The Best Art Supplies for Professionals

If you’re an art personality, you can’t go without some fundamental tools. You need to take out all the essential materials to perform your art projects. It seems somewhat difficult to collect quality and long-lasting materials one by one. You have to invest much time and money to gather all the tools at the time you need most to create stunning artwork. An ideal art supplies kit can be the best solution for you from this perspective. You will find all the required supplies simultaneously in a premium art supplies set.

You could begin your artwork with the best art supplies for professionals if you wisely choose the perfect product. There are countless art kits in the market; you might be in a dilemma picking the suitable one as all the manufacturers are making their best effort to ensure the highest quality. To get rid of you such a dilemma, we’ve sorted out some of the top-quality art kits. You just go through reviews to measure the features and check out the provided stuff to make the right choice.

Best Art Supplies for Professionals

Brand Name Image Rating Price
US Art Supply 133pc Deluxe Artist Painting Supplies Includes Aluminum and Wood Easels, Paint, and Accessories 9.6 View on Amazon
MEEDEN 145 Pcs Deluxe Artist Painting Set for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor Painting 9.5 View on Amazon
Modera Deluxe 137-Piece Professional Art Supplies Kit for Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Painting 9.6 View on Amazon
COOL BANK 85 Piece Professional Art Supplies Set in Portable Wooden Case 9.4 View on Amazon
Color More 85 Piece Professional Art Supplies Set in Portable Wooden for Teens and Adults 9.4 View on Amazon

1. US Art Supply 133pc Deluxe Artist Painting Supplies Includes Aluminum and Wood Easels, Paint, and Accessories

As you’re willing to pick the most sophisticated art supplies for your creative work, you can pay heed to this set. This professional-grade set includes all the innovative materials you need to unleash your imagination. You will have up to 133 pieces of artistic tools to create beautiful artwork with comfort. It incorporates 72 different paints in three unique types including watercolor, acrylic, and oil-based. The paints are vivid and long-lasting in all sorts of mediums. Up to 7 pieces of nylon hair brushes will allow you to keep painting with much comfort.

Besides, you will find 15 pieces of multipurpose brushes and 12 pieces of acrylic brushes to have a smooth and elastic painting experience. The inclusion of the lightweight aluminum field easel will keep you engaged in painting all day long. You could easily adjust the height and angle of the easel by dint of the adjustable knobs and legs. The wood desk easel comes with a drawer to keep the track of your accessories. You will be impressed with the four paper mediums. It incorporates 10 plastic palettes to bring your creative skill to the next level.

A four inches color mixing wheel is provided in the set to aid you in having well-blended color. The spiral binding acrylic painting pad and the professional quality sketched canvases will bring the utmost outcome to your artwork. Moreover, the set comes with six-pack canvas panels and a significant number of sheets to promote your artistic expertise. The set is cost-effective and all the provided supplies serve for a long time. All the materials are free from toxic compounds and highly hygienic.

Key Features

  • This artistic set features a total of 133 pieces of art supplies to help you gain full momentum in your creative work.
  • It includes four full brush sets and four paper mediums to develop your artistic skills.
  • The set comprises an aluminum easel and a wooden easel to bring much comfort and support for you.
  • You will have 72 different paints in several types to leave creative touch to your artwork.
  • The art set is packaged with a color mixing wheel, plastic palette, canvas, and many more accessories.

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2. MEEDEN 145 Pcs Deluxe Artist Painting Set for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor Painting

The MEEDEN painting set comes with some impressive and useful materials to immerse you into the artwork. It will bring out your artistic talent and aid you to create something stunning with the 145 pieces of art supplies. You will have a sturdy, easy-to-use, and adjustable easel to meet all of your artistic needs. The set will provide you with 24 vivid watercolor paints to create eye-catching artworks. Moreover, you will have 48 acrylic paints and 24 oil paints to add real-life to the creative works.

All the provided paints are perfect for easy blending, mixing, and fast-drying. These are non-toxic, non-leaded, safe, and get easily dissolved. The inclusion of 15 sheets of watercolor pad will offer you a spontaneous painting facility. It features natural white sheets and cold press paper to aid you in wet painting. You will have two pieces of acid-free stretched canvasses to leave a creative mark. You would be thankful to the six pieces of longer panels as you will get an effortless painting experience through them.

In addition, you will find one piece wood paint palette and a plastic paint palette to meet your requirements during the painting period. Six pieces of plastic palette knives are provided to make sure the utmost convenience in use. A color mixing wheel is incorporated to reduce your workloads. Most notably, you will find 10 oil paint, 10 watercolor paint, and 10 acrylic paintbrushes in the package to make the finest painting surface. You don’t need to invest much in securing such an extraordinary artistic set. It will serve you for a long time with no hassle.

Key Features

  • The art supplies set assembles 30 pieces of hog hair, durable, and resilience brushes to offer you a smooth painting experience.
  • It includes 96 different color paints in three major types and those are ideal for easy mixing.
  • A large sketch box easel is provided to the set to engage you in the world of art.
  • You will find various stretched canvasses, palettes, watercolor pads, and sheets throughout the set.
  • The set features a color mixing wheel and six plastic palette knives to aid you in the course of painting.

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3. Modera Deluxe 137-Piece Professional Art Supplies Kit for Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Painting

If you’re in search of the best art supplies for professionals, you can choose the Modera Deluxe set over other art sets. It will supply you with all the essential art tools to carry on painting for years. You will find a total of 137 pieces of materials to create stunning artworks. To unleash your creativity, it features a lightweight field easel with adjustable legs. Furthermore, it incorporates an additional adaptable wooden desk easel with a drawer to organize the stuff. It assembles 10 wooden and plastic palettes for ensuring easy mixing.

You will have plenty of professionally stretched canvasses, paper pads, and sketchbooks through the set. The attachment of 23 individual, unique, and bristle shape brushes will bring the optimal outcomes to your artworks. And the brushes are designed for adjusting all the paint types. You could experiment with up to 72 color paints to enhance the glaze of your creative works. The paints are classified into three major types of painting. These are non-toxic, fast-drying, and easy to blend. A color mixing wheel is stored in the package to aid you in kneading various colors.

Meanwhile, you will get several plastic palette knives and a washing tin to perform everything at ease. The durable carry bag comes with a handle to allow you to transform the accessories anywhere you desire. As all the materials are individually packaged, you will find extra comfort in navigating those. Apart from being an advanced artist, young children and teenagers also can utilize it without facing any interruption. It’s cost-effective and serves for a long time compared to other ideal art sets.

Key Features

  • The set comprises 137 pieces of modern, innovative, and sophisticated art supplies for professional art campaigns.
  • All the provided materials are ideal for oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings.
  • It features plenty of individual brushes, canvasses, paints, easels, and many more accessories.
  • The washing tin, carry bag, zippered case, and color mixing wheel are some of the exclusive items of this set.
  • You will find all the materials are individually organized and could purchase them at an affordable price.

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4. COOL BANK 85 Piece Professional Art Supplies Set in Portable Wooden Case

You could make a deep bonding to the world of professional painting with the support of this awesome art supplies set. It comes with a bunch of the best professional art supplies to promote your artistic expertise. Eight acrylic paints will offer you the most delicate and transparent hues. These are well-saturated, rich-pigmented, and non-toxic. Your creative works will find an elegant look through the 28 watercolor pencils and 12 sketching pencils.

It features 10 artistic brushes with soft nylon bristles and comfortable handles. Moreover, it incorporates a color mixing wheel, a larger drawing pad, and a plastic palette to make your work easier. Up to 12 watercolor cakes will increase the sheen of your artworks at a significant margin. You will discover an effortless painting campaign with the support of the locking clamps-based wooden case. The putty eraser and wooden sharpener will bring stand-out benefits to you in the course of painting.

This set has been prominent to experienced artists especially because of the eight water-soluble color pastels. The rich and creamy pigments pastels will allow you to create a magnificent pastel drawing at ease. All the paints, pencils, and oil pastels conform to ASTM D4236 to ensure optimal safety. Most importantly, this art set is ideal for adults, kids, and teenagers. It’s a handy art package for inspiring artistic greatness.

Key Features

  • This set comes with 12 sketching pencils and 28 watercolor pencils to promote your artistic expertise.
  • It features 12 watercolor cakes, a drawing pad, an eraser, and a wooden sharpener to aid you.
  • You will find gorgeous artworks with the support of eight acrylic paints and eight oil pastels.
  • The art set comprises 10 durable, bristled, and artistic brushes to offer you a smooth painting session.
  • You could carry all the provided accessories anywhere you require by dint of the wood case.

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5. Color More 85 Piece Professional Art Supplies Set in Portable Wooden for Teens and Adults

While you are seeking professional art supplies set, you can select this one. It will provide all the accessories you need to thrive in creative works. You will get 8 oil pastels to create beautiful pastel drawings. Besides, it will offer you 12 watercolor cakes and 8 acrylic paints to achieve the desired results in artworks. The paints are formulated with non-toxic compounds and contain gorgeous colors. To showcase your drawing talent, it incorporates a drawing pad, plenty of construction papers, and some professional sketchbooks.

You could stick to drawing for weeks at a stretch by dint of the 12 sketching pencils and 28 watercolor pencils. The attachment of 1×6 well palettes makes it highly convenient for professional use. It’s organized with 10 artistic brushes to allow you to keep painting over any surface with much satisfaction. You will get an eraser and a pencil sharpener in the pack to meet your needs. All the supplies are adaptable with five different painting mediums. The materials are non-toxic and ideal for all ages.

To ensure convenient transportation and storage, it comes with a sturdy wooden case with a handle. The case features a drawer to organize the accessories and an excellent locking system to keep them secure. As each pencil is labeled with a hardness level, you could easily pinpoint a specific one as per your need. All the supplies are from quality brands and you could purchase them at a lower price. You could explore all sorts of drawing, sketching, and painting through this first-rate art kit.

Key Features

  • The art supplies kit comprises 85 pieces of art supplies to help you in drawing, sketching, and painting.
  • It features some premium quality sketching pencils, watercolor pencils, and an eraser.
  • It includes eight oil pastels and acrylic paints to help you create stunning artwork.
  • This art set offers various artistic mediums to put down your imagination and a quality sharpener.
  • You will find a durable carrying case to store and transport the materials everywhere.

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The Bottom Line

An art set combines all the necessary materials to dive into the world of art. It’s an essential asset for a professional artist to advance in his or her career. As you’re passionate about artworks, you have to manage a reliable art kit to perform well. You will find everything you need in the course of painting, sketching, or drawing through a premium package. Hence you would love the most to pick the best art supplies for professionals to have professional-grade service.

You need to scan all the provided materials before choosing a definite piece. If a specific kit includes all the tools you require and meets your artistic techniques, you can confidently go for it. However, all the above-mentioned art supplies set to feature a bunch of artist-friendly supplies. You will be highly satisfied with the service of those kits. So you can set your mind for one of our reviewed products to grow your artistic skills.

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