August 5, 2020

5 Best Oil Painting Kit for Beginners and Professionals


Picking the best oil painting kit might be a little challenging while getting started with oil painting is fairly easy. Because there precisely are so many best choices available in the market. Artists who have been painting for a while have their own favorite brands, brushes, palettes. We are here providing recommendations of that type of popular brands that would be practical to choose a great starter oil painting kit for a beginner as well as professional artists.

It is more reasonable to buy a painting kit that comes with all the essential supplies enough to get started with. In this context, we gathered top-rated best products that will meet your need in reality completely. You can shop any one of the below that suits most right now on!

Best Oil Painting Kit Review

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Royal & Langnickel RSET-OIL2000 Regis Oil Color Painting Box Set 4.5 Check Amazon
Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set for Beginners (RSET-OIL3000) by ROYAL BRUSH 4.4 Check Amazon
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour Beginners Set 4.7 Check Amazon
U.S. Art Supply Professional 24 Color Set of Art Oil Paint 4.5 Check Amazon
Art Accelerators Oil Paint Set – 32 Color Painting Set for Artists, Adults & Kids 4.6 Check Amazon

1. Royal & Langnickel RSET-OIL2000 Regis Oil Color Painting Box Set

This oil painting deluxe sketching box set is absolutely our top choice as it contains everything needed to sketch, draw as well as color for professionals and beginners. The art set is perfect for those who love to sketch and draw that features all the essential tools to start experimenting or refine sketching and drawing.

In addition, the beautiful wooden box set has useful items and tools great for the money you cost. It comes with a flip-up brush organizer to keep brushes in great shape. All the supplies are stored in a convenient storage box with handle for ease of use, and travel.

The complete art set contains 12 Regis Brushes, (fan 4; round 2, 4, 6, 8; bright 2, 4, 6, 8; filbert 4, 8) 1 palette knife, 1 wooden stylus, 12 oil color painting tubes (12ml), 1 apron, 1 plastic palette, 1 graphite pencil, 1 white eraser, 1 oil painting booklet.

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2. Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set for Beginners (RSET-OIL3000)

The second best oil painting set especially for beginners we would recommend for you great only if you want the paint to stay wet for weeks or even months to draw out working time. The type of brush includes too thick to get a smooth brush stroke. If you are a beginner, you should invest in a small bottle of liquid and a cheap set of brushes if you plan to draw often.

Most importantly, this oil painting set includes a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions that teach how to apply your newly learned skills.

This best oil painting kit comes with all the essential items to start experimenting and painting. All the supplies are stored in a convenient wooden storage box with a handle for ease of use, travel.

Let creativity flow once you have established the basics. The art set includes 10 oil paint tubes (12-ml), 6 white bristle brushes (round 1, 4, 7; flat 2, 5, 8), 1 graphite pencil, 1 white eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 painting cup, 1 palette knife, 2 canvas boards, 1 refined linseed oil, 1 plastic palette, 1 oil color beginner guide.

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3. Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour Beginners Set

Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Painting Set is easy to use and great for beginners. You would love to use it after having the oil paints you mix with turpentine. These are much better for your health as you only add water to them. The colors are very good and have the perfect value for the money. They dry quickly, and therefore, you need not be extra careful when putting the painting away.

It offers a variety of colors. Its pigments, together with the most suitable oil, bring out each color’s individual characteristics, from opacity to natural transparency.

This allows the artist to provide a variety of techniques such as the traditional thematic consistency of the oil color, the color can be thinned as needed.

The art set provides a basic color palette with six 37ml tubes. It includes Cadmium yellow pale hue, permanent Alizarin crimson, French Ultramarine, phthalo green, yellow ochre, Titanium white.

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4. U.S. Art Supply Professional 24 Color Set of Art Oil Paint

The U.S. Art Supply performs superior for the professional artists as well as young aspiring painters. You can create stunning masterpieces with high-quality 24 unique eye-catching vibrant oil-based colors.

High-intensity paints are made with premium quality pigments. Highly pigmented oils have a smooth consistency of color and allow the artist to mix colors for a long time and give them a glimpse for a long time.

In fact, the U.S. Art Supply oil paints are safe for kids as they are non-toxic, oil-based, acid-free, and conform to ASTM D4236 and EN71. Children, adults, art students, and teachers would love these oil painting sets because they are easy to use and creates great visual results.

Moreover, This oil painting kit is perfect for using on canvas for creating wall art, portrait paintings, abstracts, landscapes, scenery, and more.

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5. Art Accelerators Oil Paint Set – 32 Color Painting Set for Artists, Adults & Kids

And finally, we like the Art Accelerators’ best oil painting kit as you love painting suitable whether you’re a professional artist, a beginner, or an enthusiastic. You can try out the Art Accelerators oil paint set just now to let your creativity flow.

Art Accelerators has created a complete oil painting kit that includes 32 distinct bright and vibrant colors. The oil paint will dry out slowly, so use as much time as you need to work on your paintings. The colors stay alive and vibrant long after the oil paint dries. It has more pigment in allowing for richer, and more vivid colors.

If you are new to painting this set will make you feel like you’ve been painting for years. The beautifully pigmented oil colors allow you to paint like a professional, leaving a glossy finish once completed.

Art Accelerators oil paint sets key features:

👉 Complete 32-piece set.

👉 Vivid color-fast tints.

👉 Easy to blend and manipulate.

👉 It does not dry quickly.

👉 It comes with a golden nylon paintbrush.

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6 Best Painting Kits for Beginners Review

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