April 17, 2021

BCS Viva Voce Surefire Techniques for Success

BCS Viva Voce is the final phase of the BCS examination to pass to become the first-class gazetted government officer in Bangladesh. You already have successfully passed the previous two phases of the Preliminary & Written examination. You are just one step away to make your dream practical.

Now, this is the perfect time to make true your perseverance, dedication, dream, and struggle. A planned & comprehensive preparation will grow your confidence high which is much needed for success.

BCS Viva Voce

Many candidates may think that the viva voce is a high voltage phase but not really that. You would face the BCS viva voce with a conversational style just like you are talking to your friend. You have nothing to lose but have something to achieve. The viva board would not possibly judge your qualifications because you have already proved yourself. They would judge your confidence & mental strength whether you are ready to take the big responsibility and duty of the state.

Preparation for BCS Viva Voce

At very first, you must make a good plan and then take a comprehensive preparation for BCS Viva Voce. A total preparation will enable you enough confidence to face the viva successfully. Well, to make a sound and comprehensive preparation you should prepare yourself for the following things:

  1. Geographical location, area, population, details of Bangladesh.
  2. National history, culture, economics, and political affairs.
  3. Own district, thana, area, population, literacy rate, famous personality, district’s specialty.
  4. In-depth subject knowledge of Honour’s and Master’s courses.
  5. First 3 cadre choice details and reasons why do you like them?
  6. Recent and contemporary events, news, for example, conferences, treaties, awards, and sports.
  7. Your favorite sports, player, personality, writer, books, etc.
  8. National and international daily, a weekly, monthly newspaper and their editors.
  9. previous job-related information if you did.
  10. Make ready the necessary documents and files.

 BCS Viva Voce Surefire Techniques

Here, now I do describe step by step the most essential and effective techniques to make your viva successful so that you can achieve your desired BCS Cadre post.

Viva Day’s Preparation:

  1. Read the special news of the day.
  2. Know Bangla date, month, and year.
  3. Dress up quite formally and gently.
  4. Stay cool.
  5. Check back documents.
  6. Reach Viva place before at least half an hour.

Starting Techniques

Always keep in mind that the first impression is the best impression. You can convince well the viva board with a smart first impression. To do that perfectly, introducing yourself or the first part of the viva conveys great significance. In the BCS Viva Voce, you are playing the final to be champion & winner one.

The first part of the viva is the introductory one or you may consider it as the orientation yourself. The Viva Board would make it easy to talk to them through the introduction.

Impress the BCS Viva Board

This part is so crucial because you are making the first impression.  Speak politely with a clear voice without any kind of hesitation. Show your confidence strongly as you are the right candidate to be selected as BCS Cadre. In this part, you will find nothing unknown to you. So, present yourself in a proper manner before the viva board.

Most probably this session may start with the chairman of the board. Be careful about what you are speaking & the reason behind this. The real viva may start with your speaking. Never say the term or idea that you do not know exactly. Always try to speak about what you know well. For Example, suppose you do not know well the term “Demographic Dividend”. You should try to avoid this term technically even the discussing point is a population if possible.

Decisive Part & Strategies

The decisive part of the process will start after the introduction. First of all, the subject knowledge is a must in which subject you studied during Honors & Masters for every candidate. Whether you are a candidate of a general cadre of technical cadre or both cadre. Every question and every moment bears its importance.

Must-Know before BCS Viva

The Candidate must know in detail about the national history, Language Movement, Liberation War, National heroes, and Constitution.

The candidate also should have a clear idea of contemporary social, political, economic, and international issues as well as personal opinions on these issues. Technical or professional cadre candidates must show their expertise in respective subjects.

Comprehensive knowledge of the respective subject puts you one step forward and will create a positive impression. Answer every question straightforwardly if you know the answer if you do not know, no problem, say gently & instantly sorry, it is impossible to know the answer to every question.

You also have to details the BCS Cadre choices. Most significantly, the first 3 cadre choices why and what?

Ideological Viewpoint

You should hold a strong ideological point of view on what you think right and believe in. Never kill the time, because other candidates are waiting outside and you may have a definite amount of time. Although the time span may vary. The smiling approach increases the possibility. So, keep a smile on your face.

Remember that largely on the basis of your performance in this part, the viva board will make their decision whether they recommend you as a BCS Cadre or not.

Ending Techniques

In the end, convince the viva board well that you are the qualified & right candidate to be selected as a BCS Cadre. In addition, you are ready to take responsibility. Most significantly, your confidence in the BCS Viva is your qualification. Do your right thing in your turn. Consequently, success will run after you.

Example of a Real BCS Viva Voce

Here I do present a part of a real BCS Viva Voce example.

Candidate: May I come in sir?

Chairman: Yes, come in. Sit down, please.

Candidate: Thank you, sir.

Chairman: Introduce yourself, only educational background.

Candidate: Thank you, sir, for giving me an opportunity to tell you something about myself before you. I have successfully obtained the Secondary School Certificate from Nabinagar Model High School in 2008 securing CGPA 4.72 and then the Higher Secondary Certificate from Nabinagar Government College in 2010 and secured CGPA is 5.00. After that in 2011, I myself got admission into the University of Dhaka in the Department of Sociology.

Consequently, I have successfully obtained a degree of Bachelor in Social Sciences (BSS) in Sociology Discipline along with a CGPA of 3.65 in 2015. Finally, in 2016 I have successfully completed the Masters in Social Sciences (MSS) degree in Sociology Discipline and secured a CGPA is 3.56.

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