April 17, 2021

5 Best Chess Sets Under 50

The world’s most intelligent game playing chess creates versatile potential benefits for kids and students even adults. People who play chess process complex cognitive games can develop concentration, self-discipline, and spatial awareness. Therefore, it has been a part of the in-class curriculum and after-school programs around the world. Chess increases problem-solving skills, contributes to the socialization process, and helps to visualize future possibilities. Here are the best chess sets under 50 reviewed and recommended.

Best Chess Sets Under 50

Here, we gathered a number of the top-rated and Best Chess Sets Under 50 for beginners, kids, students, and advanced-level players available out there on the market. You can choose below from a variety of chess sets to meet your needs, whether it be for a holiday gift, or for your own enjoyment at home.

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set 4.6 Check Amazon
Winning Moves Games Winning Moves No Stress Chess 4.7 Check Amazon
GrowUpSmart Tactics 16″ Folding Chess Set 4.3 Check Amazon
KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set 4.6 Check Amazon
Bobby Fischer Learn to Play Chess by WE Games 4.6 Check Amazon

1. Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality large wooden chess set to play with at home or a compact set to travel with for a beginner, Chess Armory is for you. Chess Armory strives to promote chess to future generations of players. Most importantly, they are chess players and advocates of the game in order to make sure the quality of chess sets.

This 15-inch wooden chess set features a beautiful walnut inlay playing surface, with interior straps for holding in the pieces. The pieces also have felted bottoms to protect from scratching the surface area. The King piece stands 3 inches tall with the game squares measuring 1.625″ x 1.625″.

The folding chess set comes with hinges or magnetic clasps for easy and secure closing and storage of the chess set. Look at the following key features:

👉 15″ x 15″ folding chess board for easy Chess play. 👉 High-quality wooden chess set with inlaid walnut. 👉 Felted interior with straps for storing pieces. 👉 3 inch King Piece. 👉 Handcrafted Staunton-style chess pieces.

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2. Winning Moves Games Winning Moves No Stress Chess

Winning Moves Games No Stress Chess Set is certainly one of the Best Chess Sets Under 50. It teaches how to play using illustrated cards and an illustrated two-sided game board. The Chess Set includes a two-sided chess board, 17 Charcoal pieces, 17 ivory pieces, 56 action cards, a black plastic card tray, and an instructions manual. Most action cards identify which piece to move and how to move it.

You can play No Stress Chess with different levels of difficulty, gradually from introducing to standard chess players in incremental steps. When you’re ready to play, simply flip the board over its Standard Chess Board and play the real ‘King of Games’. No Stress Chess Set is best for the following features:

👉 An illustrated two-sided game board. 👉 17 Charcoal pieces. 👉 17 ivory pieces.

👉 56 action cards. 👉 A black plastic card tray.  👉 Detailed instructions.

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3. GrowUpSmart Tactics 16″ Folding Chess Set

The other great chess set is GrowUpSmart features a 16-inch folding game board made from FSC-certified New Zealand pine, with basswood and walnut veneer top.

This premium version comes with an extra chess piece (one of each) for protection against scratches and convenience for transporting the game and back-up of lost pieces and a soft chess bag when pawns are promoted during gameplay.

The underside of the case houses are beautifully-crafted pieces, secured securely with elastic bands, neatly integrated. It offers an instruction manual and access to a complimentary video course that initially teaches how to play. The board is ringed by the beautifully-engraved, algebraic notation (numbers and letters). You can buy it for the reasons below:

👉 Beautiful 16 inch Chess Set with velvet-lined compartment.

👉 Elegant algebraic notations are inlaid along the top edge.

👉 A high-quality wooden board is made from FSC-certified.

👉 Includes 12 extra pieces for a lost piece replacement.

👉 An instruction manual and access to an online beginner’s video course.

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4. KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set

This Chess Set is made from durable plastic with a wood texture that is very smooth to touch. Pieces are well crafted which most of the real wood pieces cannot achieve. It comes with perfect Magnetism. Because pieces stick onto the board within a limited degree’s tilting. The just-right magnetic design can avoid disruption by bumps during trips or outdoor activities. These well-crafted chess pieces and chessboard with the unique wood texture give you a classic aesthetics feeling.

The open size of the Chess Set measures 12.4 x 10.6 x 0.8 inches while the folded size is 6.1 x 10.6 x 1.6 inches. The King piece is 2.4 inches in height and 2 inches for a queen. It has two different velvet drawstring bags for pieces storage that can be perfectly hidden inside the folded chessboard which allows you to organize all pieces in order. It is perfect for playing at home, school, workplace, or in travel.

👉 ​​The foldable chessboard can turn into a storage box.

👉 It comes with two velvet storage bags that help organize pieces neatly and orderly.

👉 The open size of the board measures 12.4 x 10.6 x 0.8 inches.

👉 The folded size of the board measures 6.1 x 10.6 x 1.6 inches.

👉 The portable size makes it convenient to put into your pack.

👉 The chess pieces are built up with moderate magnets.

👉 It meets both the EU and US provisions of freight transport.

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5. Bobby Fischer Learn to Play Chess by WE Games

In the course of time, we selected Bobby Fischer Chess Set as the best chess set for beginners. This set is complete uniquely designed to teach beginners how to set up the pieces and how each piece may move during the game the Best Chess Sets Under 50.

A quarter-fold cardboard chess set shows exactly how to place pieces when setting up a new game of chess. The board is sturdy and stiff, suitable for stable playtime. The perimeter is complete with algebraic notation for game analysis.

It contains 34 Staunton-style chessmen in black and white plastic. In addition, it includes 2 extra Queens. The bottom of each piece is lined with billiard style felt for smooth movement across the board. Chess is simple to learn and challenging to master. See the best features as follows:

👉 Complete chess set designed to teach you how to play.

👉 Quarter fold cardboard chess board measures 16 x 20 inches.

👉 Algebraic notation on the perimeter for game analysis.

👉 King measures 3.75 inches in diameter.

👉 Includes a detailed instruction manual.

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Basic Rules and Strategy of How Start Playing Chess

The very first step in learning how to play chess is knowing the different chess pieces. Each player gets 16 total pieces to start the game. There are 6 different types of chess pieces. Here’s the list of pieces including how many of each of these pieces are on one side.

  • King 1 piece
  • Queen 1 piece
  • Bishop 2 pieces
  • Rook 2 pieces
  • Knight 2 pieces
  • Pawn 8 pieces

Placing Pieces on a Chess Board

In order to play chess, you need to know how to properly place the pieces on a chessboard.

Two players play chess on a chessboard with one player using white (or light) pieces, while the other player uses black (or dark) pieces.

In total, the chessboard contains 64 squares (8 X 8), half of which are white (or light), and the other half is colored (or darker). The white or black square color alternates so that no two same-colored squares are ever directly up, down, or to the side of each other. The same color squares are instead diagonal to each other.

To start playing chess, at the beginning of a game, the chessboard should be positioned so that each player has a white (or light) square to the bottom right.

On a chessboard, chess pieces are ever arranged the same way at the start of each chess game, on the two rows nearest two each player. The first row (the row closest to the player) is always arranged in the following order from right to left:

Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Rook.

The second row contains all 8 pawns at the start of a game of chess.

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