5 Best Acrylic Paint Sets for Canvas

Canvas is an ideal surface for acrylic painting. You need to explore the most efficacious paint to make a great combination with it. If you can fix up the best acrylic paint for canvas, you will definitely find an outstanding outcome in your art projects. Hence you essentially be keen on choosing such a paint set that offers optimal vibrancy, consistency, permanence, lightness, and a wide range of color selections I have selected below.

Best Acrylic Paint Sets for Canvas

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL 9.5 View on Amazon
Arteza Acrylic Paint Set of 60 Colors 9.6 View on Amazon
Benicci Complete Acrylic Paint Set 9.4 View on Amazon
Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint Set 9.6 View on Amazon
Castle Art Supplies 48 Acrylic Paint Set 9.4 View on Amazon

1. Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic Paint Set of 24 Colors

If you‘re an artist and love painting, you can snatch this notable paint set. It comes with vibrant pigment and top-quality ingredients to deliver you a premium painting knack. You will find optimal performance regardless of your skill level through this special paint set. Compared to other sets, it ensures maximum color clarity and brilliance. It offers great mixing and easy blending convenient all along.

With this professional-grade paint set, you could paint over canvas, plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, wood, and many more surfaces at ease. It incorporates three bonus paintbrushes to aid you most during the painting session. Your artistic talent will turn into a masterpiece craft with its vivid and non-toxic colors. The color dries fast and lasts long. To generate unlimited hues and shades, nothing can beat this fabulous paint kit.

As it has excellent consistency in both fluid and thick, you will find an adorable texture on any surface.  It’s easy to clean and water-based. You will find a total of 24 colors to make your painting job easier. Most noticeably, it’s EN71-3 and ASTM D-4236 certified. It will provide all the required materials and optimal incentives to be hands-on arts. Hence, you can go for it over other paint sets to make your dream true.

Key Features

  • It comes with high-quality raw materials and works on many surfaces.
  • It provides maximum consistency and color clarity.
  • You will have smooth mixing and blending advantage with it.
  • The vibrant and non-toxic colors will create brilliant textures.
  • It can produce abundant shades and hues.


  • Includes three bonus paintbrushes.
  • Suitable for all skill levels.
  • The color dries out fast.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Small tubes.
  • Limited size.

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2. Arteza Acrylic Paint Set of 60 Colors

Are you zealous about creating a gorgeous acrylic painting? If so, you can take aside the Arteza paint set. It comes with 60 eye-catching colors that will aid you to bring out your creativity. Each color can produce consistent and vibrant shades on any surface. The smooth and pigmented colors won’t fade over time. It ensures the highest viscosity and permanence to present your great creative projects. You can utilize this paint set in case you’re just a novice at painting.

All the tubes are labeled so that you could gather pigment information, lightness rating, opacity level, and color name at ease. It includes a sturdy box to assist you in organizing and accessing the paints. All the paints are ACMI certified and don’t feature any toxic ingredients. The overall package size is 60 x 0.74 oz and each tube weight is 22 ml.

The colors dry soon and never sprinkle around. Along with excellent quality, it will give you auspicious affordability. By creating strong and vibrant textures, it will inspire you greatly to engage in painting all day long. You will find superior using convenience with this high-quality painting set without any hassle. That is why it should be your first choice over other sets as the best acrylic paint for canvas.

Key Features

  • It comes in a wide range of colors.
  • The colors are rich, vibrant, and pigmented.
  • It can produce true and consistent shades.
  • A sturdy box is included for organizing all the tubes.
  • The colors never fade away and are non-toxic.


  • Great for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Ideal for canvas painting.
  • Excellent lightness.
  • ACMI certified.


  • Some paints may run out fast.
  • Can’t be purchased individually.

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3. Benicci Complete Acrylic Paint Set

This fantastic paint set will offer you a perfect color range with 24 pigment colors. Even at a low price, you will find 12 non-shed nylon art brushes, a mixing art knife, and a sponge with it. It will ensure the best finish craft on any surface with rich, vibrant, and bright colors. The non-toxic and quick-dry colors will always aid you to explore your latent creativity.

It’s ideal for plaster, ceramic, clay, canvas, rock, foam, terra cotta, and many more surfaces. You will find unlimited handmade art with the assistance of each individual color. No matter what is your skill level, you can go for it even as a beginner. Most notably, it can adjust with watercolor and oil to enhance your painting momentum. You won’t run out of color soon while performing the longer projects.

All the colors are well-saturated and never fade away. You will find the pleasant texture and shades with this innovative paint set. The overall dimension of this set is 7.9 x 2 x 10.8 inches. And each tube’s weight is 12 ml. It seems always suitable for kids, teens, and adults. You won’t come across an issue during the painting period. So, you can prioritize this classical paint set without any hesitation.

Key Features

  • It comes with a total of 24 pigmented colors to make a catchy craft.
  • The art sponge and mixing knife offer much comfort and support.
  • It includes 12 non-shed nylon art brushes to aid you.
  • It originated with quick-dry technology to ensure fast drying.
  • The colors are vibrant, permanent, and non-toxic.


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Artist-grade quality.
  • Excellent texture and shades.
  • Affordable.


  • The tubes are too small.
  • Not ideal for big projects.

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4. Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint Set

It comes from an established brand and is specialized in creating fine arts. You can grab it over other sets to find superior quality at an affordable price range. It uses high-quality pigments to ensure excellent color development, brightness, and permanence. The rigorous manufacturing process puts it top of the choice list in terms of painting performance.  And the medium viscosity level will give you superior versatility and ease in use.

It has been the best acrylic paint for canvas painting because of its excellent mixing and blending capability. Apart from canvas, you can apply it to wood, metal, ceramics, textiles, stones, paper, and many more surfaces. You will get everything you require to conduct your work and change your paints’ character. It can be adjusted as shade and features a good range of opacities.

Moreover, you can easily learn the color theory and will find fine dispersion through it. To protect your finished work, you can change the texture and color opacity as well. It will also allow you to alter the texture the quench your needs. The colors are varied with opaque, semi-opaque, and transparent levels. In a word, it’s perfect for sketching out all sorts of the painting you desire.

Key Features

  • It assembles a wide range of vibrant colors.
  • It comes with great color development and brightness.
  • The colors dry up quickly and are easy to clean up.
  • It’s easy to stick to almost all surfaces.
  • It features a good range of opacities.


  • Highly versatile and easy to work.
  • Fast-drying and good texture.
  • Ensures archival-quality.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Can’t be purchased individually.
  • Some colors have limited sizes.

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5. Castle Art Supplies 48 Acrylic Paint Set

You shouldn’t miss out on this premium paint set to make beautiful art. It comes with aluminum tubes and sturdy packaging to deliver you flawless using the facility. You can dilute the colors with water at ease to have a perfect painting session. It assembles a total of 48 unique colors to be appropriate for larger art projects. The colors are easy to clean and never feature any toxic ingredients. You will find well-balanced and fast-drying paintings over the years with it.

It’s formulated to provide a thoroughly bright and vibrant result without any cracking. You will have magnificent texture and layer without muddying the colors. Along with canvas, you can start painting on paper, fabric, wood, glass, metal, and other common surfaces at ease. By producing a wide array of hues, it will inspire you to become a top-notch artist. You will get a great balance of consistency and quality through this superb one.

All the stunning colors mix and blend wonderfully. No matter whether you’re an expert or novice painter, you can utilize it at any skill level. The possibility of creating quality art becomes above the mark with the touch of this classic paint set. Because of its professional-grade pigment load and fast-drying capability, it has been one of the most demanding paint sets in the present market.

Key Features

  • This top-quality paint set incorporates 48 rich pigment colors.
  • It offers a vibrant and velvety texture to make your projects catchy.
  • The strong tubes and packaging provide much comfort in use.
  • It ensures intellectual painting with quick-drying colors.
  • It’s ideal for all surfaces and classes of artists.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Incredible quality.
  • Reliable and affordable.
  • Smooth application.


  • No professional-grade option is available.
  • Smaller tubes.

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The Bottom Line

A good acrylic paint set is essential to achieve great results in your artwork. Your paint must have optimal color permanence and fast-drying capability to reach your dream. But it’s no secret that you’ve plenty of options out there. And it’s completely impossible to test all the paint sets to choose the best acrylic paint for canvas.

But you’re now out of all concerns since you’ve already stared over some professional-grade paint sets. You can pick one of the mentioned products to have much advancement in your acrylic painting very fast. All the paint sets will deliver you highly pigmented colors and excellent texture to illustrate something appreciable. You must keep practicing with efficient paint to make your journey thoroughly productive.

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