April 17, 2021

Average Time to Get a Job After Graduation

Average Time to Get a Job After Graduation

The Average Time to Get a Job After Graduation should be a maximum of six months. But this timeline may be more or less than six months regarding the job seeker. Those who plan their careers at the right time, choose a field of employment, and prepare themselves for a specific job purpose and goal can get a job right after graduation.

On the other hand, if a graduate does not pursue a career plan and does not acquire the necessary skills in the field in which he wants to find a job, then it is normal for him to take more than six months.

Again in most cases, it depends on the competition of a country’s job market depending on how fast you will get a job or how long it takes.

In countries where the unemployment rate is high like India, Bangladesh, it takes a little longer than the average time period for graduates to find a job. Sometimes it takes one or even two years to get a job.

In developed countries like America, England six months is enough for graduates to get their first jobs. Because the number of unemployed graduates in these countries is much less and the education system is such that after graduation graduates will acquire all the skills and qualifications required for the job.

What is the Average Time to Get a Job After Graduation?

I do think it should not take more than six months to get a job after graduation, even if the number of unemployed is high in any country. Because a graduate is a person who has the highest formal education and at the same time acquires all the essential skills required for a job who cares about it.

However, some situations can extend the time it takes for a graduate to get a job. However, some situations can extend the time it takes for a graduate to get a job. Many times a graduate does not understand exactly what qualifications and skills he must acquire for the job.

If a graduate goes through such a situation, it will be a little difficult for him to get a job and in that case, it will take more than six months.

In this fact, a graduate must need Career Counseling to get the right career directions and guidelines in order to find a job after graduation as soon as possible.

But I don’t think today’s graduates will be so far behind in their career plan and preparation.

How fast a graduate gets a job depends largely on him because graduates get a job on the basis of his ability to work and skills indeed.

A graduate can get a job in the fastest possible time after graduation. But that’s why you have to utilize most of the time during graduation. Career Plan, Career Preparation, essential Skills have to acquire at the time of graduation as well as prepare yourself for the job in the right way.

One thing that is very important in this context here is that the graduate has to get a job with his qualifications. It may take less than six months to get a job if you can make yourself fit for the job.

The higher your qualifications and skills in a very competitive job market, the faster you will get a job. The employer is always looking for a candidate who can complete the work of the organization properly. In this case, sometimes the issue of educational qualification goes to the second consideration and the ability to work is more important.

Although graduation is a big qualification. This does not mean that you will get a job with this qualification. In order to get a job, you have to qualify for the job.

How Can a Graduate Get a Job in The Fastest Time?

A graduate can get a job in less time than the possible average timeframe. That’s why you have to prepare yourself two years before you do a job search, keeping in mind some things.

First, you have to identify the place of interest i.e. in which sector you want to get the job. When choosing a job, you must give more emphasis on your passion and Follow What Your Heart Says.

Because getting a job is not the end of your career but your career starts here. The most important thing for you after getting a job is job satisfaction. You can find Job Satisfaction only if you take a job in your favorite field and otherwise your job life can be painful.

If you like teaching then you take teaching as a profession and job. But if you like banking activities then you will not come to the teaching profession.

If you like traveling, you can search for a job at a travel agency. If you like to do public work, you can find a job as a public relations officer in a company.

Another significant thing is that you have to decide whether you will work in the government or in the private sector. In some cases, it is seen that the process of getting a government job is longer and in the case of the private sector you can get a job in the fastest time.

You can get the job as quickly as you want by completing the following tasks before graduation.

A CheckList of Things You Need to Follow

  1. Making the Right Career Decision
  2. Setting Right Career Goal
  3. Successful Career Planning
  4. Career Preparation
  5. Learn Soft Skills for Greater Career Prospects
  6. Learn Technical Skills to Generate High Income

One thing to keep in mind at all times is that the Average Time to Get a Job After Graduation is a relative matter. The time can be six months for some, one year for some, three months for some, and even less than three months for others. And the issue depends entirely on the job-seeking graduates.

I’ve also experienced that some people get jobs just a week after graduation. But I did graduation in 2011 and post-graduation in October 2013 and joined the job in December 2015. During these long two years, I looked for a job but did not get the expected job and is now teaching in Bangladesh.

Some of my friends joined the government job immediately after graduation and even before the end of graduation, which means that it didn’t take time at all for them to find a job.

But in all cases in my country, it takes a long time to get a job after graduation, in some cases, it takes two to three years. Surely it could be different in your country.

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