5 Best Heat Gun for Crafting

A heat gun for crafting is a multi-functional tool that may resemble a hairdryer, but in fact, it possesses many unique features for different kinds of activities. It would be better to pick up an ergonomic item of a compact size with a comfortable design that is safe to apply. The small heat gun will sit comfortably in your hand and won’t exhaust it during prolonged work. Ideally, the best heat gun for crafting should be equipped with a variable temperature control mechanism so that you can adjust the temperature for each project. Check out the following heat gun to find your desired one.

Best Heat Gun for Crafting

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Chandler Heat Gun for Crafts | Mini Dual Temp Hot Air Gun Tool for Epoxy Resin, DIY Projects 9.5 View on Amazon
BATAVIA Mini Heat Gun for Crafts | 380W Hot Air Gun 9.3 View on Amazon
ABUNRO Heat Gun for Crafts | 6.6ft Cable 300W Dual-Temperature Portable Hot Air Gun for DIY Craft Embossing 9.2 View on Amazon
MAXXHEAT 300W 662℉ Hot Air Gun Kit with 6.56FT Cable | Handheld Heat Gun for Crafts 9.0 View on Amazon
ZeopoCase Heat Gun for Crafts Shrink Tubing 9.2 View on Amazon

1. Chandler Heat Gun for Crafts

This heat gun has dual temperature and speed settings low speed & heat for delicate or detail work and high speed & heat for heavy-duty or high-volume work. It’s like having a mini heat gun and a full-size heat gun in one.

It has a versatile use as a hobby heating gun for crafts: small craft heat gun for resin, embossing powders, shrink wrap, vinyl wrap, decals, jewelry making, candle making, sublimation tumblers, ceramics, bubble busting, or pair it with a scorch marker for wood burning.

This is more than just a crafting heat torch. The dual-speed variable temperature heat gun with shield and wire stand is also great for shrink tubing, vinyl wrap, soldering, wire connectors, phone repair & as a paint dryer or paint scraper.

It is lightweight and quiet: cheap mini heat guns get too hot to hold. Cordless wireless large gun-style heat guns are too heavy for extended projects. The pink heat gun is ideal for crafting, the resin is compact, lightweight & low-noise.

Anytime a company throws some sarcastic humor into its product, I know you will love it. If you have never used a heat gun before, you will be pleased with how easy it is to use. It is comfortable to hold. The perfect size for your needs. It comes with nozzles, so it would be more efficient.

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2. BATAVIA Mini Heat Gun for Crafts

BATAVIA 380W mini heat gun provides strong power and quickly heats up to 850℉ (450℃) in 1.5 seconds. There are two modes: I: 450°F(250℃), 100L/min; II: 850°F(450℃), 200L/min.

It is built-in overload protection, and the current of the hot air gun will be automatically cut off when the temperature is overheated. Ventilation holes on both sides can effectively achieve the effect of heat dissipation, ensuring maximum security for you.

The mini heat gun with 1 accessory nozzle is especially ideal for accessing hard-to-reach places and concentrating high heat in a narrow area. Comes with an integrated bracket to place the heat gun steadily on the table, freeing your hands when using it.

6.8FT ultra-long cable helps you do crafting in large areas more conveniently. This is a perfect heat gun for crafts, shrinking tubing wrapping, soldering, stripping paint, shaping plastic parts, peeling off tapes or stickers, stripping paint, defrosting, and so on.

The BATAVIA MAXXHEAT 2-temp settings heat gun combines a low heat setting for delicate or detailed work with a high heat setting for heavy-duty or high-volume work into a compact easy-to-handle package. It’s a great combination of a mini-heat gun and a full-size heavy-duty heat gun all in one.

Key Features

2-Temp Settings: This mini heat gun has dual temp settings, low 480°F and high 850°F, which makes it ideal for both detail works and big jobs.

Ergonomic Designed: This ergonomically designed heat gun with an integrated retractable stainless stand makes it convenient for hands-free operation.

Compact Designed: The BATAVIA handheld mini heat gun is only 10” in length and 2” in diameter. It is very convenient for DIY handicrafts etc.

Safe and Secure: This BATAVIA heat gun is certified by an authorized agency to ensure safety during use.

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3. ABUNRO Heat Gun for Crafts

It ensures dual temperature (200℃-300℃) with a 6.5ft cable hot gun is specialized in designing DIY hot air fans for American customers. This mini heat gun electric110V 300W 200°C / 300°C portable hot air gun is ideal for DIY Craft Embossing, Shrink Wrapping PVC, Drying Paint, Clay, Rubber Stamp, and Multi-Function Hand-held Heat Tools.

The temperature control device is arranged in the hot air gun circuit. When the current abnormally rises to a certain height with abnormal heat, the temperature control cuts off the current itself, which protects the safe operation of the circuit and eliminates the occurrence of dangerous situations such as high-temperature melting and fire. The body is made of ABS which has some functions such as heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, and so on.

Stainless steel bracket can whirl about 100 degrees and it can stand on the table safely; The left and right sides have a heat sink which can reduce the internal temperature and prolong the service life.

It is very easy to use it. Just keep about a 3-5cm distance from your DIY craft and heat it at about a 45-degree angle so that avoiding hurt it.

It is designed keeping in mind the following 3 answers.

  1. The customer hopes that the heat gun power cord is long and the operating distance is farther.
  2. The customer wants to adjust the temperature to get the temperature the customer needs.
  3. Customers want a cooler design.

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4. MAXXHEAT 300W 662℉ Hot Air Gun Kit

This 300W strong power heat gun for crafts can fast heat up to 662℉/350℃ within 1.5 seconds, which can make your work efficient. With the annular air outlet design, this heat shrink gun can blow hot air evenly at a stable temperature, perfect for your bubble removal usage for epoxy resin or acrylic pour paintings, etc.

The heat gun for resin has passed German TUV Strict Inspections, which are tested under UL STD-499. The built-in smart chip can provide over-heat protection, preventing the body melt and protecting users from hurt, combined with the UL-Certificated cord, pretty safe to use.

This lightweight heat gun for shrink wrapping adopts anti-scalding non-slip handles on both sides, which will minimize fatigue on even the longest jobs. Besides, the compact body and pencil-like design make this small heat gun fit comfortably in your hand.

It starts with a 6.6 FT extra-long wire, and you will experience ultra-free movement in large work areas, with no limitation for your creativity. And its retractable stainless bracket allows enjoying a hands-free operation for shrinking tubes/wrap, etc.

This small heat gun comes with 2 high-quality silicon brushes, perfect for assisting with DIY projects such as acrylic paint and embossing powder. The high performance makes it a perfect heating tool for your versatile uses such as shrink wrapping, electronics repairing, watercolor drying, and more.

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