on considered as a job prerequisite nowadays.

Research signifies such a valuable tool that innovations results from. In fact, it produces new knowledge which is scientific & practical. Thus the findings of a research work purify our existing knowledge in a particular subject matter. For example, research in the medical field enables us to a better understanding of how our organs in the body function. It identifies diseases and points out how they spread. Moreover, medical researchers develop new treatments.

In every field of study, for instance, social science, economics, arts, humanities, science, law, technology, engineering etc research is inevitable.

Career journey starts just from campus with education. Scholarships, Soft Skills, Technical Skills, Research make the journey easy going. Campus acts as the homeland of learning above-mentioned requirements. Finally, which give the base of potential professional life. However, Books are a must to learn knowledge.

Archive’s Inside

Students can get proper direction, guidelines, suggestions inside each archive. Therefore, every archive dedicates to provide relevant articles designed to make easy the respective goals. In order to make a clear understanding of the Campus Career Club website here is a shortlist of the archives inside features & contents.

Archive’s Features

Career-oriented contents in the Campus Career Club will lead individuals to the expected career targets. So, here we do urge to gather the basic ideas for better job design. Surely, the following features would be highly effective for career building and development.

  1. Campus Career Club: Go after what your Heart says
  2. Go after what your Heart says
  3. How to Choose the Right Subject at University
  4. How to Make University Life Better for Career
  5. Career Solution for Jobless Graduates
  6. Freelance Job Essentials for Beginners
  7. Best 20 International Scholarships to Study Abroad
  8. Top 10 Soft Skills for Better Career Prospects
  9. Top Technical Skills to Generate High Income in Career
  10. How to Write a Research Proposal for PhD & Scholarships
  11. 7 Steps Research Process Outline to Conduct a Research
  12. Importance of Human Relationships in Life
  13. How the School is a Social Centre?
  14. Education System in Bangladesh
  15. Job Dream: Inside Factors why do we Dream a Job?
  16. Graduate Job Sector in Bangladesh
  17. BCS Cadre Recruitment Process
  18. BCS Viva Voce Techniques for Sure Success
  19. How to Win at Office Politics at Work
  20. Best Job Interview Preparation Techniques to Win
  21. Ten Realistic Approach to Set Achievable Career Goal
  22. 10 Essential Benefits of Career Counselling
  23. Best Career Preparation Techniques for Students
  24. Job Security Secrets to Overcome Insecurity
  25. How to Prepare Yourself for Higher Study in Abroad

However, the above shortlist does not represent the entire website features. Besides, there will be regular upcoming articles covering relevant events and issues.

Points to Focus for Successful Career

To sum up, to build up a dream career, keep in mind the following focal points;

  1. Go after what your heart says
  2. Fix accurately your goal first
  3. Make the goal-oriented action plan
  4. Properly utilize the time in campus life
  5. Secure standard academic CGPA
  6. Accept great opportunities from university
  7. Evaluate your work and plan progress regularly
  8. Mark well the job requirements
  9. Learn the necessary soft skills
  10. Be an expert in specific technical skills
  11. Involve yourself in research works
  12. Keep on an update to recent issues
  13. Take challenges with courage
  14. Get along with problems in life
  15. Note down key points to improve
  16. Set your mind to develop yourself
  17. Never Lose confidence
  18. Never give up something
  19. Don’t be upset
  20. Finally, keep an eye on our website

We can do nothing for you if you can not. But, we can do something for you if you can do for yourself. Go forward. We are with you always.

Our Mission

Campus Career Club does believe that career begins on campus. And people should decide a profession as per passion as their hearts go on. That’s why our mission is to make fully-prepared an individual and a student for a career from campus following hearts call. Nevertheless, we are committed to doing our best to solve unemployment sufferings. We are more concerned about jobless university graduates & post-graduates in the long run.

Abdul Awal -Teacher, Writer & Founder of the Campus Career Club