7 Best Pens for Wedding Guest Book

When you are willing to have a wedding guest book for your wedding reception program, then you must need a great pen on the wedding day to keep it as essential. That’s how people write something special on that day to make it memorable for you forever. Several types of good pens are available in the market out there, and you can choose any of them. But you need to pick the best pens for wedding guest book to keep wedding memories alive lifelong.

Let’s dive right into the detailed description to share with you and give you a better idea of the wedding guest book pens so that you can decide the best one.

Best Pens for Wedding Guest Book

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Pixnor Wedding Pen Set with Plated Metal Love Holder 8.6 View on Amazon
NUOLUX Signing Pen with Metal Love Holder for Wedding 8.6 View on Amazon
PASISIBICK 16 Pcs Cute Diamond Pens 9.4 View on Amazon
RUTICH Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set 9.4 View on Amazon
ULTNICE Guest Pen for Wedding Reception 9.0 View on Amazon
Jevou Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set 9.2 View on Amazon
Spiralization Direct 3 Pack Signing Pen Set Hollow Round 8.2 View on Amazon

1. Pixnor Wedding Pen Set with Plated Metal Love Holder

The Pixnor looks simple yet beautiful in that design, not such an extraordinary-looking pen set. The specifications are also neutral and better enough to provide you the best quality.

It is made of silver and plastic. And that makes it a glamorous crystal-looking pen set. This product comes with a signing pen and silver-plated metal holder. That makes it a complete set.

The pen is approximately 16cm long and the size of the holder is 14×2.5×10cm. This size is standard, and it goes with weddings or any occasion as well.

The weight of it is about 1.2 ounces. And it is also a standard so that you can easily carry it if you need it. It cannot be a problem at all.

It comes in silver color that looks stunning as a wedding accessory. Keep this at a wedding or any other occasion to enhance its beauty.

You will feel encouraged to offer your guests to sign the guest book by giving this beautiful yet elegant pen set to them.

Key Features

  • Pen Length: 6.3 inch/16cm
  • Material: Silver-plated, Silver, Plastic
  • Stand Size: 6×0.98×4 inch/ 14×2.5×10 cm
  • Overall Length: 17 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces

Set Includes: 1 Wedding Signing Pen with 1 Silver-plated Metal Love Pen Holder

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2. NUOLUX Signing Pen with Metal Love Holder for Wedding

This is one almost similar to the previous product but we think one of the best pens for wedding guest book. The color is different from the first one. It comes in a golden color that looks amazing.

It is made of alloy and plastic ensures good quality. The pen stand is silver-plated that looks good for sure. The pen length is 6.3 inches or 16 cm, you can say. And the stand size is 6×0.98×4 inches.

The overall size of the entire pen set is 17cm. And this size makes the pen set more standard than anything else.

Further, it looks gorgeous and goes with any function well. The love design makes it more suitable for weddings.

With the engraved plaque, the pen looks more attractive and it can enhance the environment of your special day even more.

Use it as the wedding accessory to give to your guests to sign anything in the guest book. It is suitable for not only weddings but also for any special occasion. All you need this thing to add something beautiful to the decoration.

Key Features

  • Brand: NOULUX
  • Material: Silver, Plastic, Alloy
  • Pen Length: 6.3 inch/16cm
  • Stand Size: 6×0.98×4 inch/ 14×2.5×10cm
  • Overall Length: 17cm
  • Color: Golden
  • Product items: 1 signing pen and 1 silver-plated metal love holder
  • Additional Feature: Engraved plaque

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3. PASISIBICK 16 Pcs Cute Diamond Pens

The PASISIBICK one looks so pretty that it catches the attention of everyone. It has a different feature that encourages you to add it on the wedding day.

You can get 16 pieces of 4 different colors of pens that look stunning together. Not only the quantity but also the quality is pretty good.

Moreover, you can get the pens decorated with a diamond on the top of it that looks attractive and expensive. Also, the outer body is made of metallic luster. That’s why it looks fashionable.

The pen tubes are made of stainless steel, and the holder is made of metal copper. That makes the construct sturdy enough and the best pens for a wedding guest book.

Further, it’s a great product as a gift that you can give to anyone you like. It is easy to write and comfortable to hold too. It can be a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, graduation, and many other occasions.

Besides, you can refill these pens when needed. It writes smoothly. And you can get 16 different pens at a good price. In a sense, it is the best option to buy.

Key Features

  • Material: Steel, glass
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • Colors: 4 colors, 16 pens
  • Pen Length: 5.4 inches/ 13.8 cm
  • Ink Color: Black
  • 16 sparkling pens

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4. RUTICH Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set

Having this fancy pen set looks more stunning at weddings. The beautiful-looking pen and extraordinary-looking pen holder change the entire look.

When you put it on the table on your wedding day for your guests to sign in the guest book, it will look gorgeous there.

Not only the design but also the quality is quite satisfactory according to the price. It has a lot of features that make it a good product.

Such as, the pen is easy to use and comfortable to write. It is a useful item. So, you can give this as a gift to your lovable one.

However, it’s not that sturdy. So, if you are planning to use it for once, it is perfect for that. But for regular use, it’s not worth it.

Besides the trouble, it has some best qualities too. The pen looks attractive for the diamond. It gets more attractive when the diamond rotates at 360 degrees.

The pen is lightweight. It is an essential part. And a pen has to have that facility in it. You can hold the pen easily and write smoothly. All these things make it a great one, especially for wedding ceremonies or any other special occasion.

Key Features

  • Pen Length: 5.5 inches/14 cm
  • Holder Diameter: 2.64 inches/ 6.7 cm
  • Material: Metal
  • Product Weight: 1.5 ounces
  • Ink: 1 mm, Black ink
  • Product Items: 1 Diamond Pen, 1 Pen holder, and 1 Replacement Refill

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5. ULTNICE Guest Pen for Wedding Reception

This pen set is simple yet elegant in its way. It has several features that make it unique and a good one. It is made of acrylic and copper. The silver-plated design looks as gorgeous as a pen set.

The pen holder is transparent, so it also goes well with the pen nicely. The size of a pen holder and the pen is standard. That’s why it is easy to carry and use. You twirl the pen, and you are ready to write.

Besides, it’s lightweight. You don’t feel any trouble using it. The main thing is, it goes with any function and wedding ceremony so we consider it as the best pens for wedding guest book.

You need to use it as a wedding accessory and give your guest to write something for your guest book.

It is also a great thing to give someone as a gift. You can get it at a good price and use it on your special occasion.

Key Features

  • Material: Acrylic, copper
  • Color: A silver pen with a transparent holder
  • Pen Length: 6.3 inch/16 cm
  • Holder Size: 3.7*3.6 inch/ 9.5*9.1 cm
  • Weight: 3.17 ounces
  • Package Include: 1 Pen and 1 heart-shaped acrylic base stand

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6. Jevou Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set

The Jevou pen set is durable, strong, and easy to use. It is made of a high-quality alloy that makes the set sturdy.

The hollow round design also provides a unique design that you may not find in any other set.

The pen holder is stunning looking because of its attractive design. It can rotate 360 degrees, and it builds the ease of using the facility in it.

It comes with 1 mm black ink, and it can be refilled when you need it. You can use it with much comfort. That’s why you can write things easily.

This signing pen is used for different purposes. However, you can also use it as a guest pen for any special occasion like weddings, birthdays, graduation day, and more.

Overall, it is a good product that you can use for different purposes. Show your love and respect by gifting it to anyone special occasion.

Key Features

  • Pen Length: 5.5 inch/14 cm
  • Holder Diameter: 2.64 inch/ 6.7 cm
  • Shape: Hollow round shape
  • Replacement Refill: 1
  • Ink: 1.0 mm (Black ink)
  • Product Items: 1 Diamond Pen with 1 pen holder
  • Pen Holder Rotation: 360 degrees

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7. Spiralization Direct 3 Pack Signing Pen Set Hollow Round

This gorgeous signing pen from Spiralization is so stunning that it goes with any occasion. The product comes with 3 signing pens with 3 holders to keep it stable.

It is made of high-quality materials that last long. The hollow round design makes it more unique than the others.

The pen holders are also perfect in quality. You can rotate it 360 degrees. This is another essential thing durable and sturdy.

Not only that, it is easy to use too. You twirl the pen, and you are ready to write whatever you want. It gives you the smoothest writing that you can ever get.

These gorgeous pens are available in a good range that is also a great thing. It is the best pen for students, employees, office workers and many more.

For this attractive and gorgeous design, you can use it as the wedding guest pen. It goes with the wedding vibe perfectly.

Key Features

  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces
  • Design: Hollow round design
  • Holder Rotation: 360 Degrees
  • Color: Golden

Package Includes: 3 Signing Pens and 3 Holders

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The Final Thought

Some essential kinds of accessories you need for your wedding reception ceremony. One of them is having a wedding guest book. When you arrange it, you need to have a  pen that goes with the wedding environment.

We have provided here some basic yet necessary information about them to let you know about the best pens for wedding guest book.

Hopefully, you have found what you are looking for and get the perfect pen that you want. Your wedding gets the highest priority and to make it memorable, you need the best and suitable pen indeed.

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