April 17, 2021

7 Simple Tips on How to Become a Better Speaker

Speaking is an instinct quality of a person and if it is English, it can even help a person to reach the highest peak of life. Most of the prominent figures in the world like Barack Obama have become great is a better speaker. I know that a person who can speak well is skilled enough to face the toughest situation at any place in the whole world. So, I would like to depict here simple tips on how to Become a Better Speaker. So stay with me to the last in order to know simple but very effective tips to become a great speaker.

Who is a Good Speaker? 

A person who can confidently hold the attention of the audience by special quality from the beginning to the end of a meeting or conference is called a good speaker. Of course, a good speaker maintains passions and purpose as well as expresses personality and creativity to the audience. At the same time, the speaker makes the speech very concise and keeps eye contact with the audience. Moreover, the speaker uses short, clear, and decorative sentences that make it easier for the audience to follow.

Simple Tips to Become a Better Speaker

The highlights of every successful conference are the voice or voices behind the pulpit delivering the message in a clear tune and capturing the attention of the audience. The speaker is the life of the event, lending credence to the ideas being promoted. Unfortunately, if your public speaking skills are not up to the mark, it is likely you will gain no focus at the end of the conference. Here are 7 solid characteristics of how to become a better speaker.

1. Confidence

It is a must to have confidence in speaking. Confidence, in fact, means a belief in oneself and the ability to handle the situation. Being confident is to possess a realistic sense of one’s capacity and feel secure in that knowledge. Confidence in speaking makes speech more accurate, credible, and intelligent of course. A less confident speaker is likely to connect less with the audience. Because the speaker can not convince people about a topic if he feels hesitant. Moreover, a confident speaker is passionate & can fascinate the audience through wit.

2. Voice Modulation

A speaker’s tone of voice either raises the listener’s interest or does the exact opposite, drawing the audience in a half-asleep stupor. And since the atmosphere of a conference is usually formal and serious, a boring speaker with a drowning, monotonous voice would be too dull. Therefore, a good speaker avoids talking in tones that seem too well-rehearsed. But still, balance their speech pattern by maintaining even speed and proper inflation of voice at the right time.

3. Keep it Short & Simple

There is a saying amongst performers that “It is best to leave when the applause is its loudest.” The same holds true for public speaking. One of the major marks of a great speaker is the ability to keep the speech simple, precise, and to the point. Furthermore, to avoid boredom always keep your speech short and interesting. In fact, spare time could be used to engage the audience in a question and answer session in order to make the conference livelier.

4. Connect with Your Audience

A speech is just like a conversation that means you need to communicate your message to someone else. In this sense, there is no difference between talking to one person or to a thousand. The problem is that the audience receives a lot of distraction through their phones, tablets, or other electronic devices. Consequently, the challenge and landmark of a good conference are that the speaker can cut through those distractions and get his audience to focus on him with little difficulty with a view to become a better speaker.

5. Story Telling

One of the best ways to get your audience to stay focus on you is to make them feel like they are a part of your topic. Storytelling is the most universal way to captivate audience attention. In fact, it is so important that it could be the difference between a good or a bad speaker. It is a powerful tool that most famous speakers use. By employing context in speech for the audience to connect with, better speakers create an easy, comfortable environment with the audience. The best presentation is delivering in the form of interesting experiences, ideas, and opinions heavily laced with facts.

6. Creativity

No one enjoys listening to a speaker who is so conventional that he or she has nothing unique to say. Creativity is a characteristic of the conference speaker that involves the ability to mix up various elements in order to achieve the entire interest of your audience. Obviously, great speakers know how to use slide-shows and pictorial presentations to live up his speech. He also can create a question and answer session to engage the audience fully.

7. Focus on Topic, not Your Performance

Most probably, the best way to become a better speaker is to focus on the topic, not on the performance. When you are developing your speech, try to get invested in the topic, and focus on the transformation you want it to have on your audience. It is amazing just how much less scary a talk is once you focus on your audience and figure out exactly what you want to deliver to them. Once you do that you are no longer thinking much about the technical aspects, for example, eye contact, body language, then your speech will fly down.

In fine, I welcome you warmly if you have a keen interest in becoming a great speaker. You can also make your career in public speaking. In very recent years, many young people have already proved themselves that becoming a better speaker is a passion and profession.

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